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Augh... Kdenlive on #Ubuntu 12.04 is throwing my audio out of sync. The video plays fine in VLC and Gnome Mplayer, but in Kdenlive it immediately goes out of sync. /frustrated.
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/facepalm... apparently the open source ATI drivers have some quirkiness when it comes to Kdenlive and HD footage. Not sure about SD footage or screencasts, but it threw mine off by about half a second (just enough to really be noticeable).
Installed the proprietary drivers, rebooted, and it all seems to be ok now.
I'm not completely surprised, if I even play an HD youtube (admittedly on a netbook) on open source ATI drivers the sync goes out entirely. Proprietery problem.
Quite a different issue I know but the end symptoms are similar.
Hm. That might not have been entirely it either. I rendered the video, but part of it was out of sync still. I think it's a combination of proprietary drivers and using multiple cores to decode the file in Kdenlive (I had the first half of the video set to use 4 cores, and the second half set to auto, which is 1 core). The first half was pretty close, and the second was way off. Argh.
I couldn't even get it to start in Ubuntu 11.10, so I see this as an improvement :p
+Zack Lucard I would definitely love to give it a shot. One of the biggest things missing from most other editors for me is audio thumbnails. I rely heavily on them, and for some reason they don't seem to be available...
I really need to learn Cinelerra at some point. I've been completely lazy when it comes to that.
+Robin Jacobs On 11.10, if you add the Sunab PPA for Kdenlive-release, it should take care of it.
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