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Joris Claeys

CAPix - Change Facilitation - OD - WST - AI  - 
The 4 Elements of Physical Energy and How to Master Them! 

“Manage your energy, not your time” – Tony Schwartz

Whenever we are struggling under more workload, the first thing is to stop what we’re doing and think about a better way to manage our energy, not to add more work hours to our days.

Schwartz famously proclaims in his book, that most of us are chasing the wrong resource: hours in the day. Instead, we should focus on something entirely different: our energy.

Our energy can be broken down in 4 different elements:

Your physical energy – how healthy are you?
Your emotional energy – how happy are you?
Your mental energy – how well can you focus on something?
Your spiritual energy – why are you doing all of this? What is your purpose?

Building up all 4 of these elements for a greater capacity of physical energy will build the base for getting better at whatever it is you want to improve, says Tony Schwartz.
"Manage your energy, not your time" says the famous quote from Tony Schwartz. Physical energy is the most important element of it, here we take a closer look:
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Joris Claeys

@ eco-Nable – facilitate sustainable growth!  - 
The Millennium Project- 2013-14 State of the Future! 

Compelling overview of humanity's situation, potentials for our future, and what we should do today – in clear, precise, and readable text with unparalleled breadth and depth.

his “report card on the future of the world” is the accumulated intelligence over 17 years from more than 4,500 futurists, business planners, scholars, and other thought leaders selected by 50 Nodes of The Millennium Project around the world.

The most influential annual report on what we know about the future of humanity
Paul Werbos, National Science Foundation
Invaluable insights into the future
Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General

2013-14 State of the Future shows that the world is improving better than most pessimists know, but future dangers are worse than most optimists indicate.  The global situation for humanity continues to improve in general, but at the expense of the environment. People around the world are becoming healthier, wealthier, better educated, more peaceful, and increasingly connected, and they are living longer. The child mortality rate has dropped 47% since 1990, extreme poverty in the developing world fell from 50% in 1981 to 21% in 2010, primary school completion rates grew from 81% in 1990 to 91% in 2011, only one transborder war occurred in 2013, nearly 40% of humanity is connected via the Internet, and life expectancy has increased ten years over the past twenty years to reach 70.5 years today.

The report distills insights on 15 Global Challenges and strategies to address each.   Some of the recommendations in the report include:  
•           US-China 10-year environmental security goal to reduce climate change and improve trust
•           Growing meat without growing animals  to reduce water demand and GHGs
•           Seawater agriculture for biofuels, carbon sink, food without rain 
•           Global collective intelligence systems input for humanity’s long-range strategic plans 
•           Tele-nations connecting brains overseas to the development process back home
•           TransInstitutions for more effective implementation of strategies
•           A global counter-organized-crime strategy
•           State of the Future Index as better alternative to GDP as a measure of progress
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Joris Claeys

ViVaTicA – Ideas for Life! Soul of Life!  - 
7 Ways To Build Your Courage Against Impossible Odds! 

Understanding exactly what we want is the foundation for our success. But executing that success requires taking the next step, every day, no matter how difficult it may be. That means you don't get to sit around and wait for success.

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.” - Patanjali, Indian philosopher

Fear has a place in our emotional life, and it shows up daily. Everything causes it: finding new work, dealing with financial uncertainty, creating something new, contemplating failure. By necessity, our minds are designed to let fear in--without it, we'd never survive.

But how do you keep fear from impeding your ability to fulfill your potential?

These seven principles helped me develop my courage:

Acting fearlessly often means heading into uncharted territory, challenging conventional paths, or putting aside the need for safety and comfort. Where do you get the energy to do so? Usually from your authentic purpose--your personal calling in life.

The fearless are busy creating their future. They visualize their future and invent their way into it. 

Taking unconventional paths requires taking risks for a greater reward (financial or otherwise). It takes courage to act differently than others might. Fearless people tend not to dwell on things, but are decisive--the unknown shouldn't paralyze you.

Acting fearlessly means you have to be resilient. Because if you are, you'll develop a mental capacity that lets you adapt, with ease, when things don't go your way. Like bamboo, resilient types bend but rarely break. You also have to let go. That ability to let go drives a constant process of change--it's what makes people flexible and adaptable.

Nelson Mandela in his teens, heard a tribal elder say, “These are our young men. They are our future. But the truth is they are second-class citizens…they will always be boys.” Mandela made a decision to change South Africa upon hearing this. And his decision changed the world.
Fearless people work with what they have and turn obstacles into opportunities. They are at ease with challenges, disappointments, and rejections. Instead of setbacks, they try to see these events as gifts and find ways to utilize them to move forward.

University of California, Davis professor Dean Keith Simonton explains that creative geniuses, from Mozart to Darwin, are prolific when it comes to failure--they just don’t let their fear stop them. Failure is part of the process for these types. Creative people simply do more experiments, so they have more chances to be successful.

It takes more courage to say no than to say yes. But if you do it, you'll protect yourself from making poor decisions. This tactic can help you stay focused and prevent unnecessary complexity and wrong turns. It can also keep you from getting involved with the wrong people.

“The future cannot be predicted, but futures can be invented. It was man’s ability to invent which has made human society what it is. The mental processes of inventions are still mysterious. They are rational but not logical, that is to say, not deductive.” - Nobel Laureate Dennis Gabor in his book, Inventing the Future.
Conquering fear is about self-awareness, wisdom, and understanding your strengths--often in the face of adversity. Luckily these are personality...
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Joris Claeys

@ eco-ViVaCity – ecologically balanced living!  - 
The Emergence of the Sustainability Professional! 

As humanity has developed and expanded its footprint on our Earth, the complexity and interrelatedness of our systems has increased exponentially.

Utopian designs for sustainable living on Earth are abundant, yet a new stable configuration of the global system can't simply be agreed upon and implemented overnight -- to rely on spontaneous change ignores the complexity and lag-cycles evidenced by the state of the world today. Instead, correcting our "Spaceship Earth's" course towards a balanced preferred state can only be achieved by the cumulative effects of transition measures that will bring about a new paradigm. This, in essence, is the mission of the sustainability pioneers; and to achieve it they must become embedded in every facet of human activity.

Incorporating these values and forward planning into every productive activity that involves the use of Earth's physical assets is only the first step. Sustainability professionals aim to find ways of incorporating this worldview into the decision-making frame of reference that guide corporate boardrooms, financial investments and policy choices. Recognizing interrelatedness and complexity is not the destination, it is part of the path forward, and finding solutions to our most difficult problems is filled with paradoxes.

The emergence of professional sustainability managers is a product of individual initiative, belief in human agency and responsibility to ensure Earth's appropriate stewardship. This is the new frontier and it is laden with opportunity. It is fueled by the empowerment for everyone to collaborate to create better outcomes for humanity through strategies that balance the transition from scarcity to abundance with our needs and those of next generations. These generalists are the timely response to the growing global consensus: sustainability is simply not optional.
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Joris Claeys

CAPix - Change Facilitation - OD - WST - AI  - 
7 Traits of True Leaders

"It's not about building bigger companies but about serving something bigger," says Gerzema. "There's so much cynicism that people are out for short-term gain. Leadership today is about taking people into a better future. That's a long trip."

Control is a mirage. The most effective leaders right now--men and women--are those who embrace traits once considered feminine: Empathy. Vulnerability. Humility. Inclusiveness. Generosity. Balance. Patience.

Women were rated as better overall leaders than their male counterparts. The more exalted the position, the wider the gap.

Two-thirds said the world would be a better place if men thought more like women. Gerzema also asked consumers to characterize 125 traits as male, female, or neutral and to indicate those most desirable in modern leaders. Topping the list of most desirable traits were patience, expressiveness, intuition, flexibility, empathy, and many other traits identified by respondents as feminine.

- Empathy: Being sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others
- Vulnerability: Owning up to one's limitations and asking for help
- Humility: Seeking to serve others and to share credit
- Inclusiveness: Soliciting and listening to many voices
- Generosity: Being liberal with time, contacts, advice, and support
- Balance: Giving life, as well as work, its due
- Patience: Taking a long-term view

We have progressed from command-and-control (roughly through the 1980s) to empower-and-track (the 1990s to mid-2000s) to connect-and-nurture (today). Increasingly, the chief executive role is taking its place among the caring professions. It takes a tender person to lead a tough company.

In the past 15 years or so, three factors have emerged to make a softer leadership style more attractive. Those factors are interdependence, cynicism, and the quest for sustainability.

- Interdependence. Some business leaders see competition as a sprint and some as a marathon. But for virtually all, it has become a three-legged race that is impossible to win alone. Companies co-create with customers and vendors; they enlist their entire supply chains--sometimes even competitors--in risk management; they assume employees, consumers, and government agencies will call them out on their practices.

- Cynicism is the natural consequence of watching a long line of corporate dominoes topple over more than a decade as executives ignored risk to maximize profits. In their new book, Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing, Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman cite research showing not that women are risk averse but that they are better judges than men of their own abilities and less likely to play if they don't think they will win.

- Sustainability. At first, sustainability pertained exclusively to the preservation of natural resources and the environment. But the concept has expanded to include giving back to communities and supporting and developing employees--not just out of concern for their quality of life but also to improve performance.

A related development is a growing focus on listening, which in the pantheon of leadership skills is ascending to the same level as communication. Communication still rules. 

But business leaders and management experts increasingly tout the importance of learning to hear--really hear--what others say. Consider former IBM chief Sam Palmisano's observation, reported in the McKinsey Quarterly last year, that his time in Japan was crucial to his leadership development because it forced him to bear down on listening simply for the sake of comprehension.
Control is a mirage. The most effective leaders right now--men and women--are those who embrace traits once considered feminine: Empathy. Vulnerability. Humility. Inclusiveness. Generosity. Balance. Patience.
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Joris Claeys

@ eco-ViVaCity – ecologically balanced living!  - 
15 Unbelievably Amazing Futuristic House Designs! 

Futuristic houses fall into that category because their designs are totally different. You might not even believe that such house really existed. But yes, the house designs you will be seeing below are real and are products of the brilliant minds of architects and engineers. Now, check out the list of futuristic house designs below and prepare to be amazed by their awesomeness and uniqueness.
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Joris Claeys

@ eco-ViVaCity – ecologically balanced living!  - 
How to Change Your Beliefs and Stick to Your Goals for Good! 

Every time we participate in a ritual, we are expressing our beliefs, either verbally or more implicitly. — Tony Schwartz

The basic idea is that the beliefs you have about yourself can drive your long-term behavior. Maybe you can trick yourself into going to the gym or eating healthy once or twice, but if you don’t shift your underlying identity, then it’s hard to stick with long-term changes.

First, identity-based habits focus on you rather than your goals.
Second, the idea of “casting votes for your identity” reveals how your daily actions add up over the long-term.
Third, this framework helps to remove the “All or Nothing” philosophy that can so easily wreck our progress.
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Joris Claeys

CAPix - Change Facilitation - OD - WST - AI  - 
KM and Education in the Sharing Economy! 

"We are all stuck in our own bubbles. We usually only share things with people we already know. It really got me thinking: Why not open this social capital?"

‪#‎Collcons‬ Pioneer Interview with Michel Visser of Konnektid, the first demand-based platform of the Netherlands where people can share skills and knowledge with each other.

What is your advice to other startups in the sharing economy?

Start with a problem which is real for you and you are passionate about. Solve real problems for real people. And you are real. And my other advice would be to start now. Share your idea. Start small: make it work for 10 people. If it works for 10 people, it can work for the bigger mass, too.

What is your ‘promise to the world’?

 Konnektid helps people to get ownership over their own education again. We empower people to grow their passions and their skills, as they like it. It’s not only fun to keep developing yourself and learn from each other, but it also contributes to your own success in both personal and professional lives.

What’s your final thought?

Inspiration doesn’t lie in what you already know but in what you are about to discover.
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Joris Claeys

@ ecoNOVATION  - 
A Field Guide for Systems Change: The Art of Social Innovation! 

“We are longing for profound renewal and change in our collective structures and institutions. We have been waiting, consciously or not, all our lives. And now, it seems, a window is beginning to open.” - by Otto Scharmer, Theory U: Leading from the Future as it Emerges, 2007 

A grasp from the content:
- SOIL: What are the foundations for change? 
- SEED: What do we as individuals need to shift in ourselves? 
- ORGANISM: Who do we engage and how? 
- CUTIVATION: How do we take social innovation to scale? 
- ECOSYSTEM: How does community and collaboration support our work?
- METHODS / MODELS: What metaphors apply to complex social processes? 
- TOOLS: What techniques can we use to facilitate a transformative experience?

Authentic relationships between diverse practitioners and would-be allies in the system are a powerful force for creating movement towards a new system. A community of practice is a forum to bring together those who are experimenting with new initiatives with those who are successfully pioneering new alternatives in a given field. Communities of practice are physical and virtual containers created for intentional learning together, advancing the field of practice and sharing knowledge and stories. CoPs also keep multiple strategic initiatives connected, so that they don’t fall into issues of fragmentation that may have been at the root of some of the original failures of the system.

“Learning new skills, facing new obstacles, living with new people, encountering new environments; such complexities provide the chaos and the friction that wear out preconceptions, challenge limits, invite inner strength, reveal natural brilliance. Properly contained, complexity reduces things to what matters most.” - Crane Stookey, The Container Principle, 2001
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Joris Claeys

@ eco-Nable – facilitate sustainable growth!  - 
New Rules for the New Economy! 

Twelve dependable principles for thriving in a turbulent world.

The advent of the new economy was first noticed as far back as 1969, when Peter Drucker perceived the arrival of knowledge workers. The new economy is often referred to as the Information Economy, because of information's superior role (rather than material resources or capital) in creating wealth.

The new rules governing this global restructuring revolve around several axes. First, wealth in this new regime flows directly from innovation, not optimization; that is, wealth is not gained by perfecting the known, but by imperfectly seizing the unknown. Second, the ideal environment for cultivating the unknown is to nurture the supreme agility and nimbleness of networks. Third, the domestication of the unknown inevitably means abandoning the highly successful known - undoing the perfected. And last, in the thickening web of the Network Economy, the cycle of "find, nurture, destroy" happens faster and more intensely than ever before.

The Network Economy is not the end of history. Given the rate of change, this economic arrangement may not endure more than a generation or two. Once networks have saturated every space in our lives, an entirely new set of rules will take hold. Take these principles, then, as rules of thumb for the interim.

1. The Law of Connection - Embrace dumb power
2. The Law of Plentitude - More gives more
3. The Law of Exponential Value - Success is nonlinear
4. The Law of Tipping Points - Significance precedes momentum
5. The Law of Increasing Returns - Make virtuous circles
6. The Law of Inverse Pricing - Anticipate the cheap
7. The Law of Generosity - Follow the free
8. The Law of the Allegiance - Feed the web first
9. The Law of Devolution - Let go at the top
10. The Law of Displacement - The net wins
11. The Law of Churn - Seek sustainable disequilibrium
12. The Law of Inefficiencies - Don't solve problems

Peter Drucker has noted that in the industrial age, the task for each worker was to discover how to do his job better; that's productivity. But in the Network Economy, where machines do most of the inhumane work of manufacturing, the task for each worker is not "how to do this job right" but "what is the right job to do?" In the coming era, doing the exactly right next thing is far more "productive" than doing the same thing better. But how can one easily measure this vital sense of exploration and discovery? It will be invisible to productivity benchmarks.

Wasting time and being inefficient are the way to discovery. The Web is being run by 20-year-olds because they can afford to waste the 50 hours it takes to become proficient in exploring the Web. While 40-year-old boomers can't take a vacation without thinking how they'll justify the trip as being productive in some sense, the young can follow hunches and create seemingly mindless novelties on the Web without worrying about whether they are being efficient. Out of these inefficient tinkerings will come the future.

In the Network Economy, productivity is not our bottleneck. Our ability to solve our social and economic problems will be limited primarily by our lack of imagination in seizing opportunities, rather than trying to optimize solutions. In the words of Peter Drucker, as echoed recently by George Gilder, "Don't solve problems, seek opportunities." When you are solving problems, you are investing in your weaknesses; when you are seeking opportunities, you are banking on the network. The wonderful news about the Network Economy is that it plays right into human strengths. Repetition, sequels, copies, and automation all tend toward the free, while the innovative, original, and imaginative all soar in value.

Our minds will at first be bound by old rules of economic growth and productivity. Listening to the network can unloose them. In the Network Economy, don't solve problems, seek opportunities.
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Change Cultivator - Sustainability, Resilience, Thrivability & Econologics Coaching - OD WST AI
Corporate & Public Sustainability, Resilience, THRIVABILITY, Coaching, Knowledge Management, INCISIVE Knowledge CONVERGENCE, CHANGE FACILITATION, Extended Enterprise, ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, Whole Systems TRANSFORMATION, Appreciative Inquiry, Organizational Performance Excellence, ECONOLOGICS, ValueChain SOLUTIONS, Total Intelligent Transportation Solutions, New SOCIO-ECONOMIC Models
  • ecoNVERGE
    Chief Engagement Officer, 2011 - present
  • PORT[expertise]
    Principal consultant, 2011 - present
  • CAPix
    Econologics & Resilience Coach, 2011 - present
  • ViVaTicA
    Team Lead, 2011 - present
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Philippines, Cebu
Belgium, Antwerp - Hackettstown, NJ, USA - the world is my village
@ Econologics | Sustainable Balance in Our Social & Economic Circle of Life! #ecoNVERGE – global reach, glocal motion

online alias: knowledgEnabler

Change Cultivator - Sustainability, Resilience, Thrivability & Econologics Coaching - OD WST AI - ecoNVERGE @Econologics
Explicit & virtual collaboration – Community Capacity Builder
Business, Industry & Market COACH – Change CULTIVATOR


ecoNVERGE – inspire ● harmony ● balance
Inspire one - 1x = X1 - motivate many! 

Interactive Community & Econological Lattice Platform building.
Transformational changes in social values, resource needs & technological advances.
Realizing sustainable balance in our social & economic circle of life!
ENGAGE DYNAMIC CAPACITY – “Inspire Innovation! Embrace Change!”


INCISIVE Knowledge Converged
 | ECOLOGICALLY Inspired, Sustainable Disseminated
#Econologics #ecoNVERGE #OD #WST #AI
global reach, glocal motion – WE are Unlimited!


Change cultivator partnering with the world to facilitate change through the Transition Narrative towards Society 3.0 @ Econologics. Think and act without the box!

  » Business, Industry & Market COACH
  » knowledgEnabler
  » Community CAPACITY Builder

Active in the Knowledge Economy, Change Facilitation, Resilience & Thrivability Coaching, Organizational Development, Whole Systems Thinking & Transformation, Appreciative Inquiry, Renewables & Environment - for organizations, teams, communities and industries. 

  • Corp. & Public Sustainability, Resilience Building to Thrivability
  • Lifestyle Balance, Green Living, Green Architecture
  • Entertainment, Hospitality & Leisure
  • Evolution of Advanced Technologies & CLEANtech
  • Enterprise CLOUD Integration, BIGdata & Semantic Web3.0
  • Business Networking, Social Media & Marketing Mix
  • Community Management & Econological Advocacy

Extended ENTERPRISE Econological SUSTAINABLE ValueChain Solutions


Multi-component project collaboration, business development, community capacity building, speaking engagements, training facilitation, interim management assignments and direct engagements for your Extended ValueChain organization in APAC, Americas, Europe & Middle-East.


  • c-Level Executive, Entrepreneur & Interim Management
  • International Certified Top Executives (iCEO)
  • Organizational Change & Performance Excellence
  • Resilience Coaching & Innovative Socio-economic Models

Inspired by an Econological Lattice Model & Germane Progressive Economics, realizing Incisive Knowledge Convergence through transformational changes in social values, resource needs & technological advances, in which people, their capacities & human values matter and are central to the approach.


  • Organizational Development, Knowledge Management, Whole System  Thinking
  • Econologics & Thrivability Coaching, Change Facilitation
  • Intelligent Green Transportation & Communication Infrastructure
  • Advanced Technologies & Energy Utilization
  • Entertainment for Life, Ecological balanced lifestyle & eco-Architecture 
  • Explicit/Virtual Networking, Interactive Collaboration & Advocacy Building
  • Business & Social Networking, Event Mgmt, Public Relations & Marketing Mix
  • International Business & Trade Development
  • Maritime, Port & Industrial Infrastructure Logistics & Collaborative SCM


ecoNVERGE – Chief Engagement Officer – Interactive Community & Econological Lattice Building | Extended Enterprise Econological ValueChain Solutions

  • ViVaTicA – Ideas for Life! Soul of Life!
    Project Development Initiatives – Econological Balanced Lifestyles
  • CAPix – Expanding horizon! (partnership Sullivan Transformation Agents)
    OD, WST, AI, Econologics & Thrivability Coaching + Project Management
  • Marketing VILLAGE – your world, our village!
    Event Management, Marketing Mix & Social Media

PORT[expertise] – Principal Partner – Maritime, Port & Industrial Infrastructure Logistics + Collaborative SCM


  • Proven track record in corporate positions for multi-national & regional corporations, developing strategic visions, planning & program formulation
  • Extensive international & domestic SCM experience, people skills, diversity awareness & leadership through relocation in Europe, Americas & Asia
  • Designed and executed strategic organizational realignments, leading project & business development towards new initiatives in industry & market growth, using project life cycle mgmt tools, from idea to development and realization.

His extensive business acumen delivers functional results across continents

  • achieved ability to influence organizational direction, 
  • accomplished creative and innovative strategies, 
  • built teams, which empower others to exceed their goals.

Joris contributes added value for stakeholders across the extended enterprise, through supply chain design, leading innovative, yet practical solutions across many industries. His learning & contribution curve are of continuous growth. This experience and adaptability are his strengths. Colleagues, partners & business relations phrase his skills as “Capacity Builder”

Skills & Expertise CLOUD

  • CONTINUOUS Improvement, Business EFFECTIVENESS – Business Process Management  – BPI/BPR/BPE
  • Industry & Market BEST PRACTICES & Bench-marking – KEY PERFORMANCE Indicators – LEAN Enterprise
  • Organizational Development – Whole Systems Thinking & Transformation – Appreciative Inquiry – Econological LATTICE Building – Turn-around Management – STRATEGIC alignment – M&A
  • Organizational Change & Performance Excellence – Team Management & Workforce STRUCTURING
  • Change FACILITATION - Business, Market & Industry COACHING – PERFORMANCE Management
  • COLLABORATIVE Supply Chain Marketing MIX Management
  • Supply Chain Organization Establishment (international, regional and local) and/or Improvement – S&Oplanning
  • International Logistics & operations – Global Sourcing / Procurement – (International) Contract  NEGOTIATION
  • Product & Toll Manufacturing Outsourcing & Insourcing – Group MANAGED SHARED Services – BPO/KPO
  • Project Management – PM Office – Multi-Component Project Directorship COORDINATION
  • Project Development – EPC & Supplier Negotiation + SUPPLIER & VENDOR Relation & Quality Management
  • Research & Feasibility Studies – Market & Business INTELLIGENCE – Enterprise CONTENT Management
  • Information & Business Systems SOLUTIONS (ERP, DRP, S&OP, Finite Scheduling,...)
  • EXTENDED Enterprise CLOUD Integration – leading up to Semantic Web3.0
  • KNOWLEDGE Management & INTELLECTUAL Capital Management – INCISIVE Knowledge CONVERGED
  • Corporate & Public SUSTAINABILITY Management – Resilience COACHING – CSR – Natural Capital – Environmental AWARENESS
  • GREEN Livingeco-Tourism, eco-Living and LEISURE & ENTERTAINMENT
  • RE-mix Optimization, SMARTgrid Enablement and eV-mobility, Intelligent Transportation Infrastructure, Technological Advancements
  • eco-Architecture, Green Building and SMART Cities & Communities – Telecommunications
  • Explicit & Virtual INTERACTIVE COMMUNITY Management – Collaborative Business Networking (Internal & Extended Enterprise) & Advocacy Building
  • STAKEHOLDER Relation Mgmt, Community CAPACITY Building – CUSTOMER-CENTRIC Strategy
  • International Trade & Business Development – Interim Management – Professional SPEAKER


= crossroads between Knowledge Management, Change Facilitation & Innovation, sustainable disseminated 
 KM (Explicit + Tacit) + Intelligence with Returned Value.


  • UN study on the global coffee industry
  • Collaborative Logistics
  • LEAN Enterprise & Supply Chain Management
  • Building Supply Chain Competency
  • Intelligent Supply Chain
  • Integrating Marketing and Supply Chain Management within your Extended Enterprise
  • From Collaborative Supply Chain Management for the Extended Enterprise to managing the Total Value Chain
  • EXTENDED Enterprise – Total Value Chain Management for the Extended Enterprise
  • Change Management – The Evolution of Change
  • Intellectual Capital Management - Measuring the Immeasurable (AREOPA - IC)
  • Cost saving and value creation with IC (Global Intellectual Capital Summit)
  • CEO - Increased Value To Shareholders (Beijing – GICS 2009)
  • Intangible Assets To Overcome The Systemic Crisis (AIAF, April 2010)
  • Knowledge Management – Defining the role of KM
  • Knowledge Management – Knowledge Networks (Academic & Commercial Clusters)
  • KNOWLEDGE Evolution – from Information to Incisive Knowledge.

TOTAL Value Chain SOLUTIONS for the Extended Enterprise
Extended ENTERPRISE Econological Sustainable ValueChain solutions


Knowledge Evolution - Incisive Knowledge Convergence

2000 – 2012
 = crossroads between Knowledge Management, Change Facilitation & Innovation, sustainable disseminated = KM (Explicit + Tacit) + Intelligence with returned value

KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT: knowledge drives productivity growth
CONTENT = from information to knowledge
STORAGE = from chaos to structure
Re-USABILITY = from abstract to practical knowledge

• EXPLICIT knowledge = information + knowledge

• TACIT knowledge = explicit + use + practice + efficiency
- Information = data + semantics
- Knowledge = information + context
- Know-how = knowledge + use
- Experience = know-how + practice
- Expertise = experience + efficiency

• INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL: Explicit + Tacit knowledge
Knowledge & Change Management bridged to Intellectual Capital Accounting. Process driven, customer focused.

• INCISIVE KNOWLEDGE: Explicit + Tacit + Intelligence Returned

Enterprise CLOUD Integration 

= Business Networking + CI/BPM + ERP/DRP/… + Change Management + Collaborative SCM + S&OP + Total Value Chain Solution, with the CUSTOMER central at each part of the equation of the EXTENDED Enterprise.

OUTLINE ecoNVERGE platform, partnerships, initiatives & projects

Inspired by an Econological Lattice Model & Germane Progressive Economics, realizing Incisive Knowledge Convergence through transformational changes in social values, resource needs & technological advances, in which people, their capacities & human values matter and are central to the approach.

“Use your smile to change the world. 
Don't let the world change your smile
From Shareholder to Stakeholder Economics!
An econological responsible and sustainable look at life, environment and humanity.” 
WE are Unlimited! 
 Joris g. Claeys ~ ecoNVERGE  inspire ● harmony ● balance 

ecoNVERGE Interactive COMMUNITIES of Practice (CoP/Think-Tanks) bring you closer to the flow of life through

dedicated and interactive communities around new Socio-Economic Models, Thrivability, Green Living & eco-Architecture, Entertainment & Leisure, Sustainability Management, eV-mobility, SMARTgrid Infrastructure, RE-mix Optimization, Enterprise CLOUD Integration and the Semantic Web3.0. Achieving Society 3.0 through the Transition Narrative.

  • Soul of Life @ eco-ViVaCity – ecologically balanced living! 
  • Ideas for Life @ eco-sTrEAMs – innovative future in the make! 
  • Inspire for Life @ eco-Nable – facilitate sustainable growth! 
  • Circle of Life @ marketingVILLAGE  your world, our village! 
  • @ Econologics – Sustainable Balance in Our Social & Economic Circle of Life! (LI & FB Group)
  • knowledgEvolution – incisive knowledge converged! (WP blog)

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ecoNVERGE econological lattice platform for co-creation and co-realization

Engaging, investing, promoting and assimilating projects, communities and companies around Green Living & Architecture, Entertainment & Leisure, Thrivability, eV-mobility, SMARTgrid Infrastructure, RE-mix Optimization, Incisive Knowledge, Enterprise CLOUD Integration and the Semantic Web3.0.

  • CAPix – expanding horizon!
    OD, WST, AI, Econologics & Thrivability Coaching + Project Management
    Moving Knowledge & Solutions Forward!

  • ViVaTicA – Ideas for Life! Soul of Life!
    harmony between work, education and leisure!
    Live your life! Entertainment for Life & Green Living! + Project Development

  • The Marketing Village™ – your world, our village!©
    Community Capacity Building – Marketing Mix Management
    Deploying the Marketing Mix (M2P, M2B & C2M)

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ecoNVERGE Projects & Initiatives (co-realizations)

  • 111 WhereLife's@ – living, green inspired!
    Green art, styling & fashion! (a ViVaTicA creation)

  • Fruit4Thought – passion for fruit! fruit with passion!
    Enjoy a healthy lifestyle! (a ViVaTicA creation)

  • city-E-bike Sharing & Touring – healthy city commute!
    Mass transportation solutions for the tropics! Enjoy the ride! (a CAPix / ViVaTicA creation)

  • ECO.vicinity – ecological products and services to market!
    Realize an eco-marketplace for the companies and partners of ecoNVERGE (a Marketing Village Creation)

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ecoNVERGE Innovative Partnerships & co-Ventures

  • Sullivan Transformation Agents 
    Bringing Economic and Human Realities into Paradigm Shift; Creating Organization Change and Development. (a CAPix Partner) 

  • PORT[expertise] – Total value Chain solutions
    Industrial, Maritime, Port & Terminal Infrastructure Logistics (a CAPix Partner) 

  • s-Technology – visualization & animation experts for 2D. 3D design!
    CAD Design Services Centre (BPO/KPO) (a CAPix Partner) 

  • PHILIPP INNO B3 BLOC Icon – Our New Game of Building Dreams! 
    Prefab Design & Construction, Modular Building System. (a CAPix Partner)

  • Mandragora – Live your passion! - Leef jouw Passie!
    Building balanced relation between nature and humanity! (a ViVaTicA partner)

  • M-Talents & Promotions 
    Talent Studio & Event Services (a Marketing Village Partner) 

  • RE.generation – logos  & more 
    Logo and web design for your company, products and events (a Marketing Village Partner)  



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ecoNVERGE Econological lattice platform for co-creation and co-realization

CAPix – expanding horizon!

ViVaTicA – Ideas for Life! Soul of Life!

The Marketing Village™ – your world, our village!©

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@ eco-ViVaCity  ecologically balanced living!

@ eco-sTrEAMs  innovative future in the make!

@ eco-Nable  facilitate sustainable growth!

@ marketingVILLAGE  your world, our village!

@ Econologics  Sustainable Balance in Our Social & Economic Circle of Life! 


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