So, this may be a stretch, but since we're already re-thinking what constitutes a toy...and since +Paul Oh and +Christina Cantrill encouraged me to share it...

Definitely my first "toys," the things I spent the most time with as a child, were my books. This summer a few friends and I are remixing the concept of the Summer Reading Program. In my old area (shout out to King County, WA) the library system sponsored a summer reading challenge every summer. You got a tracker and you read a certain amount of books, or a certain amount of minutes. When you got halfway to the end - whatever that was - you got a prize. When you got all the way to the end, you got another bigger prize. (The big one that sticks in my head from childhood was one of those art sets, with the crayons and mini-markers, and watercolors.)

This summer, these friends and I created a Grown Up version (First Annual). We see it as not only a way to get back to summer reading, but also as a way to stay connected even though we're spread throughout the country now.

So here's the tracker that I created for our little group, and our remixed "toy."
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