The Learning of Irony

What is a chainsaw
to placate trees, it is a machine
why do forests
get cut, why do they get cut
to avoid getting burned
and the rivers, those
are tears in snake-like form through nature
which she rejects for the absurd
of intentions
chewed, swallowed, defecated until the summer
we will kill the winds where
Insects fade into pollen
Inattentive winds fumigating memories
In the form of fear
and from within the quieted stones appears
a willingness to roll and be
bed and scam
to the caustic steel tooth

[ in the slaughter
I feel a joy and willingness to share]

What is a heart beyond
the place where all the secrets
of the heavens and the earth are closed, from which
the limits of our modest and recondite
learning, derive -
the highest wisdom
- she said, trying to convince me
in bold, of the need to be more
sincere, genuine, fluid - and I
without further ado

© 2017, José Coelho
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