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7 Reasons why your Mom Should Not be your Facebook Friend.

Should she circle you on Google+?
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She would only see what I share with her?

It'd be easier if I could have "Your Circles" option minus one - or block it with a custom feature (like on FB..)
I wish I could just get my mother to use the internet. :-) But no one can post to my wall on FB, and people are pretty well categorized. So it's safe to friend family.
If you are not in my circles, you cannot see what I share (non-public).
Of course I can. I get lots of comments from people I have not added to any of my circles.

If I circle you then I can see what you post.

If I don't circle you then I can still see what you post by searching for your name.
Because you're posting publicly dude.

If it's not public, then only select people can see it....

You both have to be in each other's circles to see everything (non-public).
Simple solution. I am not in your circles (I think?) - but you are in mine. Post something non-public and I'll tell you the last post I can see on your page.
Then remove me for this experiment (add me back later if you want) and we can solve this mystery in under 1 minute.
Easier just to wait :) They'll answer because they're the best :)
Have checked this out as don't want daughter necessarily to see all my posts! She can only see what I post as public, or in my "family" circle, so no problem on Google+. Been there, done that.
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