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At noon today in Washington DC, all mentions of "climate change" and "global warming" were eliminated from the White House website.

Well, not all. The word "climate" still shows up here:

President Trump is committed to eliminating harmful and unnecessary policies such as the Climate Action Plan....

Luckily, at the Azimuth Climate Data Backup Project, we've been preparing for exactly this. We've been racing to save publicly available climate data at NASA, NOAA, and other agencies that Trump now controls.

Please visit our Kickstarter page, learn more about what we've done, contribute some money, and help us out!

We plan to make our data publicly available, so we need money for servers and storage. Right now we can afford to hold it for about 3 years. 8 would be better.

Luckily, this week the head of U. C. Riverside's Computing and Communications department, Danna Gianforte, said they would commit to hosting our data over the long term! So, we will also work to transfer it there and set up a usable interface.

We're part of a larger initiative, Different teams are saving different databases. For example, the End of Term Archive has saved Obama's White House web pages.

You can read more about these efforts here:

In the comments below, I will list some people who have helped the Azimuth Backup Project with their donations. One person contributed $2000, three contributed $1000 and two contributed $500. That's wonderful, and I thank these people immensely! But most of our success is due to large numbers of smaller contributions.

To see how "climate change" has now vanished from White House website, go here:

Welcome to the new era.
We're backing up US government databases on climate change and the environment before Trump takes office on January 20th.
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This is worth taking into consideration.
I for one also thought all the tweets from @POTUS was deleted, but they were moved to @POTUS44. - Did Donald Trump Remove the Terms 'LGBT' and 'Climate Change' from the White House Web Site? :
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Jos Poortvliet

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Right ;-)
Software reaches ultimate stability once it is dead! 
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I've also excellent stability with the one that are not yet written :-)
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Jos Poortvliet

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Drug abuse makes money. Stopping it isn't in anybody's interest.

Well maybe in the interest of the abusers but who the heck cares about them? They're poor, so it is their own fault.

#sarcasm just in case it wasn't clear enough...
In Iceland, teenage smoking, drinking and drug use have been radically cut in the past 20 years. Why won’t other countries follow suit?
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+Christopher Compagnon I suggest to watch this TED talk:

You'll learn a surprising insight: even animals ONLY resort to drugs when they see no other alternative to give them a 'happy life'. That is, drugs is a way to escape misery. So as long as your kids are doing well and are happy, they might smoke a joint or use a XTC pill for fun once in a while but they won't get addicted... No worries ;-)
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Jos Poortvliet

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Soon #Berlin #Nextcloud #meetup Lets drink beer on #ownCloud #birthday !!! 7 years is a long time ;-)
Nextcloud continues ownCloud - started 7 years ago, the original team is still working to bring privacy-protecting software to you!
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beer yes ! i would like to drink a beer with you guys :)
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Jos Poortvliet

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Hi all! Happy new year ;-)

Congrats from your, ehm, friends and founders, at Nextcloud ;-)

I published a blog about 7 years ownCloud and the five people at that very first meetup!

I also invited those 5 on stage at our conference to talk about that sprint, long ago. Did you know it was a KDE hackathon? ownCloud started as KDE project, I was there when it was announced in 2010 in San Diego. That's right, ownCloud is a KDE project started in the USA ;-)

Enjoy the video:

Yes, we're still doing what we set out to do back then: make privacy-protecting software.
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Jos Poortvliet

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Truly horrible example of intrusive government interference.
In Iceland, teenage smoking, drinking and drug use have been radically cut in the past 20 years. Why won’t other countries follow suit?
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That makes sense. I was  confused for a moment.
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Jos Poortvliet

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The Nextcloud Spreed app for Video Calls was updated with a lot of fixes. Nice work! 
Updated. 19 hours ago. Publisher. Ivan Sein. Overall rating. Very positive. Recent rating. Very positive. Co-Maintainers. LukasReschke; nickvergessen; jancborchardt. Resources. Downloads. Nextcloud 11, 1.2.0 · All releases. Discussion. Ask questions or discuss. Good. Ok. Bad. Fork me on GitHub ...
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Jos Poortvliet

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First #slack experience: WTF does it do to the message order?

It orders within a day from top to bottom but puts the days from bottom to top... How the heck am I supposed to follow a conversation some day? Can't find a way to make it chronological in the settings... Tips welcome or this 'wonderful IRC replacement' won't have me around anymore very quickly ;-)

At least its reputation of being easy and well designed has been shattered within minutes of first usage... Whoever thought this was sane needs a reality check.
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Jos Poortvliet

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#nextcloud is the fastest growing open source file sync and share
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Jos Poortvliet

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Can the Signal protocol be implemented on XMPP?
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Yeah but at least you don't need a XEP for it to work, it's just the clients which need to adopt it.
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Jos Poortvliet

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7 years ago Frank announced ownCloud at Camp KDE!

Him, me and many others are still working on the very same thing: delivering a solution for sharing and syncing files that protects your privacy.
Seven years ago at Camp KDE in San Diego, Frank announced a project to help people protect their privacy, building an alternative to Dropbox: ownCloud. I was there, sharing a room with Frank at the infamous Banana Bungalow. E...
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