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Jorge Iván Andrés Contreras Pereira
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Attends Universidad Nacional de Colombia
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This Hangout On Air is hosted by Jorge Iván Andrés Contreras Pereira. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Test debate
Sat, May 23, 8:00 PM
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Sorry, I had to post it...
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Why do you use Google+?
2,763 votes  -  votes visible to Public
I hate facebook
I'm not sure
I love android!
They tricked me into coming here
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Is there a I love google + option?
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Google Play Music upload is now available for ARM Chromebook users thanks to the updated Google Play Music for Chrome App¹.

Make sure you've installed the App from the Chrome Web Store first, then go to, click on the "Add Music" orange button and upload your best-loved music directly from your ARM Chromebook.

For info, this Chrome App uses Native Client modules (.nexe file) for each user architecture (x86-64, x86-32, and ARM). But with the multi-platform zip files feature, the Chrome Web Store repackages the app so that users only download the .nexe file needed for their specific architecture. Learn more about it by reading the full documentation².

¹ ²
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Ya es oficial!!! Cliente de #GoogleDrive para #Linux :D 
There are almost three years since Google Drive launched and we have yet to see an official client ...
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Si hay cosas en documentación que indican que hay versión de Linux entonces si es real.
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Have him in circles
1,050 people
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¡Feliz Día del Idioma! (Happy Language Day!) Spanish speakers, it's time to celebrate your language.

April 23 is el Día del Idioma. In honor of the holiday we've added a little surprise to Google Translate on desktop in the spirit of Don Quixote ( If you translate to or from Spanish for some key words or phrases you might find something new.

See if you can find all 6 of the surprises we left in Google Translate:

You can also join the celebration by improving the Spanish language in Google Translate by contributing in Google Translate Community: 
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Did you ever ask yourself this question: When will a Blink fix ship in Chrome (stable or canary)? If so, I'd recommend you read this quick guide¹ below on how to track Blink changes as they make their way to releases of Google Chrome.
For info, Blink includes all HTML, CSS, DOM, web platform stuff, as well as Chrome DevTools. In this guide, you'll learn how to use, track the Blink revision number, interpret results and much more.

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Bogotá_. La venta de minutos y mensajes de texto convirtió en unos pocos años a la telefonía móvil en una de las industrias más rentables del mundo, hoy le llego la hora de reinventarse. La discreta incursión de WhatsApp, que fue vista como una aplicación más entre las que se multiplican cada ...
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Necesitó algo como esto
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You think your dog loves a bath?? Check this dog out...

Here is the full link...also...some people think that he's dead/sedated...obviously he's not dead and I don't think he's sedated either. What do you think?

#Funny #DogSpa #Humor #Dog #Dogs #Puppy #Puppies 
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This is a new level of cuteness 😍 
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Verdaderamente hermoso!!!! 
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Have him in circles
1,050 people
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Development in Mobile Plataforms and Cloud Services
Bash, Linux, Android, JS, Google Apps Script
  • Galeon Apps
    Entrepreneur, 2013 - present
  • Google
    Google Stundent Ambassador, 2012 - 2012
  • Labcare de Colombia
    System Support, 2011 - 2012
  • Unisys
    Student Technical, 2010 - 2011
    2008 - 2010
  • Universidad Nacional de Colombia
    Library Assistant, 2010 - 2010
Map of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has lived
San Gil - Buenos Aires - Bucaramanga - Medellín - Rio de Janeiro - Montevideo - Mendoza - Santiago de Chile - Lima
I'm from San Gil, Colombia, studied at Colegio San José de Guanentá, currently live in Bogota, study System and Computer Engineering at Universidad Nacional de Colombia and worked at Unisys Colombia and Labcare de Colombia. The last thing I did was be Google Student Ambassador for the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Bragging rights
I can eat pizza while walking and compiling source code, all at the same time!!!!
  • Universidad Nacional de Colombia
    System and Computer Engineering, 2006 - present
  • Colegio San José de Guanentá
    Bachelor Systems Technician, 1999 - 2005
  • Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (SENA)
    Mobile Application Development Technological Specialization, 2013 - 2013
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Es abundante la comida. Económica y rica. Me gusta la bandeja mixta o con nuggets.
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Está muy muy bien
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26 reviews
Una excelente expericiencia
Quality: ExcellentFacilities: Very GoodService: Very Good
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Sitio muy bueno
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En Navidad 2012 esta genial
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