Google Hangouts update

You can now invite anyone to join your group chat simply by sharing a unique link.

Instead of adding each member to the group one by one, you can open the group’s options page to enable joining by link. Once enabled, anybody with the link can join the conversation. This means that even if you don’t have someone in your contact list, you can still quickly add them to your Hangouts conversation by sending a link instead. You can disable joining by link at any time so that you are always in control of your conversations.

Joining by link is rolling out on all platforms starting today, so you should see this available on your device over the next few days. It will now be easier than ever to bring the right people together.

In addition to group link sharing, you can also easily find your group conversations by searching for the group name or participant name. This is available with the latest update on Android and will be available on iOS soon.
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