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Tango in the Plaza

One of my favorite images so far from my recent trip to Argentina. I was strolling around the trendy San Telmo neighborhood of Buenos Aires and came upon Dorrego Plaza. It was a weekday, so not many people were there. I was lucky enough to catch this couple dancing in the middle of the plaza though.

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Liz C
Gorgeous! Hope all is well with you +Jose Vazquez. 
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Jose Vazquez

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Las Caras Lindas
One of the many beautiful faces walking the streets of Lima.

#lima #peru #vsco #vscofilm
#MyTownTuesday +Melanie Kintz +Jamie Furlong 
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Beautiful face indeed.
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Jose Vazquez

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Lima Street Vendor
This is one of my favorites from Lima so far. The struggle on the streets here is very real. It's not uncommon to see these women's children also standing on a corner selling candy for what would be pocket change for most of us.

#Lima #Peru #VSCO #VSCOFilm  
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Awesome capture José!
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Jose Vazquez

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NYC Sunrise
Early morning in Weehawken never disappoint!

#newyorkcity #nyc #manhattan #vsco #vscofilm
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amazing silouet
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Jose Vazquez

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Question for my photographer friends...

Does anyone know of a good photo print lab that delivers to Peru? Preferably a local one so I can avoid the high shipping charges.

Thanks in advance!

#photography #southamerica #lima #peru  
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Thanks! I'll check that out.
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Jose Vazquez

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Barcelona Marina
A few boats (out of the zillion) we passed on our way to the beach in Barcelona.

#barcelona #spain #travel #vsco #vscofilm  
#ThirstyThursdayPics +Giuseppe Basile +Mark Esguerra
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Jose Vazquez

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Empowering Women...and Puriy Peru
Please take a moment to help out our new social enterprise - Puriy Peru. In a nutshell, this non-government organization based in Lima, Peru aims to empower women who have been victims of violence and who live in the impoverished district of Villa El Salvador by providing the job training necessary to acquire stable jobs. They also provide personal development workshops, psychiatric counseling, and a library space for the women's children.

However, all this comes at a cost. They've launched their official crowd-funding campaign to help acquire the funds needed to keep the project alive.

Please read, share, and if you can donate. With the power of social media we can easily get the word out to enough people and reach the goal.

If you have any questions about the organization, please feel free to ask. Below is the link to the crowd-funding campaign as well as their Facebook fan page where you can keep up with the organization.

Pictured below is a view of the homes of Villa El Salvador.

#lima #peru #charity #socialenterprise  
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Jose Vazquez

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The Monotony of Winter
Winter in Lima can get pretty monotonous. This is a typical day with gray, overcast skies. We can go days, even weeks, without seeing the sun. When it finally does come out, often times it's just a little peek.

The bright side of this is that there's soft, diffused light everywhere I go. Also, it rarely rains. Rainfall here is just a light mist.

#ThirstyThursdayPics +Mark Esguerra +Giuseppe Basile
#Lima #Peru #vsco #vscofilm  
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Jose Vazquez

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Sunset at the Pier
It was worth getting soaked to the knees getting shots from this pier in Huanchaco Beach near Trujillo, Peru. My first beach experience in Peru and it didn't disappoint. Looking forward to the summer here.

#lima #peru #vsco #vscofilm
#MonochromeMonday +Monochrome Monday
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+Monochrome Monday Thanks!
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Jose Vazquez

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Autumn...and the Solitude of the Lake
Every time I come back to Google+ I feel like it's been months since my last post. And every time I finally do post something I vow to keep up with it. I'll save all that this time around.

Lots has happened in the past four months. I quit my job as an engineer in the NYC-area and moved with my wife and baby to Lima, Peru where we'll be pursuing much more satisfying careers. Engineering just wasn't doing it for me. I'm happiest behind a camera.

I've been in Lima for almost four months now and we've adjusted to life here really well. I still miss my old home occasionally though...especially around fall when the leaves turn and paint the city's green spaces in reds, oranges, and yellows.

Since I won't be there for a few years, here's one from a few years back from Central Park's Lake.

#ThirstyThursdayPics +Mark Esguerra +Giuseppe Basile
#NYC #NewYorkCity #VSCO #VSCOFilm
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Jose Vazquez

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Last Breaths Before Eternal Slumber

There's a sad story behind this image shot in a small fishing town in Ilo, Peru.

I came upon this pelican while roaming around the seaport just after sundown. I immediately mounted my camera and wide-angle lens on my tripod and set up as close as I could without disturbing its nap. A few times I got a bit too close. It would open its eyes, move its wings a bit, then settle back into its sleep. I thought nothing of it and continued shooting, watching its slow, undulating breaths matching that of the waves crashing on the shore. Once I was satisfied I packed up and walked off.

About five minutes later, before leaving the area, I walked by this same spot and noticed the pelican flopping around, apparently convulsing. It continued for a minute or two before laying completely motionless. I was stunned to see it no longer breathing. I'm not sure what it was. Maybe because I felt we shared a nice, peaceful moment just minutes earlier, enjoying the ebb and flow of life around us. I was deeply affected.

Sadly, after seeing many more pelican cadavers on the shore in another area nearby, I learned from some locals that the reason so many are dying is due to over-fishing and water contamination from local mining. It's heartbreaking seeing the effects these industries are having on the local ecosystem.

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#travel #peru #southamerica #nature
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Very is sad to think how little time we really spend thinking about our impact on what surrounds us. Thank you for sharing the story behind this picture! 
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Jose Vazquez

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Hey everyone!

Been a while since I've checked in here. Since my last post the family and I have moved from Jersey City to Lima, Peru. Today marks a week since we've been down here and we plan on being here at least 2-3 years. We're currently staying in Santa Anita until we find a place a little farther west. Santa Anita is a busy, gritty, working class neighborhood and also happens to be a street photographer's dream. Great opportunity for me to develop that area of my photography. The problem is I wouldn't dare go out with my camera gear alone here. least not yet. I'm constantly advised to not even pull out my cellphone on the street. Sigh. A bit alarmist? Maybe. But I'll have to feel the area out a bit before deciding how risky I want to be.

So...are there any photographers here in the Lima area that are willing to meet up for some shooting? Or if anyone knows someone in the area I'd greatly appreciate you passing this on.

I know +Colby Brown had a workshop down here this past year, or maybe the year before. Colby, if you can offer any tips I'd appreciate it.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully I'll have some great street shots soon...and still have all my gear. :)

#lima #peru #southamerica #photographers  
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+Carolynn Augur Thanks! We definitely expect a visit from you too. ;) How's Cali?
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