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Jorge Barrachina
LWL - Learning without Limits
LWL - Learning without Limits

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Great news!
Christmas in November! The IETF RTCWEB working group today reached consensus on the mandatory video codecs for WebRTC; those who have been following WebRTC know the high drama surrounding this issue over the past couple years.

The agreed-upon compromise:
1. Browsers MUST implement both VP8 and H.264
2. Non-browsers MUST implement both VP8 and H.264, unless one is declared royalty-free, in which case they can implement just that one.

Great to see cross-industry support for this compromise from Cisco, Google, Mozilla, and many others.

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Hola a todos. En +HTML5 Spain estamos organizando #GameMe5 un evento centrado en el desarrollo de videojuegos con Html5. Os dejo el enlace por si os interesa 

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Volvemos a la Carga!!

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Super useful!
#DevTools Tip: replay a network request in cURL

Resources which show up in the network panel have a context menu which allows you to Copy as cURL, this will go into your clipboard at which point you can paste it into the command line, modify if necessary and then see the response. Request headers are also included.

In the example, I'm using:

cc +Google Chrome Developers 
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Voyeur is a tiny #Javascript library that lets you traverse and manipulate the DOM the way it should have been.

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Para probar tus capacidades
JavaScript Online Test - including Object Oriented, Closures, Prototype - Inheritance & Algorithms

Here is an example of an interview question:

What will the following script alert?

function init(list) {
    var result = [];
    for (var i = 0; i < list.length; i++) {
        var item = 'item' + list[i];
        result.push( function() {alert(item + ' ' + list[i])} );
    return result;

function foo() {
    var list = init([1,2,3]);
    for (var j = 0; j < list.length; j++) {


item1 1
item2 2
item3 3

Run time error - you can not push functions into array.

item3 undefined
item3 undefined
item3 undefined

Run time error - result is not initialized properly (using new Array)
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