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Android for the masses

Dear +HTC, +Samsung USA, +LG USA Mobile, +Motorola Mobility, +ASUS, +Acer,

"Someone with an iPhone should take a picture of it. I say that because my smartphone is more dumb than smart."

*sigh* It's comments like these that make me lament Google's decision to open the Android ecosystem. Yes, that's a real comment from a real Android user. What kind of phone does this person have? Yep, a low-end Android phone.

True, yes, I actually love Google's open Android ecosystem. But please, manufacturers, make your smartphones live up to the name. Your low-end models are starting to give the brand a bad name.

A loyal Android customer.
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Honestly, I like the fact that even people who can only afford free-on-contract can get Androids. I don't think it's the manufacturer's fault that people are dumb enough to expect a free phone to be comparable to an iPhone.
Except they're getting a poor experience, with sluggish performance, frequent crashes and the inability to perform simple tasks due to problems with either the hardware or software drivers. That's not what an Android user should experience, and I'd manufacturers can't make a budget device that does these things, they shouldn't make one at all. 
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