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Having just finished watching the new Muppet movie my friend posed the question "what book would you like to see as a Muppet movie?".

I said Dune. ;)

What do you say? heh
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Wrath of Khan bitches! I don't care if it's not a book. :-D
Avatar wold be totally cool... Can you imagine gonzo swinging around the vines and all?
Let's face it: Every book would be cool as Muppet movie. 
The Dirty Dozen? Twelve Angry Men? The Great Escape?
Does anyone know any artists interested in mashing up the Avengers with the Muppets?

Wait.. I should see if it's already been done.. lol
what're those S&M books everyone seems to be reading now? Sounds like a great story for Miss Piggy
Charlie's Angels, with Miss Piggy, a chicken and Beaker as the girls.
Ferris Beuler or the breakfast club :)
Perhaps something by Lovecraft? A little Cthulu goes a long way.. ;)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
+Tessie L'Amour , agreed, perhaps instead The Story of O? Could change the O to P, for Piggy.
+Shawna Mac Yes!! And Tim Curry has worked with the Muppets before (In Muppet Treasure Island)

+lane langmade It was solid and competently done. I wasn't blown away but I'm glad I watched it and it'd definitely be a great introduction to the Muppets :)
I looooooooove Tim Curry. *swoons I even loved him in "Oscar"!
The bible.....  oh yeah......   the bible!
+Ian Thomas I am convinced that the Old Testament really needs to be made into a mini-series. It would be a blockbuster!! (For real!) But perhaps not Muppet-style...but that might actually work!! I loved "A Christmas Carol" as a muppet movie. I think Oliver Twist might be good eh? :D I said eh with a Southern accent did you catch that? +Jordan Oram haha
LOL The Muppet's Present "The Bible:The Stories They Didn't Tell You in Sunday School" ;) LOL
+Andi Drew ....  The bible itself wouldn't work....   but stories from the bible....  totally.
I was thinking more of a "Life Of Brian" type new testament story.  Thinking of Life of Brian....   but with muppets....  I'm laughing already.
^^^Yes, that is what I am sayin' +Jordan Oram and +Ian Thomas  the "True" stories of the Bible that they don't tell you in Sunday school
Monthy Python + Muppets = Win!
Yes, totally, Monty Python for the win!!
Disney wouldn't touch this with a ten foot pole.
Cthulhu - the original plush Muppet!
Conan! Or perhaps something totally off the wall, like some Tom Clancy?
Frankenstein would work really well...  or a Silence of the Lambs reboot.
Silence of the lambs, Perfume or Les Misérables!
And Phantom of the Opera?... or have they done that yet :D
Les Mis!!! I saw that live in Grade 5 and it has stuck with me ever since! LOL Ooooh

How about... Pulp Muppets ?
omg!! pulp muppets is awesome!!
And now I'm listening to Les Mis. lol
Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy
Hmmmm what book!?!? How about THE BLUES BROTHERS?!? It's got chases prison wars cast members...nuns...guns....yeah... I think it'd be a natural fit. 
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