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Jorge Orpinel
Chihuahua > Mexico (DF) > London > NYC > ???
Chihuahua > Mexico (DF) > London > NYC > ???


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N00b question prob. I installed TWRP on my Verizon LG G2 (VS980 a.k.a. g2vzw) with AutoRec KitKat (I used to run stock 4.2.2 KitKat). The latest version supporting my smartphone is anyway... See

I now flashed a custom 5.1.1 LolliPop ROM with TWRP. My Q is can I now use TWRP to update itself to the latest version (3.0.2-0 at the time of writing)? Or will that not work... I'm afraid to try it and that it will brick or something.


p.s. The reason I want to update TWRP is because the ROM I flashed (Euphoria 1.1) is now abandoned and also it didn't come with root access... I want to try a newer ROM and some installation instructions I've read ask for more recent TWRP versions.

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"All he (Netanyahu) sees is enemies... He forgot the question, but he's positive the answer is: more war."

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"The police state in this country is totally out of control."

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There is one factor that is easily overlooked which links and worsens every aspect of ecological concern, including global warming. It is that of human #overpopulation . I think everyone needs to be much more aware of this concept and that it IS a problem, in my opinion THE problem.
Global warming on the other hand, in my opinion, is immensely popular but so easily detracts us from its actual causes and other more important problems! I don't think there's much chance for sustainability (or mere human existence) without confronting the extreme human population density.
Here's a brilliant and inspiring documentary about the topic by BBC Horizon, available on YouTube.
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