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Jos Collas
Hoi ik ben jos en ben een fervente amateur fotograaf.
Hoi ik ben jos en ben een fervente amateur fotograaf.

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1ste mei viering Genk
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"I Wonder Will This Beauty Be On Top Again" by Gev's Matevosyan:

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"Prairie Light" by Drew May:

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The Sign... Truckee, California
The sign came, as she'd been told it would, at a surprising moment. 
Luckily, she was schooled to hold no expectations...
but instead, be ready to move to the breath of the divine.
I've always loved this photo - and remember the night well. 
1 a.m. Silent. No wind. I'd crawled a half mile over the snow to this spot, now huddling in the cold as I waited for the exposures to finish, my breath nearly freezing as it left my mouth. 


OK, it WAS 1 a.m. And it was COLD!
But my car was warm, which is where I sat with my heater on while my camera ran through its long exposure paces outside the driver's side window.

Luckily IT didn't shiver, or we wouldn't be having this conversation


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Break With The Past... Bodie, California
Sometimes you have to make a little break with the past in order to be free. 
Maybe a couple of breaks. ;))
This was taken at Bodie, California... an old west silver mining town in the Sierra Nevada mountains that is maintained "in a state of arrested decay". The state park system took it over in 1962 and keeps it from falling into further disrepair. It really is a marvelous place to visit. I always try to imagine what life was like up here at 8000 feet in the freezing winters during the late 1800's and early 1900's. This particular day was quite nice, though. Not a flake of snow in sight!  

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Barreling Down Under... Calistoga, California
The full story on this one on my blog today:

I had a chance to visit +Castello di Amorosa again last weekend... this time got to bring the hubs! He's heard allllll about it... and you know how that is. You feel like; "Enough already! I want to see this joint for myself!"

Suffice it to say, he was NOT disappointed! Neither was I, because  this time, we had the opportunity to see parts of the underground world of the Castle I hadn't laid eyes on before... the armory, the torture chamber (yes, there is one!) and this spot; one of the many wine cellars you can get lost in. What with the vaulted ceilings and totes authentic stonework, I felt like I was right back in beautiful Italy! 

The place is like eye candy everywhere you turn... and I've got a few more super cool images already processed from the day. I'll post them soon!

A million thanks to +Jim Sullivan and his fabulous crew... you guys are THE BOMB!!!

©Karen Hutton - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)

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Shy Like Mist... New Zealand
She was shy. Like mist.
Equally as susceptible to the wind.
You know who's NOT shy? That would be +Tamara Lackey, my awesome guest who's up TOMORROW on THE CHAT!

Find it on my blog:
and right here on my stream!

Tamara is fun, funny, smart, incredibly prolific in everything she does. I've started referring to her as  a "force of nature", because that's just how she seems to me! I'm a fan now, you better believe it. ;)

I chatted with her when she was out in California for her Photographers At Google talk... what a blast!

It's all coming up TOMORROW! 
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