Emacs. As an update to my blog post on the sorry state of Emacs Lisp package archives, I just noticed an interesting problem.

I am currently unable to do a release of Circe, my IRC client for Emacs.

Circe is not on GNU ELPA, and I'm not sure I want to put in the effort to track down all the contributors of the package to get copyright assignments.

Marmalade is broken (again or still, I have no idea). I can log in, but when I hit "add new package", I am brought back to the log-in form. I guess I could try and figure out how to upload packages via the web API, but seriously?

MELPA Unstable tracks the master branch anyhow. No releases are possible (or necessary) with that archive. So no need to bother.

MELPA Stable is incapable of dealing with multiple packages in a single git repository. Considering how this upset the MELPA people when they wanted to get Circe into MELPA unstable, I doubt they'd accept patches to fix MELPA stable.

So. I can't do an actual release of my software anymore unless I use my own package archive. :-D
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