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People person, technology enthusiast and all-things-open evangelist. After studying organizational psychology, dabbled with buzzwords like 'lean', 'six sigma' and 'open innovation' in business consulting until spare time obsession turned into a full-time job as community manager. First at SUSE, now ownCloud and continuing an decade long involvement in the KDE community. Enjoys avoiding traffic and public transport on bike through Berlin, but only when the weather is good. Loves cooking for friends and family and playing with our dog.

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"fugitive"? You mean political refugee...

Assange might or might not have done something wrong in Sweden - but I can't understand why the Swedish wouldn't want to simply send a cop to the Ambassy of Equador and let him talk to Assange so they can actually file the charges - if it wasn't for them insisting he come in person to Sweden which, unsurprisingly, has an extradition request from the US government ready to go.

Either sending a cop to talk to him at the embassy or promising him no extradition would solve the problem - he'd be able to go to stand trial for what he has or hasn't done. If that was really the highest priority for Sweden, he really wouldn't have been in the Equadorian Embassy for 2 years now...
Julian Assange speech prompts judges to boycott legal conference -
Senior British justices say the addition of a ‘fugitive from justice’ at short notice forced them to withdraw from the Commonwealth Law Conference in Glasgow
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Jos Poortvliet

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Applications 15.04 announcement notes that Kontact is planned to come with the August release already - whoa! I noticed that dDevelopment of Kontact has picked up over the last 2-3 years, but this is VERY good news - I wouldn't have expected it before 2016 at least. With Kontact having become quite fast and stable*, the port seems well timed.

* at least in my use - there are so many combinations of storage & mail/groupware servers I'm sure some still suffer from problems - the curse of being a can-do-all groupware client.
Kdenlive is the leading video editor on Linux Today KDE released KDE Applications 15.04 our suite of 150 applications. Notable additions in this release include Kdenlive the leading video editor on Linux and KDE Telepathy the chat application to unify your instant messaging. Kdenlive is one of the best non-linear video editing software available. It recently finished its incubation process to become an official KDE project and was ported to KDE F...
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+Lindsay Mathieson
yes, on slow connections Akonadi isn't doing that well. But at least it has been reliable and fast on a decent connection for a few releases now, that is a big step forward. I fully expect the problem with bad connectivity on weak connections to be dealt with too.
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Jos Poortvliet

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howto disable CSD - I'm guessing this works for #Plasma5 users too.
Tycho Softworks's profile photoThomas Pfeiffer's profile photo
Indeed I found gnome apps that use CSD work and integrate with other wm's far better if you disable CSD and undecorated their windows (using devilspie with xfwm as one example). In particular CSD drawn shadowing causes lots of problems.
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+Charlie Demerjian looks like the 'fake rumors' weren't so fake after all :(

The 810 is quite a disappointment, at least its current incarnation in the HTC One M9. Which is a shame, I'm looking for a replacement for my M7 and the one feature I want for sure is front facing stereo speakers. Not going back to being forced to use headphones all the time.

That was one heck of a long and deep analysis, though, and a interesting read. Keep it up and perhaps next time you're right ;-)
SemiAccurate has been following a massive FUD campaign for a few months and the rabbit hole has lead to some interesting places.
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+Paul Ludwig Konecny
thanks for the tip, I hadn't noticed Sony had picked up on this. I will certainly consider the Compact and see how the Z4 will be doing.
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Jos Poortvliet

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An impressive list of improvements coming in Plasma 5.3 - I look forward to it. Thinking about moving my home and work desktops over...
☆ Enhanced Power Management
☆ Better Bluetooth Capabilities
☆ Improved Plasma Widgets
☆ Plasma Media Center - Tech Preview
☆ Big Steps Towards Wayland Support
☆ Bug Fixes Galore
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Wednesday is #ownCloud Meetup in Berlin again. Will be fun - we plan on playing with #raspberrypi and #Bananapi and similar toys!
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Jos Poortvliet

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A very, VERY nice overview of #plasma5 and where the #Linux desktop is today! Some great screen shots ;-)
After years of polishing the 4.x series, KDE is once again leading the innovation race among Linux desktop environments with its latest product: Plasma 5. We introduced the new Plasma a little less than a year ago, but a lot has changed since. With Plasma 5.2 released in January 2015 and a bugfix release (5.2.2)…
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+Mike Veltman
it's not? Works great here...
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Jos Poortvliet

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Kdenlive team: Welcome to the wonderful world of the +The KDE Community !! I'm glad you're here as I really like your awesome non-linear video editor (the BEST) and look forward to future improvements!
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Jos Poortvliet

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Good news for +Martin Gräßlin - a first tool to disable CSD has been developed. Meanwhile, CSD apps probably won't bother as many users as you might think - app development on GTK3 isn't going so well:

I personally hope Inkscape and the Gimp, if they port over, at least won't suffer from it. Sure, porting costs time and effort which otherwise could be put in improvements users care about - but as long as the file dialogs don't get even worse than the GTK2 one (what a horror) and CSD doesn't come and ruin user experiences, I can keep using them.

Oh, and, as I do like at least some of the UI concepts in these apps mentioned in the mail linked earlier - let me say I'm delighted to read this in the conversation:

"For some applications we could also look at what's being produced in other circles and see how to participate to existing apps instead of starting or reviving our owns (Yorba, Elementary, or other small and independent projects like lollypop)."

I might be a romantic, but I believe that collaboration across borders of projects is a healthy thing (standing on the shoulders of giants and all that) and I hope the GNOME devs will consider it. That can bring the fruits of some of their design efforts to a wider audience, rather than letting it go to waste.
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+Cédric Bellegarde I agree on that. But I also see that people told me "don't worry, toolkits will handle it" and they failed :-(
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Too bad we have to drop Windows Suport for ownCloud Server but a VM with Linux works just fine - and performs better, too!
#ownCloud is for everybody and thus we support many platforms. Unfortunately we'll have to remove #WindowsServer from the list but a variety of virtual machine images, including from +Bitnami and +SUSE Studio are there to help you!
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I see the VMs now. Carry on!
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Interesting facts about how horrible women are in leadership roles.  Must read!
"No one experiencing menopause should ever be making decisions"
"I'm looking forward to the TIME piece on how erectile dysfunction impacts men's leadership"

#women   #leadership  
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+Thomas Hardman The reference on menopause in TIME referred to postmenopause, and said that it makes now the best time for Hillary to be president. -I don't know how long the postmenopausal effects last, but they may indeed still affect her. Or not.

Actually, I don't understand what the fuss is about here, and how this comment is sexist. Using biological processes as an argument against a gender is sexism, yes. But pointing out that from a bio-psychological perspective, this is the best time for Hillary to become president isn't exactly discriminating against anyone.

Biological processes do affect psychological processes to a tremendous degree, often much much more than we'd think. This is a scientific fact. Condemning anyone for talking about it is denying science. There are countless examples of this in psychology.

Discriminating against anyone based on biological arguments is ethically wrong and should never be done, but that wasn't the case here.

Oh and since it's mentioned there: I am very sure that erectile dysfunction would have an impact on a male president's leadership.
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Jos Poortvliet

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Looks like Plasma Netbook - I always thought that that was a clever UI. This seems a nice initiative although technically, building a completely new desktop on a platform which doesn't even manage half-stable support for app developers seems like taking on a massive support obligation. But perhaps it's all HTML 5 ;-)
Their kickstarter:

On Github

Last time that was their official source code repository, so it is a GNOME based desktop, and perhaps you can build it as GNOME.

#GNOME   #EndlessMobile   #Kickstarter   #Crowdfunding  
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It does look like the KDE netbook interface. I loved that interface and hope it returns in plasma 5.
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Best burgers I know. Custom made. Chicken burger (add an egg!) and vegetarian burger are especially good.
Public - a week ago
reviewed a week ago
Pretty standard dönner-pizza place.
Public - 4 weeks ago
reviewed 4 weeks ago
Grandma's place - our favorite. A large selection of great schnitzels but also lots of other German food. Costs a bit extra but the ambiance is real nice. I'd actually say that this place is an experience in itself - comfy chairs and couches to sit on, no place on the walls which doesn't have something weird to look at and no two plates or pieces of silverware are the same... Rings true to the 'unique' in 'Englers' Unique'. Certainly worth a visit.
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago
6 reviews
A pleasant surprise - the place and service are neither good nor bad but the food is really nice and the prices are low. One of those places with good sushi: the shrimp actually tastes like shrimp and the squid won't be confused with a piece of rubber... The Vietnamese dishes like Duck with rice and such are also excellent. Most of the Vietnamese dishes are between 5 and 7 euros and drinks aren't expensive either so good value for money. Am Deutsch: Gestern hier Sushi gegessen. Die Lage und Service sind nichts Besonderes, aber das Essen ist sehr gut. Die Garnelen schmeckt wie Garnelen, Tintenfisch ist kein Gum mi und das Vietnamesischen essen ist auch excellent und die Preisen sind sehr gut.
• • •
Food: ExcellentDecor: GoodService: Good
Public - 2 years ago
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Nothing special but OK.
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago