The latest firmwares for the GT-I9505 Galaxy S4 LTE have SELinux enabled and set to enforcing by default. These are official retail firmwares that will be available for download by normal end-users through KIES or OTA updates. The Samsung Unpacked event today put a bit of emphasis on their KNOX security package, possibly this is related, as these firmwares were also released today.

The firmware I personally played with (available from were all marked I9505XXUDMGG , though others say ...H8 also has this.

Thought some of you might want to know about this development, and poke at it. I haven't run into any (non-root) apps that had any problems with it yet, so it seems to be fine so far.

su calls are detected and you get a nice little popup which claims it stopped some process, but it really hasn't. With some adjustments, SuperSU was made to work pretty much as it always has.
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