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Jose Azua (FlyingRhinoCMG)
Design is key.
Design is key.
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BB Droid Watch Face
I've taken your cute soccer ball droid to the dark side and gave him a sleek new stealth revamp (Light side also included)

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Thanks to +Wearable Notifications​ for this awesome giveaway I was one of the lucky few to win this tic watch.
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It would be super helpful to be able to add a image layer temporarily with a transparency that we could use to outline something then delete the image reference. Any plans to add this in a future update +Pujie Wear​?

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Anyone experiencing this issue with voice to text in messenger, allo or hangouts? All I said below was "test 1" and it repeats your words in different ways

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This is a shame to hear.
You're one bad day away from being me.

Not even a warning this time. Im suspended and i can no longer work for Android. It was a fun run but i hope you guys learn from my adventure.

The real Punisher seems to be in the offices of Google.

here's some details i want to let you know first, and that i believe will matter in this story.

I can draw so the images i used are made from scratch with a pen on paper. I made sure it was a white skull but made my own version (longer teeth, wider eyes, different jaw etc to accommodate my design) i think these subtleties matter because its not a rip-off of a trademarked logo. nor does any copy/paste is going on here.

I asked a few friends if punisher was a real word and felt confident it was.

At last ressort in my mind i thought that IF anything was amiss i would get a fair warning and a chance to adjust to comply with anything Ready to change the name if thats the problem, or even the design! (hell i was even prepare to make it a skull with 3 eyes if i had to.)

Sadly, no second chances today. all i had was a email with what google calls a "Strike" ... basically something that completely shuts you down.

Yes i had previous strikes in the early 2010's when google was even more merciless and never was able to contest those, even thought they were unfounded! (at that time google was a straight up robot and had NO communication whatsoever, now it seems a bit better at least, albeit not in my particular case this morning.)

So today, i need to face the facts. I can no longer release anything for you guys anymore. Ever.

Thanks for being with me all these years! Im really grateful for that, and you made me. I tried my best to release thing YOU wanted and deliver refine quality material.

... So long andy.
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48hr Holiday Giveaway
I'm giving away one of either of the following 3 Smartwatches:
> Ticwatch 2
> Fossil Q Founder
> Galaxy Gear S2 Sport
(I’ll let the winner decide)

Reasons I chose those watches
> to cover a wider scope of interest than if I just chose one myself
> there aren’t a whole lot of new Smartwatches this December
> they’re all roughly the same price (~175-200$)

Ways to win
> +1 this Post
> Share this Post (on Google+)
> Comment on this Post which Smartwatch I’ve listed above you’d like & why
> re-Tweet this Tweet->
> Like this Tweet->
(also, if you re-Tweet/Like the Tweet, you must include within your Google+ comment your Twitter name so I can combine i with your other entries)
Sorry, no Facebook entries…_maybe_ next time, no promises though.

So, for maximum efficiency, I recommend:
Step 1) +1 this Post (that you’re reading right now)
Step 2) Share this Post (on Google+)
Step 3) re-Tweet the Tweet
Step 4) Like the Tweet
Step 5) Comment on this Google+ Post saying which of the 3 Smartwatches I’ve listed above you'd like & within the same Comment tell me your Twitter name

For every one of the above that you do, you get 1 entry.
So, if you do them all, you get 5 chances to win!

PS: For those without Twitter, just do the Google+ part.

Rules (there's only 3)
> Maximum of 1 Google+ Comment (which if you do the Twitter stuff must include your Twitter name)
> Maximum of 1 Twitter re-tweet (if you do the Twitter entries)
> Follow me on Twitter @TheRealLanhoj (if you do the Twitter entries)
Reminder: If you Comment or re-Tweet more than 1X, you're completely disqualified

That's it.
Simple as that.
No restrictions on who can/can't win.
I'll make it an international giveaway.
It starts now & ends 12pm (noon) PST / 3pm EST on Saturday, December 17th after that I'll close the Comments. If you miss the 48hr window, sorry, but don't message me on Hangouts (or anything else) to extend it, it won't happen.
Sunday afternoon calculate the results & randomly select the winner, then ship the watch the next week, hopefully in time to arrive before next weekend.

So, g'luck everyone!
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All day at Kennedy Space center is a great way to test the pixel xl camera 
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