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Ooh, that looks different... pokes Google+ with a stick
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I only wish there were more people to enjoy this with lol
erm ... the entire G+ interface mate... don't you see something different on your left.. I mean the layout and stuff?
It's rolling out over the next week or so, so not everyone has the new interface. :)
Oh ok... Sorry , didn't know that. ... just a min imacake LK .. I'll post it here
I want the old one back... one of the things I liked best about Google+ was its clean layout... this just looks incredibly bloated.
To be honest I think "the wall" could have been a little broader in the middle.. I mean it feels a little cramped up here, with so much of space given to 'trending on G+', 'invite friends' and 'you might like' on the right.
Notes that it's still easier to navigate other's pages than timeline
To me, the side panel feels like Ubuntu's Unity :) ... Which I like BTW... and I do agree with you +Josh Melling , it does feel more natural.
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