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Jorgen Poulsen

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Optimize your headlines, blog posts, title tags etc. etc.
Learn the ideal length of Facebook posts, tweets, blog posts, Google+ headlines, title tags, paragraphs, and so much more.
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Jorgen Poulsen

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13-year-old eagle huntress in Mongolia
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Happy Eastern. +Jorgen Poulsen 
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Check out this circle from +Dubie Bacino 

ps. check out her stream too. Well worth circling.
ENGAGERS CIRCLE - Curated by Opajdara  (6th Edition)
This is a circle of truly amazing and creative individuals, mostly people I've been interacting with for years and on different social networks, all very active here on Google+ and all worth adding to your circles. They come from different countries and backgrounds, some of them are bloggers and social media professionals, others are artists, musicians, writers, photographers… They are not a shy group by any means. All you have to do is reach out and most of them will reciprocate the engagement. 


I keep meeting interesting people here, and making new friends, thanks to being shared in many public circles. Which is why I am now sharing two of my circles every month:  

those who have interacted with me in some way (either by plussing, commenting, and/or sharing my posts, or by participating in my communities), and

mainly photographers, but also other people who I find post original and interesting content.

To get into my circles is real simple: either engage with my posts, or keep sharing quality content. If you want me to notice you, be active in one or all of my communities (see below).

To connect with me - Opajdara, the best place is my xeeme page: or 

(Feel free to join if any of the topics interest you)

If you need more shared circles, check out the ones posted by +Friend Filer.  If what you are looking for is to grow your audience, expand your reach on Google+ and connect with people on other social networks, I also recommend joining their community at

Take a look at +Moonipulations, it's the place for all Moon lovers. Here you will find not only the photoshopped pics as the name indicates, but also the most beautiful moonscapes. If you want to jump in and share your photos,  join Moonipulations community:

This is something I really love, to see an open road in front of me. If you feel the same, come join us and share your most beautiful road pics here:

A place for those of us who like to see how earth looks from the sky. A refreshing change of perspective. Take a look for yourself:

Look at the world around you - it's in constant motion. Stop for a moment and take a shot of it, then share it with us here:

Visit the showcase of beautiful and creative shadow photography. Shadows can add a lot to a photograph. They can emphasize emotions, create surreal images, and be used in a variety of ways. If you are interested in exploring this fascinating interaction of darkness and light, please join us:

Bad weather can give us some of the most beautiful photography. Rain in itself is the master of special effects; from lightning strikes to water drops, mirror reflections to blurring colours. This is the place to share in the beauty of rain photography:

It's what it is: beautiful cityscapes and skylines pics, join us here and feel free to share your photos too!

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Thanks for sharing +Jorgen Poulsen. Have a great day! 
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Jorgen Poulsen

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Love it!
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Jorgen Poulsen

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A man browsing for books in Cincinnati’s cavernous old main library. The library was demolished in 1955.

Credit: see about
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Happy Eastern. +Jorgen Poulsen 
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Jorgen Poulsen

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Do you need the Powerful Business Networking App City Hour so that you can make great connections and arrange to meet them face to face - I think you might.
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Jorgen Poulsen

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Northern lights fill the sky over Lofoten island, Norway
Very peaceful looking
Wish I were there
Far away from life
Everyday troubles and cares 
A place where all creatures
Were allowed to live free
The way the nature intended
In perfect harmony.

Photo: Cody Duncan
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Happy Eastern. +Jorgen Poulsen 
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Jorgen Poulsen

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Eat, drink and sleep Social Media

The Catalyst Partnership focus wholly and exclusively on Social Media Marketing. We help companies implement cost effective social media marketing strategies by optimising the use of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google plus and many other social networks.

Our services are broken down to

1. Social media community management: We will manage all your social media platforms on your behalf.
2. Social media community manager training: This is typically a 3 months programme which will result in your social media community manager being able to being effective spending maximum 1 hour per day on social media management.

Both programmes includes
1. General Analysis and Social Media Marketing Integration Consulting
2. Social Media Strategy Development and Execution

I also give lectures in Social Media at SKEMA Business School, webinars, workshops and welcome further opportunities to help businesses understand that Social Media is the greatest equalizer for small and medium sized businesses to compete online.

Contact us for a free social media marketing discussion about how social media can help you generate more sales. Email:

The Catalyst Partnership: our Social Media Google+ Page with lots of current relevant Social Media information.

My complete social media presence: XeeMe

Link up with The Catalyst Partnership:
  • London Business School
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The Ideal Length for All Online Content

Learn the ideal length of Facebook posts, tweets, blog posts, Google+ headlines, title tags, paragraphs, and so much more.

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