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Looking at G+ for the first time on my 1920x1080 desktop display at home. WOW, that's a lot of #whitespace
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I only have 1620x1280 or something and its still a lot of white space D:
I'm thinking what's up with the top bar. I can only view roughly two updates at a time (I only have 786 pixels)
OK, using the display at work now. You're right. Lots of #whitespace Maybe it's meant to be used side-by-side with other windows?
The Scrollbars are not easily available on "Google Chrome" for Ubuntu :P also the Keyboard shortcuts no longer work.. i have to take the cursor to the edge of the screen hold left button down and then swipe the touch pad down just to scroll downstream... that's how i can comment to this post :P
Works well with FIREFOX!!!! :P Looks like GOogle was a little too hasty in releasing this!!!!!
No it has got nothing to do with my display settings !!!!! :D
+Kevin Collins I noticed that this morning. Chat isn't something I use terribly often, and when I do, a lot of times I just go through the Gmail interface, but it definitely makes sense to use it for that. Agreed that it should probably be a multi-purpose area. Of course on a smaller screen (1366x768 or so) there isn't a huge amount of white space. Very little.
Looks better in Mobile app, even on a 10 inch tablet it looks better than in the browser...they should pattern the web browser view after that. Then again there is that chat and video thing....just keep poking with that stick, maybe something useful will start to move...
I have the #whitespace vision on the same resolution yesterday, i hope google know what to do, about so much space on big resolutions, is not bad just so much empty space that is strange.
hope they dont use for advertise
I use my phone for g+ so I wouldn't know about #whitespace.
yet they cant get the notification sized right for 768 screens
I think this problem can be solved by making the chat bar down the right side of the screen into only a button when chat is not signed in, thus using the extra space to make posts/pictures wider. When chat is signed in, we get this interface that we have now.
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