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Here's our latest project! Hope you like it!! 
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Flying to Middle East tomorrow, hope I will be able to do a lot of work and have some time for fun and sightseeing!!

Every time I go to Africa I realise the huge potential that this continent has. Huge population, rich natural resources, everything yet to be done... highest potential in the planet. The only thing that western world do is complain about the Chinese taking their resources, but instead, we, the Westerners should learn from the Chinese, and be here working to help develop Africa, to educate the people, to teach them, to help them become first world countries, taking their raw materials in exchange of development, making Africa part of a better world instead of a world apart.

Back to Guinea Republic, things here keep on being tough even after the Democracy arrived. People are unhappy and they tried to kill the President a few days ago. So lot of uncertainty here.

Back to Spain!! Hopefully for a few days at least!! Very happy after my Argentina trip. The Argentineans were disappointed with the America Cup elimination, and now they are all talking about the replacement of Batista... In that country football is the opium of the people.... everybody knows about football, even women's conversations are mostly about football !!! Amazing!!
...And soon they will have elections, so for a few weeks they will speak less about River Plate trying to re-arrange the Championship in order to avoid the Serie B, and they will start talking about corruption, political fights... and all that jazz!!

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Cold day in Argentina!!! So wonderful to be 10 below zero during July!!

On my way to Argentina, hopefully to finalize a good project, and here's a reflexion... A few years ago, when Spain was one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Argentineans and people from many other nationalities came to Spain looking for good jobs and prosperity. Many of them worked hard, did well and became prosperous. In the meantime most of the young Spaniards were looking for well paid jobs, stressless and if possible from 8am to 3pm. They said they didn't want the same life as their parents who had to migrate or to work till late night to support their families, that times had changed and now that was not necessary.

Now that Spain has become one of the European PIIGS, many of those who had a relaxed job, have lost it, and they complain about the inmigration who stole their jobs. Very soon our government will not be able to pay them an unemployment subsidy anymore, and they will have to go to such countries like Argentina to do what they didn't want to do in Spain, to do what their parents did, with the dream of going back to Spain one day and make their country powerful again. Same as the inmigrants have been doing in Spain...

Make your own conclusions.

Sincerely, this environment makes me think of internet in the old times... most of the people,at least most of my connections here, are tekkies or people working in the technology industry, sharing interesting posts and making this service evolve very fast... Let's see how long this will last. I bet until all the crowd gets in and ends up becoming facegoogle.
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