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46 Expert Tips For Creating Addictive Content [INFOGRAPHIC]

Saying that the online community landscape is a fast changing one is a crass understatement. This is why it’s so important to keep your eyes open to all changes. And not only that, but you need to adapt to them as well. You absolutely cannot waste any time in creating content that will go unnoticed, unread, and unappreciated. Simply because you won’t achieve your marketing goals. So, if you need some tips on how to optimize your content, here is a list of 10 of them.

Rejoice, because they’re all coming from some of the most successful #SEO and #contentmarketing experts out there at the moment. This means the tips are bound to be good and get you where you want as far as content goes.

Why should you optimize the content you publish? In case you don’t have enough reasons so far, allow me to tell you that a staggering 50% of everything that’s published is never read. Yes, you read it well, pun intended.

Apart from that, the content that is being published as we speak is massive. Just take a look at what happens every single minute in the world:

204,000,000 are sent
140 new blog posts are posted
277,000 tweets have been set loose
216,000 pictures have been posted on Instagram
3,472 pins have been posted on Pinterest
2,460,000 pieces of content have been posted or shared on Facebook.

It took me roughly two minutes to write this list. That means that, while I was writing these words, the double of that amount of information was released online. When you take a minute to think about that, you realize that the main question that arises here is: how do I get my content to stand out from that avalanche of information? Luckily, there are people that can help us answer that particular question.

Here they are and here are also their amazing and practical tips on how to be the guy that floats on top of the info wave.

#contentstrategy #infographic #blogging  

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Spent many Sundays here as a kid, such a nice place.

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This Belongs Here: DC /Marvel Heroes and Villains Mash Up 💪💥 Probably Top 5 Animated Gifs of 2014. So many projects for Movies TV Games etc its great to be a fan proudly of both camps Bring um

#marvel #dc #heroes #villains #avengers #fantasticfour #jla #xmen

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'Mother Ship'

There's an architectural jewel in Abu Dhabi that very few have seen up-close, apart from those who work and study there. You can't really get this point of view unless you're standing in the middle of the courtyard and to get to there, isn't exactly easy. 
To say this building was designed by an inspired architect would be grossly understated. Curvy, riveted metallic plates form a very organic and extremely fluid looking volume which seems to belong to a sci-fi movie set, not in the desert! It is safe to say that me and my camera felt right at home in this location.
I hope to have the opportunity to shoot this magnificent structure again...
Zayed University, Khalifa Campus, Abu Dhabi.

tech: shot as a 5-stop HDR base, mixed with Dynamic Blending, luminosity masking and mirroring. I used Canon 5D Mk3 and Canon TS-E 17mm lens.
Processed on Win 7 x64 powered HP laptop, Wacom tablet, Photoshop 5.1 / CC / LR 4.1 / Nik Software

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Login to multiple Google accounts at the same time

We know advertisers and agencies are managing multiple accounts, and multi-tasking across many browsers. Today, we’re introducing a new, simplified workflow that allows you to toggle between multiple Google accounts without having to log out and back in again. With this update, you can now:

+Manage multiple AdWords accounts simultaneously in the same browser
+Stay logged into multiple AdWords accounts or other Google accounts at the same time
+Save time switching between accounts with different logins 

For example, you may use the login for one of your AdWords accounts, and use the login for another AdWords account. Now, you can have both accounts open at the same time in your browser, and easily switch back and forth between them.

To start using multiple account sign in for your AdWords accounts, simply click on your Customer ID or login email within AdWords to open the account selector. You can then choose to add more accounts using the [Add Account] button. We hope this update saves you time, and makes your account management workflow more seamless. 

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We can't bring you the smells of HARLEY QUINN ANNUAL #1 digitally but we can offer a pretty nifty digital version with new gags:
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