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One less reason to boot Windows. Then again, I usually play Netflix on either my FireTV or my Chromebook. 

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I'd be curious to see if you could flip this around, and only allow bots to access your site. What marvelous conversations could you find? 

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Microsoft's new desperate push is all about interrupting you on your own computer. Sounds like if you want to actually have a useful workflow these days, you have to use something not-Microsoft.

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And Academics still roots firmly in the 1980s. 

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Which is more important, your vanity or your privacy?

Doth mine eyes deceive me, or did Google finally fix it's inability to form 3 full columns on my screen? On Ubuntu, the left-side launcher bar always obstructed G+ enough to squeeze it down to 2 columns, even though the difference in pixel requirements to get to 3 was so minuscule that it hurt. It seems they've finally adapted the page enough to let my launcher bar sit on the left without obstructing the 3-column view.

Now I have to get used to the clutter again...

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"As the years passed, it fell into despair, and lost all hope, for who could ever learn to love a beast?"

The Book of Mozilla 18:3

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Another one for the "Windows Phone is dead, sorta says Microsoft" pile. 

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Now you just need a big enough portable power supply and you could strap the whole thing to your body.

Maybe in the next iteration of VR, we'll see headset-mounted cameras to do away with area cameras that are currently necessary (aka, the difference between the Holodeck and the Mobile Emitter). Being able to use the VR headset in ANY space would be extremely useful. 

PHP is weird. It has timezones for North Dakota (three times), Winnipeg, Rainy River, Thunder Bay (those three in Canada), Chicago, Menominee, and Detroit, but can't manage to add Minneapolis/St. Paul.

It's like Minnesota is a dirty place or something. 
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