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Making it easier to place phone calls from inside Hangouts

Sometimes you want to invite someone to join your Hangout -- but maybe they're not at their computer, or maybe they don't have an internet connection. Either way, you can call their phones from your Hangout ( And today we're making this calling experience a little bit better. For example:

- There's now a proper keypad, so you can navigate phone menus as necessary, and end the call with a single click
- If you're the person who placed the call, you'll see information like call duration, and cost per minute

Calls to the US and Canada are free, and international rates are super low ( These updates are being gradually rolled out today, so try calling someone from your next Hangout (by clicking “+telephone” from the invite screen), and let us know what you think! 

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This is awesome, can we just merge this with Google Voice now?
now, it would be cool if I can do this from a mobile device.
Google, are you trying to make me leave my cable company, phone company, AND wireless provider? Because you had me at "Google Fiber."
This a terrific tool for K12 schools! Basically, Google Hangouts are a free alternative to services like WebEx and GoTo Meeting, including a VOIP phone bridge.
I take it this is just for the USA? We poor Brits haven't even got (decent) Google Voice yet although I can make calls from GTalk now. 
this is cool and all, but what'd really be great would be for the ability for people to dial into a hangout from their phone...
Great stuff! I will when I get near a PC, thanks.
Very Nice!
I noticed too that when I get hangout invite it makes my android ring like an incoming call?  Are we augmenting the PSTN with video now???  VERY COOL!
Great. Another feature, I could wish was to see easily, who is online.
I didn't know you can do that! That's amazing! O.o
Prank calling with your friends just got 100 times better 
this platform just gets better everyday, glad to use it, shame the ones who miss it or dont even know about it. 
Wht a wonderful day chating with my pals,yea dat great pals how do u guys see dat.
Fantastic feature. Thanks for providing the update 
Thanks hangout team! This is a great feature and it's nice to see updates making it even better.
Cld u make it free in kenya too...i wil deeply appreciate it!!!!!
This is a huge improvement, thank you!
They're getting ready to demo glass at I/o
+Chris Billig I just tried this out by starting a hangout, and putting in my office phone number. When the call came through, the caller ID said it was my Google Voice number that was calling. So in a way, they have already got it integrated with Google Voice.

Once they get this put into the Google+ android app, we'll essentially have Google Voice VOIP calling from Android, which is what I'm really excited about!
Curt P.
Can you now make a call from within a hangout that you are broadcasting live? Because you couldn't also that before.
This is why ++google is such an amazing company.  On one hand they do boneheaded user interface changes that you can't opt out of, and on the other hand they give you such amazing, useful, cool toys.
So it works for Brits too, but do Brits get free calls to anywhere?  I notice it said US and Canada free, what about Brit to Brit?
Iebc national tallying center bomas
easy to make phone call .please teach my bf
Jessica it like you don't dead o why.just try by
Even with rates being super low other countries than US and Canada (note only brits ;-) are feeling kept away and frustrated... 
Ditto on the suggestion from +Ben Monro to allow people to call IN to a Google Hangout....  by simply dialing the Google Voice number of a participant already in the session.
Hey listen I reside in NYC n its snowing a hlot
Why can't I access my Google contacts to call them in? I have to know the number? Seriously? Wow, back to the 80'is...
Remember to set clocks up n hour... don't 4 get
Is this a US only feature? Or can I do this in Canada.. Lol
+Mark Goho You can have multiple phone participants in a Hangout, although each person can invite only one.
+Jessica Obermayer & +Alex Reusch  I hear you on on autocomplete for phone numbers. As this feature matures I'm looking to add more features to make it accessible and discoverable.
+Bryan Krusniak This would be awesome to be able to call into a hangout - of course it means we would have fewer excuses to missing meetings.
+Clayton Mitchell The hidden number in the picture is also mine. ;)

I did not say that I have more then1 phonetouchy
I have no more nothing free
I have used the telephone feature before. I have an old Army buddy and he lives out in the boonies and his satellite interwebs just wasn't cutting it.

The app allowed him to take part on an old cell phone instead and it turned out to be a great night.
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