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Jorell Rivera
Half Ape, Part Party Machine
Half Ape, Part Party Machine

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Husband and Wife.
A commission done for one of my Mom’s friends.

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Fantastic Snore
Reed Richards is super excited for the new Fantastic Four movie.

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The DC TV Universe 2015
The DC TV Universe 2015! Can you name them all?

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Love In Egypt
I created this Illustration for a friend of mine for her birthday.  Even though I finished it about two months after her birthday passed. It's the thought that counts!

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Go Robo Now: Battle of Gods #1 Is Available On Comixology! And Other News!
Hey everybody, it’s an exciting time for the Go Robo Now crew. We’re
working hard on the next issue of our comic, and we’re going to be
appearing at a number of conventions in the coming months.  But arguably
the most exciting development around these pa...

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Happy Who Years Day
From Twelve and Clara.

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The Justice League of Television
 Jim Gordon! Oliver Queen! Barry Allen! John Constantine! I would love to
see all of these shows do one massive 4-crossover that is probably
impossible to actually pull off especially since Constantine is probably
getting canceled. Anyway I will be selli...

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Come See Me At Winter Con And Inbeon Con In December!
Hey everybody, I’m going to be appearing at a couple of Comic shows next
month so if you’re in the New York/Long Island area you better stop by
or else we won’t be friends anymore. First on Saturday December 6th, I will be exhibiting at the New York Winte...

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The Thirteen Doctors
A couple of years ago, I cobbled together a
series of Doctor Who illustrations I did in the lead up to New York
Comic Con 2012 to make one big poster featuring the first ten Doctors. 
Since that time, the show has revealed one secret Doctor and had #11
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