I am Reading "Love in the Time of Cholera".   It's a novel of impossible love. Looking at Cycle three and map making I was intrigued how Garcia Marquez can takes us on a walk through this fabled city thought to be based in his childhood the city of Cartagena de Las Indias in Columbia.  
In my make  I trace the route Fermina Daza could have taken ( I am using some imaginative liberties based on the story narration)  out of the city as her father takes her away from her true love Florentino Ariza. 
Here is the process I used.  I opened up "My Maps" app on my mini-ipad and searched for Cartagena as my location. Once I got the map situated between the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Rio Magdalena as indicated in the story. I took a snapshot and saved the picture. I opened this picture in Penultimate app.  (Companion to Evernote) I edited the picture and saved it back to my pics.  
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