Like there is something so super special about leaders.

Seriously, wake up.

Let me tell you what's special about them: they are lucky. Or privileged, if you prefer the term. At least half the human population wouldn't do worse than Trump and his ilk if they were born and raised in the same situation, with the same benefits and privileges he was.

And they'd probably end up equally arrogant and thinking they had some 'special skills' that made them unique.

No, they don't. The average firefighter, cleaning lady etc they work just as hard, if not harder. Oh, mister top manager, but you work 12 hours a day? Ok, try that again carrying heavy bricks or cutting trees while having to do your own cooking at home and bringing your own kids to school rather than have a maid cook for you and using a driver for your kids like you do... And yes, for you, dear top manager, you can count your commute as work, after all, you're sitting cosy in your car while your driver drives. Those smugs working a mere 8 hours have to commute by bus and walk - how about we add that with the hours they have to cook, shop and clean, things your exorbitant pay allows you to let others do?

Sorry for the rant but please - let's not put these people on an even higher pedestal as we already do. I won't say the are particularly lazy or stupid, but neither are most non-rich-or-leader-people.

The only thing really special about rich people is that they have a lot of money. Otherwise, they are not any better, even though they like to think so.
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