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Hacking the awesome.

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Is there support for note attachments planned? :) Great app!

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I'm either a genius or a moron. I can't quite decide which. I guess time will tell.

I obviously work in front of the computer the whole day, and it's not healthy. I tried the zombie shuffling desk, but after a couple months of walking, I got plantar fasciitis and had to take a break. And while I was proud of doing it while I did it and knew I needed to, it was never really something I enjoyed doing.

In fact, I've never found an activity that I like doing. I know people who run, and get that "runner's high", and they try to explain that I must be doing things wrong. 

The one exception is swimming. I actually like swimming, and while I'm only slightly faster than a snail (yes, I googled "worlds fastest snail" just to make sure - I can take on any snail and win, dammit), I actually like it. And there's a pool just a mile and a half away from my house.

But parking there is just not worth the hassle, and while I've tried biking there, when I did that I noticed that I just absolutely dreaded the ride back. There was no way I was going to enjoy swimming for an hour without constantly knowing that after I'm done, I then have to bike back in our hilly neighborhood.

I know, a mile and a half is nothing, but several years ago I did it a few times and just stopped.  It wasn't going to happen. I wanted to swim, not ride my bike.

My trial solution right now? To try to get in shape (or rather, not get in worse shape)? 

An electric bike.

So yeah. My solution to try to get in shape is to get a bike that I don't need to pedal.

That's really some "special" genius right there.

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Chromebook + Crouton + Chrome extension + Xmonad = Mind Blown
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Google+ is awesome!

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¿Vim o Emacs?
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Time is your most precious asset. Watch out for thieves!

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What does freedom mean to you?

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J.S.Bach, D Minor Toccata & Fugue, Church Organ &…:

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Ayer, caminando por Providencia me encontré esta bici estacionada. ¡Es igual a mi primera bici! :D
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