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Jorge Ba-oh

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Aww man I thought this was new :( U be trollin

Jorge Ba-oh

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Blatantly  fake. It's being spammed all over Facebook and other blogs... 1 video on this account? Blatantly this "James" guy is the guy in the video.

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Great video, trying to learn it! Am wondering what the chord at 1:04 is? Have looked at the tab, but it doesn't sound the same as the vid! Thanks :)

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Dear Jorge,
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Jorge Ba-oh

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Google+ is pretty boring. Facebook will reign supreme forever!
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Google+ is still pretty boring =p
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One of the few times I've up and left. This place is essentially a "grab as much cash as you can" joint where the staff are incredibly rude and would refuse your order if you hadn't ordered enough. There's a £10 order per head and for a cafe? That's ridiculous. These clowns that run the place have no manners, are brash and rude. The worst thing is this review will make zero difference as they'll continue to get tonnes of customers, slap the bill in your face as soon as the spoon hits the plate and make tonnes of money despite being extremely unprofessional.
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Italian restaurants have always been hit and miss with me, even the major branded/chain ones I find it hard to like the dishes - too rich, too much sauce. Lazeza is a great italian restaurant with a difference - the food has a more defined, smooth flavour with huge portions of pasta, pizza, meat and fish dishes. I've tried several of each and all are cooked to near perfection, every time. We've been to Lazeza at least twenty times and I can firmly say it's quite simply the best Italian restaurant I've ever eaten at! Prices are very good and there's the occasional "any pasta for £6.95" offer on. Deserts and starters are equally as scrumptious! Staff are always welcoming and you can usually grab a seat without reservation. Definitely one of the better haunts in harrow. Go see and eat!
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I've been a member since moving to harrow two years ago, and been there on and off. Started to go about 5 times a week lately, mainly after work and in the morning at weekends. I don't get the complaints for this gym? The front of house staff are polite and I usually see cleaners/housekeeping doing their thing. It's well kept, but yes some of the building work does perhaps need some attention. A solid gym, clean and machines working most of the time. Treadmills, bikes have TV screens, music's pretty good. Haven't used the weights area so can't comment. Swimming pool is well kept, pretty warm and the jacuzzi is great. Changing rooms are a bit iffy at times, but what can you expect for a gym - a bed of sweet smelling roses? Shower area is kept clean - at least when I've seen it after swimming. Haven't done any classes, but I hear they're great from other members, run on time and are all included in the membership. It does get busy, but it's the main gym in the area aside from Fitness First. I tend to go just after work (around 6pm) and I can get on a machine pretty easily. Weekends are pretty much empty, especially Sunday so it's great time to train. For swimming it's probably best to do so early morning (like 7/8am) or at the weekends, as it's nice and empty. Weekend evenings do tend to get busy as you can expect! Other members seem friendly enough, no issues with anyone so far. The price, location, variety in machines, swimming pool keep me coming back. It's a good gym.
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