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Alex W
Now I understand!
yeah, and on all the arrows one can put oposite pointing arrows with money, resources, labour, power. So one might start thinking of stoping the flow from ones side and redirecting towards better places i.e. ourselves, to empower and independentize ourselves. Stop feeding that which one does not want to see grow and feed instead that which one does.
Mark L.
+Noha Latz is right. The only reality which makes this flowchart valid is the general ignorance of the average "citizen."
I worry about models like these as they collectivise individual experience.

Collectivising individuals into a corporation is anti-libertarian because, at the end of the day, it is another person imbued with the same right as all who has invaded your person or property.

They think they are doing it for some 'greater good,' in reality they are an individual who is doing wrong to another. Individuals are the only agents of force who are likely to enforce a conglomerate will upon you.

BUT: There is no reasonable way a group of people have formed a super entity with powers of omniscience and omnipotence so;

They cannot control the acts of their 'agent,' the agent assumes this responsibility of his own will, but it is entirely delusional when the user thinks it makes him something greater than other individuals.

So, it is you facing the agent at the end of the day. As soon as you absolve him in response to his argument that he is 'just doing his job' and it is against the law for him to neglect it or such, it must be rejected.

He is wrong in his invasion of your person. Tell him.

I am working on a model for the use of individuals. Starting with the foundational existential statement and working on from logic.
And on this chart, the one individual who will most likely unrighteously invade your person, the 'police officer' is absent!

The police must be the first stripped of office. They can join the company that contracts to government the services of professional social agents; they could, as they do now, exercise the powers of any citizen to affect and arrest (will you come with me mate?), search a property (you wouldn't mind if I came in would you?) or prevent a mugging (intervene!).

How can you target all these boogy men and omit the actual violator of every innocent in the world's most jailed country?

Stand up to them. I have, and nearly lost once too.
Mike Wu
every thing leads to citizens?
You left out the two most important arrows: citizens vote and citizens choose where to spend their money.

Furthermore, corporate media can't influence you if you don't listen, and global banking can't coerce you if you don't borrow from them. Take some responsibility for your own choices..
With the rate of social decline the ship is already listing, and the life boats are full of the people that got us here.
you"re a bit wrong there Tom, Corporations but their own networks control another aspect of life and that is Jobs, by just having their highly paid spin Dr's to say they are closing this plant or moving your job to another country because of so and so's political party outlooks ad laws they want to pass, cause a ripple effect in the voting patterns of people. This is why the Supreme Courts ruling about corporations being able to donate millions and millions while the average voter gets scrutinized is very one sided. Never forget the corporate mantra: The
Golden Rule: He who Holds the Gold RULES!!!!!!!
We were all created as CORPORATE entities since 1933, trick is to reclaim your sovereignty by rectifying your relationship with the de-facto governments and all world corporations. This is done with the realization that all is about Contracts. So if you don't want to be subject to theirs you must re-write the contracts. UCC helps, I am a facilitator of such things.
You spelt sacrifices wrong or at least someone did. Other then that pretty much true.
+milton bonet You yourself seem to be able to see through the nefarious agenda of corporate propaganda; why do you think your fellow citizens are too dumb not to do the same?
+Robert Moser Yes, it's good to remember that corporate media have their agendas and interests. But so do public, non-profit, and government media. Ultimately, there is no substitute for fact checking and critical thinking.
so, the citizens are the absorbers of everything and it is called democracy! Nice presentation.
It sure is sad though... :(
Guess that's how life is..
That's... a pretty accurate flowchart actually.
Good thing I joined the Illuminati years ago.
No no no, this is all wrong!

The need to be entertained, justified by the sense of victimization present in this graph are what keep ordinary citizens "at their station".

Ignorance is bliss. Where do I find more of it?
Lan _G
Why doesnt my name appear above ruling class?
Interestingly enough citizens also enrich ruling class e.g. pay for its own exploitation! Totally foobared picture if you think about it.
+Samuel Sprague that's "Build-A-Burgers" . The flow-charting began after the War in a little-noticed fast-food shop in San Bernardino.
Quite explicit or is it graphically put. So so true. More so in our country Kenya.
ironically the money flows up much for the land of the free home of the brave now america is land of the servitude and home of the who gives a crap
learn to spell. "sacrafices"? and where do people like page, brin and zuckerberg fit in? individuals who due to their own capabilities skyrocketed to the top of the heap. and those are just the most famous. your poor trampled "citizens" are beating the system all the time--because they are the system. welcome to democracy.
I remember Build-A-Burgers. Great shakes.
+Samuel Sprague of course, in a healthy system. In a heavily corrupted system like mine, the money goes up more than it goes down. I live in a country where most companies fake their taxes, and of all the tax money collected, some went into mysterious black holes and some other into stupid spending/projects. Here we have the terms "law mafia" & "tax mafia".
I wish I am, but unfortunately not ^^
somewhere in South East Asia. BTW beautiful photos you have there +James Pope. And all taken from SGS2? Insane.
No it is called "Lobbying" in the USA. They have all the vices found elsewhere in the world but call them by different names.
[Mr Sprague equated 'lobbying' with corruption in a reply to Mr Lumi, then removed his comment after I responded with the following.]

Lobbying is a form of citizen action. In the USA it follows from your Constitutional rights to free speech and redress of grievances.

You and I agree we want certain laws passed. But we don't feel like living in DC ourselves and knocking on legislators' doors. We have other things in life we want to do. So we pool our money and pay someone to knock on doors for us and state our case.

That's lobbying.
...and let's talk democracy, meant, come on, must have meant where were we again, yes the relationships we forge :(
Most people will vote wrong people anyway, so it doesn't matter what the informed people vote... democracy is flawed. I'm not saying only "smart" people should vote... it's more complicated than that.
Ron Paul for president 2012!
+Samuel Sprague
Oh, my. If lobbying isn't 'buying influence' it's a 'protection racket'. There's no way to come out ahead in a Samuel Sprague analysis. I guess the only way to restore purity to the system is to eliminate those pesky Constitutional rights to free speech and redress of grievances that caused this whole unsavoury lobbying mess to begin with.

That would end lobbying once and for all. Then the Overlords can then rule as they see fit, free of pests knocking on their doors with puny little requests. So much better, yes?
I resent that crap. I just hate that people can so blatantly hate on our system.

Unfortunately - it may be the most accurate portrayal of the American system in existence.
+Heikki Arponen - I think people should earn the right to vote. Military service, or some humane equivalent. We used to have programs that sent doctors and other volunteers to places that needed them, to build hospitals, water and sewer systems, and more. I don't hear about those things anymore.

If a person doesn't care enough about his fellow man to serve his fellow men and women for a couple of years - how can he be expected to care enough to vote for the good of the country?
How true! And as long as the Supreme Court regards Money = Free Speech citizens will continue to have little influence.
This is why I must climb the ladder and join the ruling class.
And we always thought we were in control >:(
+Alton Thompson if lobbying stopped at you paying someone to present your opinions in high places, fine. It is the "campaign donations" and other exchanges of money, merchandise, services,... between the lobby and the politician that makes it corruption.
+Ashley Hung I have never thought that "we were in control". Today, it is getting easier to see the trees in the forest, is all that is happening.

What were the causes and the reasons for American involvement in VietNam, for instance? They were NOT what was released to the American public through the media.

What are the reasons for outlawing Cannabis and other psychoactive plants and chemicals? Again, the real reasons are NOT those released to the public via the media.

The all-powerful "Ruling Class" has their reasons, that they are not sharing.
+James Pope he would more probably live in Italy or Spain than in France. Marseille isn't all of France...
The hardest thing to overturn is the status quo and by accepting this graph you only have given up the want to makemake a change. Sheeple, Nothing but sheeple believe in this graph!
Nice and simple chart. Common citizens hardly ever are capable to influence anything that even remotely matters - most importantly to change the way you think - so Military, Politicians, Global Corporations would loose power over the lives of citizens. The only need for ''citizens'' in a country is - fuel for military meat, financial funds for global banking. It is enormous quantity of ''goods'' what citizens offer for free to a very wrong people. Some what sad, but what can you do ;). One thing we have forgotten is - Politicians are nothing but the employees of the citizens. They are not there to work behind the backs of their employer by attacking countries, torturing people, or causing any sort of other problems. Right now Politicians act like Gods who can do and say anything they want. But looks like their employers=citizens have given them this power. All what is left is to wish - Good Luck ... hopefully citizens will survive in this parasitic situation (well, many have not already...).
As to religion - when was the last time one actually felt what believed and acted accordingly? I am sorry but - Thank God religion is left out from this chart - we kill, we lie, we torture, we cheat, we are greedy, we are led by vanity, etc. Lets leave the ''religion'' be in its respectful peace.
Everyone who cares about this must focus all our efforts on a single point - consititutionally legislating money OUT of the political process.
Ali H
I didn't loan from bank
I don't vote
I won't join army
I've never done anything illegal
I stopped watching TV and read news
So I guess employer has some sort of influence on me, and I don't care about ruling class as long as I'm taking care of myself
Don't let Americans and other people in free societies turn you off of democracy by their complaining. That's the nature of democracy, and people. When human beings exercise their right to free speech, they usually complain.

The reality is that a great many problems still plague systems around the world that Americans do not generally have to worry about. The sad catch is that, because Americans do not have to worry about those problems at home, they are largely ignorant of their existence abroad. America is a big island. People who live there do so in relative isolation from other societies. They are prone to seeing their domestic issues as huge, when by global standards they usually amount to zits on the face of the Statue of Liberty.

The bright side to all this: democracies have great power of self reform. And it is in the complaints, in the ferment, in the plastic surgeons going to work on the zits that things improve. Good things come of it. Ferment of this sort ended slavery, acknowledged equal rights for both sexes and all ethnicities, and today it is leading to equal marriage rights for all. The umbrella of protection provided to other democracies has enabled the people of those places to make similar progress on their own turf. (I write this from Taiwan.)

So you have to take the tumult as part of the good. Discontent is the fertiliser in the garden of democracy.

Democracy, at bottom, is a system of asking people what they think. Questions are built into its structure. Democracy requires asking--regularly, even building a structure for asking--as the fundamental way of doing business. 'How are we doing?' 'Do you like the path we're on?' 'Do you want to see someone else in charge?' When you ask, people tell you. They have the right to say.

It would be nice if this always led to informed, constructive discussion. In practice it does that, but also engenders cartoons like the one above, endless whining, and confrontations that generate more heat than light. Everything goes on. Human society is a complex system, and democracy lets you see and hear that complexity. If you have an idea that human society is supposed to be neat and linear, you're in for a shock with democracy. It seems sloppy and disorderly. But it isn't, really. Chaos itself is a subject for science, because chaos itself shows a sort of order in the grand scale. Democracy works that way. In the larger scheme of things, things get sorted out. It works. History shows this.

I'll take the rough-and-tumble of free speech any day over unison, scripted shouts of praise (that no one really means) to blimp-sized statues of dictators. History has shown how that approach works, too.
As to grammatical mistakes one may do - if grammar mistake is all you see ;) :P you are a lucky person :)))))) . For others it is the thought expressed that matters.
+T.M. Breuel I think some math might be in order for you. Pointless to justify a Titanic-sized error with rowboat-sized imperfections.
what a demotivational picture haha.
+Tony Grant
There's plenty of room for corruption in lobbying, no question. You could have mentioned the aspect of the lobbying industry that has gone the most wild in the last 20 years: the revolving door between government posts and lobbying jobs. But lobbying will always exist as long as people have a right to free speech and to petition office holders for redress of grievances.

The place to begin a constructive discussion , then, is not with cartoonish charts and gangsterish labels. It starts with a realistic assessment of how this aspect of democracy should be regulated. What laws do we want to put in place? What kinds of checks and oversight? What bills will we and support?

Decide that and we can write our legislators and cast our votes. We may even want to create or support an organisation that works to effect the changes we want, yes?
+336.....shares 171 comments 110 including me and counting...
Thanks God people do get the message. And why not form a group out of all this and share with they in turn can learn what we know. Circles is the engine of this social forum, I ask the poster? start something going! right here!
Im only 11 thanks for the glimpse into my future..... not.
Yeah, Thanks for this terrific life flowchart too!
This is so obvious but the bottom tier of the chart seem to be unable or unwilling to see what's right in front of them. And don't be under any illusion that this is a modern phenomenon. The same pattern has existed since the dawn of civilisation so it's unlikely to change any time soon.
Replace the politicians with a direct online democracy.
Thats about as pesimistic as you can get.
money and it after last the common man......where to start from ...where to end finally.......
What it the source of this diagramm?

How 1950's of you. Now add Federal, State Government employees and Teacher Unions to the middle with Military Industrial complex and now you have brought it up to date.
For all the time that mankind has been around in a societal form, the primary differences in those societal structures is the relative proportion of influence of each block shown.
true this is basically how it's been, is, however doesn't have to be, shouldn't be. problem is most are sheep and are afraid of doing something about it, they shut out it's reality, their responsibilities, then attach to an Ideology that makes them feel safe, when people wake up the graph will flip,,,,and they are.. now organized *religion may be a sub-set of the "corporate media" * (not talking about spiritual people)
Greg B
Interesting, and probably true. Yet the US is still the freest country in the world..tells us we have a lot of work to do... Need to continue protecting liberty, privacy and freedom.. 
So... I just have to reverse engineer those pipes and I'm safe XD
Greg, we're told we are but are we? protect from who? ask who can take those away, and who gives them away to own the idea of it, but not the true freedom? your right there's work to do and it should start with knowing the difference..
Wow. What an elegantly simple explanation on social reality.
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