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Speechless after the loss of Anton Yelchin. The young 27 year old actor who portrayed Paval Chekov in the new JJ Abrams rebooted Star Trek films. I am in mourning with my fellow Trekkers.

Rest in Peace.

Jose Gomez

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Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens! May the Force be with us all!

Jose Gomez

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I didn't know what to think when Hell Bent was announced. So many misdirection's from the BBC, Radio Times, & Kasterborous. The actual episode left me pretty satisfied.

It's spoiler time. Hey, I have to react at the end of a season.


The Doctor found Gallifrey. The Time Lords are safe & out of the parallel pocket universe but still a bunch of dicks. (Is it possible to send the Time Lords some Bag of Dicks? Ungrafeful bastards.)

We got to see Gallifrey up close & personal. We've learn more about Time Lord & Gallifreyan culture. We got to see a classic TT capsule & a classic TARDIS console. The Hybrid storyline got concluded. Once again, Davros was wrong.

Clara isn't dead.... yet. Ashildr is now a proper time traveler. Now the Doctor's forgotten Clara. Talk about reverse ending of Journey's End.

Run you clever boy...... And BE a Doctor. Armed with a brand new sonic, red coat, & a snap of his fingers. This is one of the strongest ending of a Doctor Who season since The Wedding of River Song.

Jose Gomez

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Well, well, well.... Looked what showed up on my Xbox One? #StarWarsBattlefront

Jose Gomez

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Any Doctor that can shred an axe like that is automatically a favorite. Yes, that was Capaldi actually doing all the guitar riffs.

People forget that Peter was in a band called Dreamboys, formerly The Bastards from Hell, with comedian & talk show host Craig Ferguson.

We're not worthy, 12th Doctor. We're not worthy!

All hail the Time Lord that rocks & rolls through all of time & space. Your arguments have been invalidated again. #DoctorWho

Jose Gomez

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As River Song is fond of saying "Spoilers!"

No story hints. No plot points. Nothing to spoil any part of series 9. But I had to share this with my fellow Whovians.

Eleventh Doctor: [points in the War Doctor's TARDIS] "Look... the round things!"

Tenth Doctor: "Love the round things."

Eleventh Doctor: "What are the round things?"

Tenth Doctor: "No idea."

The roundels are back in the TARDIS control room. The console has more of a 60's feel to it.

Thank you, Peter Capaldi!

Jose Gomez

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Jose Gomez

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Light side.
Awaken the Force within you. Choose a side and your Google apps will follow your path.

Jose Gomez

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BREAKING VIDEO GAME NEWS: Star Wars Battlefront fans, I've felt a massive disturbance in the Force. It's as if millions of gamers cried out in cheers of joy.

We have breaking news from Electronic Arts.

The Star Wars: Battlefront beta has been officially extended to the end of October 13th. That's one more day of game play for would be testers out there. The Star Wars Battlefront beta is free for everyone on Xbox One, PlayStaton 4, & on Origin for PC. #starwarsbattlefrontbeta  
Electronic Arts went to Twitter today to announce that they would be extending the free beta period for Star Wars Battlefront. Good news, we’re extending the #StarWarsBattlefront Beta. Details...

Jose Gomez

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If you want to go to Dallas Comic Con Fan days? They're giving away 2 free tickets. Good luck.
Take the quiz for a chance to #WIN tickets for 2 to Dallas Comic Con #FanDays, October 16-18!

Jose Gomez

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The Doctor may hate the Daleks & Davros. But even that doesn't stop him from doing his job.

He is The Doctor & he saves people. Even Davros.

Jose Gomez

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Nobody panics when things go "according to plan."

Google, Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook grab & share your data among devices. It's for your benefit & nobody panics, because it's all "part of the plan".

But when I say that Windows 10 grabs & shares your data among devices, well then everyone loses their minds!
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I totally feel this way about random sheeple all the time. Apparently ignorance is bliss, and is outbreeding all us educated ones.

My main beef with Win10 up to this point have been the stability issues and boot loops. But once those are good and nailed down, you can bet yer britches I'm switching.
A father, friend, brother, son, & human being trying to slash his way to the future!
Born in NJ. Moved to TX in 1979. Grew up in Dallas.A longtime fan of Batman, Star Trek, Gundam, Anime in general, Dragon Ball, Voltron, Thundercats, muscle cars, & a major technology enthusiast. Graduated Turner H.S. in 1997. Attended Texas A&M University at Commerce (Formerly East Texas State Univeristy). Father of two wonderful kids & a man determined to return to college.
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