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Devuan RC has been released, systemd fanbois get engaged in their typical FUD in phoronix...
It is quite entertaining seeing all the trolling from LPs followers, from simple insults to those who do not follow the one true faith to indignation that Devuan devs dared to remove libsystemd, to false accusations (toxic community, etc.).
After these years, it would be expected that they would have evolved a bit, but no, the zealots keep spewing the same fallacies and lies...

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When you are too arrogant to understand rm, so arrogant you think you can/should replace all working commands just because you don't understand them, and are too arrogant to own up to your dumb mistakes.
Reimplementing "rm -rf", and not only that, but having it follow the ".." and remove the whole file system? That beats any newbie, does this guy have any idea on how Linux works? And why does he have so many followers ready to supply excuses for these idiotic stunts?
#systemd #facepalm

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And this is the SJW list of rules now enforced on all projects hosted on
Particularly interesting is the role of accusator, jury, judge and enforcer:

"Project maintainers have the right and responsibility to remove, edit, or reject comments, commits, code, wiki edits, issues, and other contributions that are not aligned to this Code of Conduct, or to ban temporarily or permanently any contributor for other behaviors that they deem inappropriate, threatening, offensive, or harmful."

The cynic in me looks at this as a way to make disappear issues that would get the traditional WONTFIX "popularised" by LP and his cronies.

#SJW #censorship #freedesktop

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WTF? Just had a pop-up in chrome saying that "the great suspender was added remotely". Of course I removed it at once... But where did it came from? Was it in the last release of chrome for linux or on android? And why was it installed?

Mystery solved - my 2 years old had gotten hold of the laptop, and somehow managed to install that extension before rebooting the laptop...

When microsoft decides to block one hotmail account because you use a VPN ("suspicious activity") and you don't remember the made up info you inserted on their retarded privacy invasive questions....
Worst, it is an account you use only for sites that demand login but for which you don't want to provide valid information, so you have no effing idea what is in there.
But worst than everything else - you are asked for your two previous PASSWORDS to validate you should have access to the account. WTF? Microsoft admits they can access your previous passwords?

You know the mops have taken over when the removal of alsa support and the (ab)use of telemetry in firefox is mostly ignored, and the netflix drm support is heralded as good for linux.

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I still have to see any advantage of pulseaudio that isn't in fact an artificial restriction on alsa, like intel removing the alsa sound driver from bluez 5.0 (and even that has now been fixed -
But I still see a lot of disadvantages of using that overengineered, resource hungry, poor excuse for a sound server - stuttering, latency, huge CPU usage, memory usage, etc. Of course, the "it works for me" crowd will continue denying that pulseaudio is anything but perfect.

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