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The hunt for the Google #Reader  replacement! Amusingly enough, apparently half the RSS reader sites out there are currently down because a stampede of a million disgruntled Google Reader users ran them down.

Sleek design, but confusing interface for me. I regularly take a while to actually find where I can do what I want to do. Some buttons are missing in some views. Quite confusing. After some interaction I got used to it and can see me using it in the future.

Positive: They directly import Google Reader settings, have a two-way read/write interface with Reader, and promised a seamless migration when Reader shuts down, so it's really very easy to switch slowly.

This is pretty much the exact opposite of Feedly. Very clear and direct user interface, but goddamn ugly design. The latter actually detracts from the usability, especially as the interface is so cramped with information.

I generally take pretty badly to getting a "HERE BUY OUR STUFF" shoved into my face. Netvibes does that in a most annoying fashion. So much actually that I didn't even try it. I'm not interested in constantly getting told that I totally should buy a product, and the screenshots were not really exciting, either. Also, dark background? Seriously?

Tiny Tiny RSS
Requires your own hosting. Documentation currently unavailable due to the aforementioned stampede. Screenshot didn't look too exciting, though - too much information cramped into too little space. Also, PHP. So unlikely to try.

So far, it looks quite good for Feedly. Open for other suggestions, though.
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Thanks. My plan is to wait a few days for the dust to settle, and then check out at least Feedly and NetVibes, and maybe NewsBlur. Don't feel like hosting anything, especially yet another PHP clunker.
People have also been recommending Old Reader. I porting you subscriptions is currently down due to load, but you can manually subscribe.
I looked The Old Reader and didn't find keyboard shortcuts, did I miss them?
Ahh the free NewsBlur one only allows 12 sites, my current subscription list is 282. Setting it up stand-alone looks a challenge.
When you are a non-paying customer using a freemium service any thing else is tilting at windmills.
Thanks for summarizing.  I've added this post to my rapidly-growing bookmarks collection about replacements for Reader.
Feedly looks great on the web (although I can understand +Jorgen Schäfer 's confusion).  On Android, it looks great as well; but it irks me because I cannot figure out how to make it display the oldest articles first.
Looks like Feedly will work for me. The interface is a bit weird, but after some pondering I got it to more or less do what I want. Android client works quite nicely too.
Oh, and migration from Reader was 100% painless. 
After poking at Feedly for a while, and NewsBlur briefly, I completely agree with +Jorgen Schäfer , to whom I must now say: get your own brain
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