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Jose Gomez
A father, friend, brother, son, & human being trying to slash his way to the future!
A father, friend, brother, son, & human being trying to slash his way to the future!


My daughter just proposed a what-if scenario that I'm having a very hard time answering. Mobile Suit Gundam 00's Celestial Being consisting of 4 Gundams & flagship Ptolemaios II vs the Starship USS Enterprise E.

Holy crap! In my wildest dreams, I've never considered that theoretical match up. But having given it a lot of thought, I can't conclusively decide who wins.
Will the GN particle weapons of Celestial Being harm the shields, torpedoes, & ablative armor of the Enterprise E? Would GN fields block direct phaser fire or torpedo hits? If that's so, for how long? GN particle weapons are not atypical particle weapons.

Assuming it's a yes, I think it would take all 4 Gundam & the Ptolemaios to defeat the Enterprise E. I could also see where the Enterprise E mops the floor against all of Celestial Being. Then Celestial Being potentially has a trump card in the Trans-Am System. The Enterprise E has high warp speeds, quantum torpedoes, & twin pulse phaser cannons in the primary hull.

Without knowing these questions, this is a very difficult scenario to properly resolve. But if everything works? I'd love to see it played out.

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My custom designed Xbox One controller. I call it, "Project Anaheim". It's a controller designed as a tribute to the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise. The controller is decked out as a Gundam mobile suit. White with red & blue trim. Check it out.

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Need a phone. Try to win a Galaxy S8. Good luck.

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Speechless after the loss of Anton Yelchin. The young 27 year old actor who portrayed Paval Chekov in the new JJ Abrams rebooted Star Trek films. I am in mourning with my fellow Trekkers.

Rest in Peace.

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Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens! May the Force be with us all!

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Light side.

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I didn't know what to think when Hell Bent was announced. So many misdirection's from the BBC, Radio Times, & Kasterborous. The actual episode left me pretty satisfied.

It's spoiler time. Hey, I have to react at the end of a season.


The Doctor found Gallifrey. The Time Lords are safe & out of the parallel pocket universe but still a bunch of dicks. (Is it possible to send the Time Lords some Bag of Dicks? Ungrafeful bastards.)

We got to see Gallifrey up close & personal. We've learn more about Time Lord & Gallifreyan culture. We got to see a classic TT capsule & a classic TARDIS console. The Hybrid storyline got concluded. Once again, Davros was wrong.

Clara isn't dead.... yet. Ashildr is now a proper time traveler. Now the Doctor's forgotten Clara. Talk about reverse ending of Journey's End.

Run you clever boy...... And BE a Doctor. Armed with a brand new sonic, red coat, & a snap of his fingers. This is one of the strongest ending of a Doctor Who season since The Wedding of River Song.

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BREAKING VIDEO GAME NEWS: Star Wars Battlefront fans, I've felt a massive disturbance in the Force. It's as if millions of gamers cried out in cheers of joy.

We have breaking news from Electronic Arts.

The Star Wars: Battlefront beta has been officially extended to the end of October 13th. That's one more day of game play for would be testers out there. The Star Wars Battlefront beta is free for everyone on Xbox One, PlayStaton 4, & on Origin for PC. #starwarsbattlefrontbeta  

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Well, well, well.... Looked what showed up on my Xbox One? #StarWarsBattlefront
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