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Hello +Rockstar Games ,
Just wanted to let you know how fantastic LA Noire was. Seriously, from story and environment to animation and gameplay, you guys really out did yourselves. It was just a fantastic experience. You guys have found the future of storytelling. Thank you and keep up the great work.

PS... FANTASTIC work with Max Payne 3 as well :)

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I still have to play LA Noire. Heard great things about it. Since I left SCEA last year I just don't get to play as much :-(
It's fantastic. Almost everything in this game is a new experience! It's tough but very satisfying and rewarding.
It's linear but dynamic. For example: While investigating a crime scene if you miss a clue or interrogate a witness incorrectly and you'll miss parts of the story. You won't fail, but you'll have less evidence to figure out who is actually guilty.
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