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#waterfallwednesday +Eric Leslie
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Öxarárfoss is a small waterfall in Þingvellir National Park, Iceland. It flows from the river Öxará. The base of the waterfall is filled with rocks
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Chris E
Beautiful image. So good! I love the texture contrast between the rocks and the water.
Fabulous photo Artwork +Jorunn Gudlaugsdottir !!! Fantastic image of the flowing water on the black rocks !!! Gives the feeling of mystery and strange!!!
Kab Yaj
That's beautiful, my friend. I see you've been busy with your LE. How are you?
I just love the dark atmosphere and the full colours of this one !
I love the contrast between the dark rocks and the color on top!
Wow Jorunn, this looks soooo nice! Wonderful long exposure, and you always seem to capture the most beautiful skies!
Very cool image Jorrun. I always like images that include both waterfalls and sunset light. Well done.
Beautiful waterfall photo. Great motion blur and background colors !
Outstanding! Love the cloud action above that fantastic waterfall.
an excellent long exposure and master of the backlight, nice work Jorunn!
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