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Jordanna Chord

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On many tech blog I see ads like this:
Have a tip or pitch? Send us a tip here.

I bet they know where I work.

Sadly for them, I’m not going to partake in tip giving. No matter how many fans just want a “sneak peek” of what’s coming soon, leaking it hardly ever helps. Even the innocent “when are you going to ship feature XYZ?!!!” isn’t gonna get an answer most of the time.

This isn’t to say marketing teams haven’t done controlled leaks to drum up enthusiasm. I have no idea if my company ever has actually done this although it wouldn’t shock me if they had.

My thinking goes like this:
1. People working hard on a product don’t want their feature leaked by someone else. They lose the enjoyment of getting to share it with the world first.
2. The first person who shares a feature often controls the messaging. Seems only fair I leave that to the people doing the work. How work is presented is often important to brand management and helping people understand what's happening which is best done by the professionals.
3. Competition uses speculation and leaks to shape their own game plans.
4. Plans change. If I tell you I plan to ship that beloved feature next quarter and don’t, all we’ll get is hate. No matter the reasons, fans will feel like we broke a promise.
5. Telling you what might be doesn’t make your experience better today.
6. It’s fun to imagine what the future might hold, and please, imagine on, but don’t let me ruin that fun with what I may or may not know.
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I don't get why people think it's big and clever to do spoilers.
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Jordanna Chord

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We have made a number of changes internally to Hangouts to fix some bugs around link handling on mobile. Not news worthy, but hopefully these bug fixes make things a bit easier for folks.

Did you know that you could share a link to let people chat with you in Hangouts? We use these links for certain invites, but they work if you hand build them and share them too. 111111111111

Where the number is your profile id

With vanity urls it's harder to find that, but the easiest way is to use the public api call here Put "me" into the userId field and it will output your numerical id in the response.
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Its under people and options, you can turn on sharing with a link.
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Jordanna Chord

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An old family friend ... cancer sucks. Sure feels like it's becoming more common some days.
Meet Morgan, Morgan is three years old and she's a very special girl with very special needs. Morgan has Down Syndrome and has recently been diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Lymphoma, which is aggressive but still treatable. Her immune system is deteriorating rapidly, which is why her doctors...
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AML sucks! I just returned from SLC to visit my mom who is recovering from

Prayers and love go out to this little one.

The Patient and Family Housing near the Airport and Hospitals for long term visitors/caretakers is a great place to stay for extended stays.
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Jordanna Chord

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I found it highly ironic as stuck in traffic
behind this to see the driver throw trash out his window. #kirkland 
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+Jordanna Chord
Good luck, what are you eying off next, going hybrid?
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Jordanna Chord

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Something new to enjoy!
Today we updated Hangouts on iOS allowing you to share content from other apps! You can easily share text, links, pictures and videos with a new or existing conversation. It even supports multiple accounts.

Enable Hangouts in the list of apps in the share UI and share away.

Hangouts 9.0 is live in the App Store now:

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+Jordanna Chord Interesting developing on iOS always seems like a hassle. Thanks for explaining it to me.
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Jordanna Chord

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How am I just now learning about this! This is a crazy clever take on social networks.
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Looks very cool... and now they've pushed an iOS App: 
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Jordanna Chord

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Doing birthday cards for the year - sometimes it is nice to take a break from the keyboard. 
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Jordanna Chord

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Google Hangouts update

You can now invite anyone to join your group chat simply by sharing a unique link.

Instead of adding each member to the group one by one, you can open the group’s options page to enable joining by link. Once enabled, anybody with the link can join the conversation. This means that even if you don’t have someone in your contact list, you can still quickly add them to your Hangouts conversation by sending a link instead. You can disable joining by link at any time so that you are always in control of your conversations.

Joining by link is rolling out on all platforms starting today, so you should see this available on your device over the next few days. It will now be easier than ever to bring the right people together.

In addition to group link sharing, you can also easily find your group conversations by searching for the group name or participant name. This is available with the latest update on Android and will be available on iOS soon.
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+Jordanna Chord Please separate Hangouts messages and GV messages in two different tab. It becomes very messy and CONFUSING when both of the conversation are together.
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Jordanna Chord

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All to replace a vacuum belt. Neato engineers must be trying to compete with Lego.
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That's one of the reasons I went with Dyson DC07 in 2003. Everything was intended to be maintained. And EBay is full of (good) replacement parts at very low prices. It's still running perfectly after 13 years. I've replaced the main hose, a 6-inch hose inside near the agitator, and the power switch, all from EBay. Nothing took more than a few minutes.
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Jordanna Chord

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Sleepy Scooter all done!
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So cute!
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Jordanna Chord

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All future hangout bugs I write may be now blamed on the newest member of my family.

She needs a name. Chai?
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How about Ratchet as it's an anagram to Chatter which you do on Hangouts?
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Jordanna Chord

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Interesting perspective on the impact of automation and robotics on the gender gap by the World Economic Forum.

The piece is expresses both their optimism and their gloom on the impact of robotics. I'm not sure I agree with it all, but it's an interesting thought exercise. If the gender gap continues in the technology fields that automate away many old jobs then women will be more negatively impacted by the shift. If the gender gap goes away then there could be equal opportunities for all genders to exceed in the new industries and yes, the sky isn't falling.  Check out chapter 2 ... lots of interesting stats and data.

"As the Fourth Industrial Revolution takes hold in
different industries and job families, it will affect female
and male workers in distinct ways. By their very nature,
many anticipated disruptive changes have the potential to
enable the narrowing of gender gaps in many industries.
For example, household work, that is still primarily the
responsibility of women in most societies, could be further
automated, leaving women to put their skill sets to better
use, including in the formal labour market."
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