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Jörḓaƞ “Ȑiɏzɇ” Vîtål
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sighs deep shit... #reflective
cleaning music
truth is if you don't have a person's loyalty then their love is meaningless.

While you dance with your new breeze which will eventually leave soon your old flame fights for survival. Pretty soon you will be left with nothing. :)
After a 1 yr and 8 month journey.. my patience pays off
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Oct 29th 2016. Commonwealth of Dominica. LIVE!!!!! The devil pulled the card and he said choose one #nightmusic #vibe
It's funny how when you looking for the positive and your the voice of reason and encouragement while everyone looking at the negative no one notices but as soon as you start looking at the negative it's like everyday you ask Satan for advice on how to take his job... No you fools didn't break my spirit or change me I'm still positive I'm just trying to show you how stupid you look and sound... #asshole #takenotes
Grapes riding spiders? 🍇 Play the Doodle Fruit Games! 🌟 got a 32 in this one.. perfect score #GoogleDoodle
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Strawberries can run? 🍓 Play the Doodle Fruit Games! 🏃 🌟 #GoogleDoodle
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Happy birthday Meka... Wishing you all the best today... You are an inspiration in every sense of the word... :) +Yahi Ya​
If I leave here tomorrow. would you remember me?
Don't do this to your kids. Just don't
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I speak 3 fluent Languages.. English, Bullshit and Asshole...
I'm very open minded when it comes to the views of others(meaning I listen before I say STFU!!!) and won't be so quick to discredit their "ideas"(I wouldn't call them ideas but if you call them ideas I believe you). I enjoy technology, music, photography. I love making new friends and I'm really friendly (meh.. maybe just to women[seriously, only to women]) but all in all I'm a cool dude. 

The above text may or may not be satire depending on how quickly you get offended... Moron.

Favorite Quotes "God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent:has he said and shall he not do it? or has he spoken, and shall he not make it good?" -- Numbers 23:19 

"if my actions speak louder than my words then why am I shouting" -- Jordan Vital  

"A little food for thought, you feeling malnutrition." --Joe Budden 

"if this is the spoken word why the fuck are you silent" --  Jordan Vital 

"She seemed like the perfect girl to cheat with, sleep with, I bet that she could keep a secret" --Joe Budden 

"Life is too important to take seriously." --Corky Siegel 

"Love is a distraction" --Jordan Vital 

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." --Eleanor Roosevelt 

"Delay is the deadliest form of denial." --C. Northcote Parkinson 

"It's too bad stupidity isn't painful" 

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Bragging rights
Founded Google, Microsoft and Yahoo all at the same damn time... in my basement.. with no potty breaks... while making black coffee(yes black andyes I'm racist and black)
  • Dominica State College
    Computer Science, 2006 - 2008
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