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Jordan Yee
aka: Honu, Eldarion, Hrairoo(53), Hesed, Tiercel, Peregrine, Kandosii, Duinhir
aka: Honu, Eldarion, Hrairoo(53), Hesed, Tiercel, Peregrine, Kandosii, Duinhir

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Props to that one kid in red who dared to root for mousesports tonight. You are one brave little dude. Way to keep it classy too -- showing not all of us in NA are mindless fanboys :>

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Cloud9 looking hot tonight. Can't wait to see ChrisJ cut his teeth against the North Americans. Stewie and Niko staring each other down!

So, I finally saw all three films I had planned to see this summer. Here's my first impressions.

Star Trek: Beyond - Now this is the film that Abrams's original "pre-boot" was intended to set up. A franchise free to revel in the universe it lays out and focus on creating fun stories without the restrictions of the immense canon of the previous continuity. Not much to complain about here. The story is a little straighforward, but that allows Lin to showcase tight pacing, beautiful worlds, and fantastic action sequences. 7.4/10

Jason Bourne - This film is pretty much what you'd expect. Definitely an improvement over Legacy, but not much more. Four (or five, I guess) films in, the formula is more than beginning to show its strings, and I'd be hard-pressed to find anything about this film that makes it exceptional when compared to the previous films. Everything down to the "temp score that isn't a temp score" by Powell is derivative of the original trilogy. Good on Damon for staying in shape, but with Imada's clean choreography swapped out in favor of a more brutish stylization to over-compensate for Damon's age, I can't help but think of this as the "mid-life crisis" of a franchise. If you want another Bourne film, you'll be happy. Otherwise, there's not much to see here. 6.1/10

Suicide Squad - Now here is a film that is truly without any substance whatsoever. You know when people say that the best parts were all in the trailer? That's kinda what you expect when you re-shoot your film based on reactions to it. I can't think of a single redeeming value of this film that doesn't come with serious caveats. The story is paced like a video game, with generic action interspersed with static blocks of dialogue. All the actors are under-used. Any interesting cues in the score are drowned out by the action, which is in turn drowned out by the songs, which end up making the entire thing feel like a long collection of music videos. Affleck and Gadot are quickly becoming the only things I care about in this DC universe, and they haven't even had their movies yet. 4.7/10

Now that the nV/Titan trade is official, we can let the wild speculations begin! While I think both teams will improve in the short-term, whether or not the teams are both better off as a whole still remains to be seen. If I had to put it down on paper, I'd say Titan actually got the better end of this deal in the long run -- they've actually fixed their main problems, whereas EnVyUs simply doubled down on theirs..

+TheWarOwl, can we be expecting a Quick Tips vid on Na'Vi's A Plat smoke anytime soon? ;)

Good lord, f0rest, leave some frags for the rest of us..

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So, the lovely +Erin Jeffries requested that I film my reaction to the last ten minutes of the latest Once finale.

I apologize in advance for being boring, I'm not really a talker, so I'm trying my best to think out loud. I'll try and give my thoughts after the video ends too.
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