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Joris Claeys

@ eco-Nable – facilitate sustainable growth!  - 
The Duty of the Rich, in the Age of Neo-Feudalism!
- by +Tom McKinley

Rich people will need to be taught how to be more generous, how to be more humanitarian. Their Darwinian perspective of survival of the fittest, voiced as “If I made it by myself, so can everyone else” will not be relevant anymore. While the division between rich and poor will be like feudalism, unlike feudalism there will not be the abundance of low-skill jobs. Technological unemployment is on the rise, and the robotic age will eliminate more and more jobs. The wealthy will have to learn how to part with a greater share of their money in order to preserve society.

This will not happen through taxes.
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Joris Claeys

@ ecoNOVATION  - 
Interview Otto Scharmer: “Change on many levels”
by Marcella Bremer

Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-system to Eco-system Economies”: Applying Theory U to transforming business, society and self. A framework that can help leaders, consultants, coaches and employees understand how they can make a difference.

We don’t only focus on the micro or mesolevel, but also on the macro and mundo-level: our individual, relational, institutional and global transformation.

Theory U blind spot leadershipThat’s what I believe that we, our generation of change-makers, are called to do. We are almost like a “middle generation”. Before us was the generation that talked about macro and mundo changes but they didn’t put them into practice. Change for them was changing others. After us comes a generation that is very concerned with personal and relational change, and very capable, but less focused on institutional, macro-mundo change…. All these wonderful initiatives of social entrepreneurship around the world almost never go to scale. So, how are they able to transform organizations and larger institutions?

That will only work if it is a cross-generational effort. On the one hand, we must personally embody change, be authentic, reflective and mindful. On the other hand, we must also change the larger institutions.

Otto Scharmer: “The current transformation of the economy is toward a co-creative, eco-system economy, where on the level of the whole, with all the stakeholders, we begin to collaborate in a more intentional way. We can keep competition (level 2.0) where it’s useful but also cultivate the collaborative space and cross-institutional collaboration that in many places is underdeveloped today. Collaboration requires a shared intention. So, our task is to build collaborative structures around it. That is a key leverage point to transform our society.”
I interview Otto Scharmer who explains Theory U, leadership work and change.
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Joris Claeys

@ eco-ViVaCity – ecologically balanced living!  - 
Globalization is over! We need to Change the Rules of the Game! Create a beter world!
by Gunter Pauli​ at TEDxMaastricht

If we only teach our children what we know... they can never do better then we have done!
We have to go much faster in applying change at all leels of our society!
Do not accept a no for a no, do not accept impediments. Key is the clarity that we must change the rules of the game!

Reuse what we hae
Re-industrialize our mindset
Innovate and compete
Create a better world
If they can do it! I can do it!

Gunter Pauli was born in 1956. He is a graduate Economics and obtained his MBA from INSEAD. He also has an honorary master in Systemic Design honorary doctorate in economics. He has been active as an entrepreneur, lecturer and commentator in culture, science, politics, sustainability innovation and the environment. He built the first ecological factory when Chairman and CEO of Ecover, that under his leadership became a worldwide acclaimed ecological building, being completed in 1992. His first book was the biography of Dr. Aurelio Peccei, founder of the Club of Rome, whose assistant he was from 1979 to 1984.
Since then he has written 20 books printed in 34 languages, and 125 fables for children. Some estimate that 90 million copies of his fables have been distributed worldwide. In 1989 he was elected as an independent substitute to the European Parliament but never took up the seat.

In 1994 Pauli initiated the Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives in Tokyo with the support of the Japanese Government and the United Nations University (UNU), redesigning production and consumption into clusters of industries inspired by natural systems.
He later wrote the book The Blue Economy, which was originally a report to the Club of Rome that became a commercial book. He wrote this book with the twin aims of stimulating entrepreneurship while setting up new and higher standards towards sustainability. The book includes the principles that support the Blue Economy concept and also one hundred business cases that follow the principles. 
Fundacion GERESO ong's profile photo
wonderful, since our ONG we want to contribute to break paradigms
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Joris Claeys

@ eco-Nable – facilitate sustainable growth!  - 
Sharing Is the New Buying!

What is new is how quickly an extremely varied set of companies built around sharing, renting, collaborating, and accessing items on-demand are growing, thanks in large part to the proliferation of smartphones. There are 44 privately held sharing-oriented businesses that qualify as unicorns—their valuations are a billion dollars or more. Combined, they represent 35 percent of all unicorns, with a total valuation of $219 billion. Credit Suisse believes that their total revenues will rise from $15 billion in 2013 to $335 billion in 2025.

Data also suggest that sharing has emerging philosophical appeal. While saving or making money was the most popular reason for using sharing services in the Havas survey, feeling useful and reducing one’s carbon footprint were close behind. Seventy percent of respondents said they believe overconsumption endangers the planet and society – and while they don’t want to forego life’s pleasures, they want to consume smarter. Venture capital firms have taken note: Sharing companies received 24 percent of venture capital raised in the second quarter of 2015.

Four sectors – business services, financial services, transportation, and travel and leisure – have proven most amenable to entrée by new sharing-based business models. 
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Joris Claeys

@ eco-Nable – facilitate sustainable growth!  - 
Paris attacks - shift of the heart on the level of the individual and the collective! 
by +Otto Scharmer

The Paris attacks wounded us collectively, and therefore call on us to rise and catalyze the one shift that now matters most--the shift of our heart.

The real battle of our time is between the forces of "absencing" (economies of fear and destruction), and the forces of "presencing" (economies of courage and creation). It's a battle that takes place across all levels of systems.
2 clashing mindsets that each give rise to a different dynamic and social field: presencing--that is, the capacity of co-sensing and co-shaping the future by enacting a social architecture of connection; and the field of absencing--that is, the field of "building up walls", by enacting a social architecture of separation.
Since September 11, 2001, we have experienced, with increasing frequency, many types of disruption: financial meltdowns, climate destabilization, and terrorist attacks. We can no longer control this stream of disruptions. They will continue over the coming decade and beyond. It is only a question of time before the next financial meltdown, the next natural disaster, or the next terrorist attack occurs.

So what then can we control? We can control our response to these disruptions. In struggling to respond to disruptive change and systemic breakdowns, countries and leaders around the world engage in a public discourse of essentially three frames or points of view:

1. Muddling through--basically same old, same old. More meetings. More declarations. More empty words. Examples include most of the climate talks and, to name just one example, the position of Britain's Prime Minister Cameron on the international refugee crisis. Eloquent talk, high-flying rhetoric, but nothing of substance (from a country that played a key role in the Iraq war that laid the groundwork for the rise of the IS).

2. Moving apart--Let's build a huge wall that separates "us" from the "them." Let's practice the values of freedom, equality, and solidarity inside these walls, and let's do the opposite outside of them. In so many words, those are the positions of Donald Trump, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, and, to a varying degree, most of the other Republican U.S. presidential candidates and Europe's right-wing politicians.

3. Moving together-- Acknowledge our own role in generating the problem, and therefore our responsibility to co-create a solution. Bring the walls down, collapse the separations, and apply our solidarity universally to all human beings, wherever they are. So say Angela Merkel of Germany, Stefan Löfven of Sweden, as well as many citizens and NGOs across Europe and around the world that keep rising to the occasion.
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Joris Claeys

CAPix - Change Facilitation - OD - WST - AI  - 
HolacracyOne co-founder Brian Robertson:
"management hierarchy is ripe for disruption" 

The environment around our companies has changed dramatically since its introduction, and our organizations face new challenges in today’s global fast-moving world.

The traditional top-down, predict-and-control management hierarchy has been the standard organizational operating system for nearly a century. Yet when we unconsciously accept the management hierarchy as our only choice for structuring and scaling companies, we lose the opportunity to innovate in this fundamental domain of company building.

But those of us building companies today have other options, and regardless of what we choose, I think we’ll be better off by at least asking the question: what power structure is right for my company?
Originally written by Brian Robertson, HolacracyOne, partner & co-founder and published on If you’re old enough to remember the days when most PCs ran MS-DOS, consider the leap in capabilities that came with a new operating system like Windows. Your computer’s operating system, invisible though it may be, radically shapes everything on top of... Read more »
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Joris Claeys

@ eco-Nable – facilitate sustainable growth!  - 
How we can make the world a better place by 2030!
Michael Green: Change business as usual! GDP no longer enables progress, neither for individual countries, nor the globe as a whole!
Can we end hunger and poverty, halt climate change and achieve gender equality in the next 15 years? The governments of the world think we can. Meeting at the UN in September 2015, they agreed to a new set of Global Goals for the development of the world to 2030. Social progress expert Michael Green invites us to imagine how these goals and their vision for a better world can be achieved.
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Joris Claeys

PORT[expertise]  - 
Port launches unique virtual tour!

View over 42 kilometres of harbourside from your desk: this is now possible for Europe’s largest port. In collaboration with Skycap, the Port of Rotterdam Authority is launching Port360: a virtual tour of the port.

The port of Rotterdam is the first port in the world to offer a virtual tour. Port360 provides a unique perspective on the port. The port has been captured by means of 15 unique 360° aerial photos. It will now be possible to view the port of Rotterdam from anywhere in the world. Schoolchildren and students can discover the grandeur of the port from their classrooms. And in the future, potential investors and clients can see at a glance which plots are available.
Viewing over 42 kilometres of port area from your desk: you can do this in Europe’s largest port.
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Joris Claeys

@ eco-ViVaCity – ecologically balanced living!  - 
Impending collapse of the industrialized civilization!

The report predicts that increased strain on the ecological carrying capacity of the Earth will further the stratification of wealth, dividing society into what the researchers term the “Elites” and “Masses”. As the rich hog all of the resources and dictate political policy, they will allocate little to the majority of the population who are also the ones responsible for creating their wealth. Advances in technology and agriculture will not improve the situation by increasing resource efficiency due to the fact that it will likely also raise consumption rates.

The researchers believe that humanity is on a collision course with disaster, and they outline two likely scenarios. In the first, everything will appear to be fine for a short period of time, but eventually a small number of Elites will begin to deplete everyone’s resources. Even under the most “conservative” consumption rates, the Elites will take too much and cause a famine amongst the Masses and later themselves. In this model, society is sabotaged by human rather than natural forces. In an alternate future, the faster consumption of resources wipes out the Masses in a short period while the Elites still survive, but soon after disappear. In both situations, the Masses get hit harder and faster while the upper echelons fail to adjust their behavior until it is too late.

To avoid an apocalypse, the scientists urge economic equality, stark decreases in consumption, and the fairer distribution of resources. Energy production should rely on cleaner, renewable technologies and support a smaller, more conservative population. If humans are to survive on the planet, immediate political action is needed to curtail the runaway growth of the economy, the threat of pollution, and the unfair allocation of wealth. To preserve not just the quality of life but its very existence, it is time to restore balance to both natural and social systems.
A NASA-funded study predicts the demise of global, industrialized society.
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Joris Claeys

CAPix - Change Facilitation - OD - WST - AI  - 
Recruiting in a Teal organization!
a Way to Support Organisations to Evolve!
- Frederic Laloux

Teal organisations are taking a different approach, not looking for the better story but for the more authentic one. How this can be achieved?

Here are some of the teal practices mentioned by Laloux:

AES: “a significant number of teammates interview the candidates – 10 to 12 interviews is no rarity”
FAVI: “extended use of the trial period for both parties to test whether the match works out” “$3,000 check if they have second thoughts and choose to quit during the four-week orientation”

Looking at these practices, key questions arise.

- How can you get clear about what you really want?
- How are you efficient with your time, manage costs and attract the candidates with the level of development required for the work?
- How can you make this recruiting dance an enjoyable one, adding value to both what you do and to the people that you hire?

It is the idea that recruitment can be an enlivening experience by which the potential of people, their deeper desires and purposes, matches with what is sought by the culture and people around the vacant position.
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Joris Claeys

@ ecoNOVATION  - 

The world doesn’t happen to us. We happen to the world! - Paul Rosenberg

Lots of good people are frustrated with the world, and I understand that only too well. They are, furthermore, eager for the world to improve, and I respect that a great deal.

Their problem arises, however, right on the heels of these desires, when they ask the question, “What should I do?” And that’s where the wheels fall off.

All the Popular Answers Are Wrong!

The world is full of people who are glad to tell you what to do. They have carefully thought out arguments as to why their plan is the right one and why everyone else’s is wrong. They’ll encourage you to commit to them, and they’ll try to surround you with people who have already chosen their plan. If you join, you’ll get lots of pats on the back and assurances that you’re a good person.

But all those ways are wrong. They offer you fast, cheap self-esteem. They offer you a fast track to feeling useful, important, and wanted. And all you have to do is join their very pleasant crowd.

The ‘right time’ never comes. Either we let the world happen to us, or we transcend our fears and we happen to the world.
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Joris Claeys

@ ecoNOVATION  - 
Can the 21st Century Corporation Operate Without Agile! 

Trying to exploit digital technology or the Internet with the management practices of hierarchical bureaucracy that is pervasive in big corporations today is like driving a horse and buggy on the freeway. To get beyond this horse-and-buggy management, and into something more relevant, managers need Agile.

Thus Murray’s article lists six main features of “the frictionless corporation”:

1. Limited physical capital. This is retail without inventory (Alibaba), accommodation without hotels (Airbnb), and transportation without cars (Uber).

2. Knowledge workers as the driver: The ability to innovate depends on those doing the work.

3. The gig economy: Those doing the workaren’t necessarily employees.

4. Winners take all: There will be massive disruption of incumbents as new businesses destroy the old. Winners will win bigger, and the rest will fight harder for what’s left. There is a wide gap between the most profitable firms and everyone else.

5. Declining life expectancy: A decline from 61 years to20 years today.

6. Intellectual property: Most of the value of modern corporations comes from intellectual property which has no geographical home.

These are however the results of Agile management, not the drivers of the new industrial revolution.

“Most businesses,” the articles says, “will have to create value in new ways or lose out to competitors that do so.” True, but how?

It is significant that the words, “innovation” and “agile”, do not appear in the text of the article. Instead, the article puts forward a random potpourri of ideas that includes:

Speed is survival.
- Internet-enabled business models.
- Idea-based businesses.
- Transparency of communications and getting feedback from staff.
- Leadership with a higher purpose, aimed at improving the lives of others.
- Employee relations built on shared vision and core values.
- R&D in short cycles, with the lab linked to the shop floor.
- Value based on employees because they are most of the assets.
The new industrial revolution is driven by mindsets not technology.
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Change Cultivator at macro & micro level facilitating transformation through the Transition Narrative – Resilience, Thrivability & Econologics Coaching – OD WST AI – Think, lead & act without the box!


ecoNVERGE – inspire balance harmony

CAPix – ViVaTicA – ecoNOVATE – MarketingVILLAGE


Extended ENTERPRISE Econological SUSTAINABLE ValueChain Solutions

Joris is active in the Knowledge Economy, Organizational Development, Whole Systems Transformation, Appreciative Inquiry, Renewables & Environment and Port/Marina Development - for organizations, teams, communities & industries.


Joris is at the forefront of change facilitation, driven by his passion for meaningful life innovations. He is a change cultivator in the areas of resilience building, thrivability and econologics coaching. He is inspired by an econological lattice model and germane progressive economics, realizing incisive knowledge convergence through transformational changes in social values, resource needs and technological advancements, in which people, their capacities and human values matter and are central to the approach.



His recent activities, based in Cebu, Philippines, focus on:


·         Engagements with PORT[expertise] cover industrial public & private ports and marina development in the Visayas, Philippines + SCM organization building.


·         Through CAPix – expanding horizons!, we provide econologics & thrivability coaching in Change Facilitation (CF), Organizational Development (OD), Whole Systems Transformation (WST) and Appreciative Inquiry (AI) + Project Management – partnerships with Sullivan Transformation Agents and ComDys


·         With ecoNOVATE – community driven innovation! Incubator platform for SMEs, start-ups & community cooperatives, geared to entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs & social entrepreneurs, engaged in building creative entrepreneurship in the Culture and Tourism sectors. Co-founder & lead mentor for the Cebu ARTS District – weaving arts & creativity!


·         Advocacy as Chief Engagement Officer via @Econologics & ecoNVERGE – inspire balance harmony! Interactive Community & Econological Lattice Platform Building.


·         Project development initiatives with ViVaTicA – ideas for life! Soul of life! Entertainment for Life & Green Living! Econological Balanced Lifestyles & Project Development Initiatives


·         Event Management, Marketing Mix & Social Media via the MarketingVILLAGE – your world, our village! Deploying the Marketing Mix (M2P, M2B & C2M)

Born & raised in Belgium, crossed the globe for 30 years, of which 12 years in the Philippines, settled in Cebu by choice since 2014, active with CCCI (Cebu Chamber) - Port Development Committee, MCDCB – Mega Cebu, Movement for Liveable Cebu, Cebu Change Makers, Let’s Do It Philippines, Co-founder and lead mentor at the Cebu ARTS District and member of the Philippines Society for Development and Training (PSDT). 








online alias: knowledgEnabler

Explicit & virtual collaboration – Community Capacity Builder

Business, Industry & Market COACH – Change CULTIVATOR


INCISIVE Knowledge Converged

Realizing sustainable balance in our social & Economic circle of life!

ENGAGE DYNAMIC CAPACITY – “Inspire Innovation! Embrace Change!”

Sustainability, Resilience, thrivability & Econologics Coaching – AI, OD & WST

Change cultivator at macro & micro level facilitating transformation through the
Transition Narrative towards Society3.0 – Th
ink, lead & act without the box!

Extended ENTERPRISE Econological SUSTAINABLE ValueChain Solutions



Managing Director of CAPix – expanding horizon

Coaching of individuals, teams & communities, industries & extended enterprise.


Principle partner with PORT[expertise]

Maritime, port, marina & industrial infrastructure logistics + c-SCM


Founder and Lead Engagement, Incubator & Partnerships

ecoNOVATE community driven innovation!

Creativity of the Cebuanos towards the Tourism sector for thriving communities





Multi-component project collaboration, business development, community capacity building, speaking engagements, training facilitation, interim management assignments and direct engagements for your Extended ValueChain organization in APAC, Americas, Europe & Middle-East.





Thrivability, Coaching, Econologics, KM, INCISIVE Knowledge, Change CULTIVATION, OD, WST, AI, Organizational Performance Excellence, New SOCIO-ECONOMIC Models, eV-mobility, Total Intelligent Transportation Solutions, PM, PD, Port Development, marina, SCM



He is the founder of

-      ecoNVERGE – inspire ● balance ● harmony
Lattice platform of partnerships and communities of practice

-      @Econologicsrealizing sustainable balance in our social & economic circle of life! New Socio-economic models for a changing world



Thriving in the flow of Life! Ideas for Life! Soul of Life!

Realizing sustainable balance in our social & economic circle of life!


At first sight there is little you can do about the flow, but the closer you get and understand that you are part of the flow in nature, you realize that you have life in your hands and carry responsibility for self and others.

How wide you want to explore, is up to each of us and their capacities, capabilities and comfort zone.


We change the way we LIVE! We change the way of LIFE!

Think, lead & act without the box! @Econologics

Learn from the changing world and share your change to the macro!

Learn how you can participate your contributive change at the micro!

Facilitating change through the Transition Narrative towards Society 3.0

Assimilate sustainable growth! Join our CoPs / Think-Tanks.

Be part of the CHANGE! – PARTICIPATE your change!


Bringing the 5P's of #Sustainability to practice - People, Planet, Profit, Purpose, Passion for a #thriveable world (Kathryn Ananda, Positive Handprints Foundation)


From Shareholder to Stakeholder Economics!

An econological responsible and sustainable look at life, environment and humanity!


ecoNVERGE and its teams of collaborators – whether engaged through community and/or corporate partnership – are inspired by an econological lattice model and principles of Germane Progressive Economics.

We are passionately dedicated to converge incisive knowledge into sustainable disseminated solutions, through the practice of Knowledge Management, Change Facilitation & Innovation.

-        Econological LATTICE Building

-        Interactive Community Building

-        Disseminate Sustainability


Engaging, investing, promoting, and assimilating projects, communities and companies around:

·         eco-Living, SMART Communities, Green Building & eco-Architecture

·         eco-Tourism & Adventure Travel, Entertainment, Leisure, Sports & Arts

·         Corporate & Public Sustainability Management, Social & Natural Capital

·         eV-mobility, SMARTgrid Infrastructure & RE-mix Optimization

·         Technology Advancements & Engineering

·         Enterprise CLOUD Integration, Big Data & Content Management

·         Practical realizations for the Semantic Web3.0.

·         Incisive Knowledge Management

·         Collaborative Supply chain Management

·         Event Management & Marketing Mix


Inspire, cultivate, facilitate & engage dynamic capacity and sustainable growth!

Strengthening, connecting, mobilizing and inspiring people, resources and tools to enhance leadership, innovation, community values, voice and power for a sustainable balance in social & economic life.


ecoNVERGE realizes KNOWLEDGE CONVERGENCE, through active participation in strategic partnerships and facilitates market entry and assimilation for companies entering the new econological model of harmonized balanced life and work.


Feel free to contact us for more information, participation, investments and project development. We are seeking partners across a variety of expertise in line with the goals of ecoNVERGE, group companies as well as in joint project development with our various partnerships and joint ventures.


ecoNVERGE Econological Lattice Group of Companies are profiled on LI, G+, FB & other Social Media. Look us up! Follow Us! Like Us! Participate your Change!



ecoNVERGE – inspire balance harmony

Inspire one - 1x = X1 - motivate many! WE are Unlimited!

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Join the dialogue & participate with a circle of people making a difference growing from surviving to sustainable development, from resilience building towards a thriving world in which humanity is inspired by & lives in balance & harmony with nature.

We drive change for a better environment, life & future for generations to come.


@ EconologicsSustainable Balance in Our Social & Economic Circle of Life!

Interactive Community & Econological Lattice Platform building




or follow us on twitter @knowledgEnabler

Econological lattice platform for co-creation & co-realization


ENGAGE DYNAMIC CAPACITY – “Inspire Innovation! Embrace Change!”


Lattice platform of partnerships and communities of practice (3rd party innovative partnerships are not in this list)


Innovative partnerships, through:

CAPixexpanding horizon!

ViVaTicAideas for life! soul of life!

ecoNOVATEcommunity driven innovation!

The Marketing-Village™ your world, our village!©

PORT[expertise]maritime, port & industrial infrastructure logistics + c-SCM


Project development initiatives:

Fruit4Thoughtpassion for fruit! fruit with passion! Sharing & Touring – healthy city commute & eco-tourism!

ECO.vicinityecological products and services to market!

111 WhereLife's@living, green inspired!

Pop-Up Casa – innovative trends in flash retail!

CebuARTSdistrictweaving arts & creativity!



Interactive Communities of Practice bringing you closer to the flow of life:

• Soul of Life @ eco-ViVaCityecologically balanced living!

• Ideas for Life @ eco-sTrEAMsinnovative future in the make!

• Inspire for Life @ eco-Nablefacilitate sustainable growth!

• Circle of Life @ marketingVILLAGEyour world, our village!

• Innovation for life @ ecoNOVATION community based innovation!

@ EconologicsSustainable Balance in Our Social & Economic Circle of Life!

Business Society Grouptrust the magic of new beginnings!

Entrepreneurs Circle (Cebu Young Professionals) – widen your horizon!


knowledgEvolutionincisive knowledge converged! (WP blog)  


or follow us on twitter @knowledgEnabler



Extended ENTERPRISE Econological SUSTAINABLE ValueChain Solutions


·         Corporate & Public Sustainability, Resilience Building to Thrivability

·         New Socio-Economic Models and Interactive Community & Econological Lattice Platform Building

·         Collaborative SCM, Maritime-, Port- & Industrial Infrastructure

·         Total Intelligent Transportation Solutions & Communication Infrastructure

·         Ecological Balanced Lifestyle, Green Living & eco-Architecture

·         Econological Project Development for Cities & Communities

·         Entertainment, Culture, Hospitality & Leisure

·         Community Based Partnerships & Start-up Development for entrepreneurs

·         Advanced Technologies, CLEANtech, Smart Cities & Communities

·         Enterprise CLOUD Integration, BIGdata & SemanticWeb3.0

·         Collaborative Networking, Community Mgmt & Econological Advocacy Building, Event Mgmt, PR & Marketing Mix


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@ econologics - Sustainable balance in our social & economic circle of life! | Extended ENTERPRISE Econological SUSTAINABLE ValueChain SOLUTIONS – INCISIVE Knowledge Converged | Change Cultivator - Resilience, Thrivability & Econologics Coaching - OD WST AI #Econologics #ecoNVERGE
Change Cultivator - Sustainability, Resilience, Thrivability & Econologics Coaching - OD WST AI
Corporate & Public Sustainability, Resilience, THRIVABILITY, Coaching, Knowledge Management, INCISIVE Knowledge CONVERGENCE, CHANGE FACILITATION, Extended Enterprise, ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, Whole Systems TRANSFORMATION, Appreciative Inquiry, Organizational Performance Excellence, ECONOLOGICS, ValueChain SOLUTIONS, Total Intelligent Transportation Solutions, Port and marina development, New SOCIO-ECONOMIC Models
  • ecoNOVATE
    Founding Partner & Lead Engagement, Incubator & Partnerships, 2014 - present
    ecoNOVATE – community driven innovation! ecoNOVATE inspires people, in harmony with the planet, for balanced progress, building on their dreams towards thriving communities! Bringing a new dimension in making communities & business human again! Promoting entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, SMEs & community cooperatives!
  • ecoNVERGE
    Chief Engagement Officer, 2011 - present
    ecoNVERGE – inspire • balance • harmony Interactive Community & Econological Lattice Platform Building Extended Enterprise Econological ValueChain Solutions Inspired by an Econological Lattice Model & Germane Progressive Economics, ecoNVERGE and its teams of collaborators realize INCISIVE Knowledge CONVERGENCE through transformational changes in social values, resource needs & technological advances, in which people, their capacities & human values matter and are central to the approach. Bringing the 5P's of #Sustainability to practice - People, Planet, Profit, Purpose, Passion for a #thriveable world (Kathryn Ananda, Positive Handprints Foundation) From Shareholder to Stakeholder Economics! An econological responsible and sustainable look at life, environment & humanity! - LinkedIn: - WordPress: - Facebook: Join the dialogue & participate with a circle of people making a difference growing from surviving to sustainable development, from resilience building towards a thriving world in which humanity is inspired by & lives in balance & harmony with nature. We drive change for a better environment, life & future for generations to come. @ Econologics – Sustainable Balance in Our Social & Economic Circle of Life! Interactive Community & Econological Lattice Platform building G+: LI: FB: or follow us on twitter @knowledgEnabler
  • PORT[expertise]
    Principal Partner - Consultant, 2011 - present
    PORT[expertise] – Maritime, Port, Marina & Industrial Infrastructure Logistics + Collaborative SCM Representation for SE-Asia: Joris Claeys – Cebu, Philippines Providing knowledge convergence in Logistics and Collaborative SCM services & solutions for your Total Value Chain. We are an independent global collaborative partnership of maritime port, logistics and supply chain management professionals with a strong reputation in managing industrial, maritime, port & terminal logistics, providing their expertise to local and regional initiatives in commercial and industrial sectors as well as the public/civil/defence sector. Providing knowledge convergence in logistics & SCM services, covering Design, Procure, Optimization & Monitoring. TOTAL Value Chain SOLUTIONS for the Extended Enterprise
  • CAPix
    Managing Director - Econologics & Resilience Coach, 2011 - present
    CAPix – expanding horizon! OD, WST, AI, Econologics & Thrivability Coaching + Project Management Facilitating teams and encouraging people to think and lead without the box! Grow from surviving to sustainable development, resilience building towards thriving communities, glocally and econological connected! Partnerships with - Sullivan Transformation Agents (OD and WST) - ComDys (managing Complex Systems Environment)
  • ViVaTicA
    Team Lead, 2011 - present
    ViVaTicA – ideas for life! soul of life! Entertainment for Life & Green Living! Live your Dream. Don't dream your Life! Econological Balanced Lifestyles & Project Development Initiatives Balanced harmony between work, education and leisure! Live your life! Entertainment for Life & Green Living! Project development initiatives: • Fruit4Thought – passion for fruit! fruit with passion! • Sharing & Touring – healthy city commute & eco-tourism! • ECO.vicinity – ecological products and services to market! • 111 WhereLife's@ – living, green inspired! • Pop-UP casa – leisure in the sharing economy! • CebuARTSdistrict – weaving arts & creativity!
  • marketingVILLAGE™
    Team Lead and Founding Partner, 2007 - 2015
    an ecoNVERGE initiative The MARKETING VILLAGE™ – your world, our village!© Marketing Mix & Social Media - Event Management & Public Relations Social Media, Business Networking, Stakeholder Relation Management, International Trade Development, Event Management & Marketing Mix Management Deploying the Marketing Mix through the services offered by The MV™: • Explicit & Virtual Collaboration & Business Networking • International Business & Trade Development • Facilitating Knowledge Clustering for the Emerging Markets • Value Networking & Stakeholder Relation Management • Community Capacity Building & Social Media use • Marketing Mix Management (Branding, Content, mobile, WOMM, ...) • Franchise & Partner Management • Event Management & Public Relations. The MV™ also enables and provide support and services for the events by the various initiatives of the group. Connecting the Circle of Life! Your World, Our Village!© For more information, we invite you to check our company profile for INNOVATION Partners & Collaborative Partnerships , projects and a list of products and services, on: LinkedIn: Facebook: The best way to build great connections is to always be the one who gives first.
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Philippines, Cebu
Belgium, Antwerp - Hackettstown, NJ, USA - the world is my village
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Throughout history, speed has been synonymous with greatness. In sports, those who ran the fastest were heroes. In times of war, those with

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@ Econologics, by Joris Claeys: Sustainable Balance in Our Social & Economic Circle of Life!

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