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Jordan Dumer

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Here's an article I came across about how words are used as an excuse to avoid solving difficult problems. Hope you enjoy!
Growing up, my father has always been the "poor me, poor me" type. Everytime I propose a solution, it's bulldozed to the ground with a bombardment of half ass reasons why his life choices are every...
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JOKE: What do you Call it when all your friends help you smoke all your weed? Answer. A Joint effort. JOKE: I remember the first time I smoked pot. It must have been pretty good shit. Because, it's...
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  I've found it intriguing that I've met so woman who claimed to understand what it means to be a man more than a man. Oh, how eager they were to teach me their philosophy of what it means to ...
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Jordan Dumer

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Hi, everybody! My name is Jordan. I blog for Open the Vox. Lately, I've been writing humor including dark humor. I wrote this as the beginning of a series of short fiction  titled Drunken Horror Stories. Mostly, they're the retelling of stories I've heard from friends and relatives growing up. I hope you enjoy! Also, feel free to comment and send links to your own posts either below or on my blog. Thank you and enjoy!
Jordan Dumer originally shared:
Did, I ever tell you that my grandmother has been deathly afraid of water since she was a little girl? Her aunt once told her at a young age that a psychic predicted someone in the family would die from drowning. It reminds me of the time I…
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Jordan Dumer

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I'm curious to know if, Freddie Gray was injured before the arrest? I'm not trying to protect police brutality. However, these cops arrest people all day every day. They've done far less to child molesters and serial killers. I could see tackling someone on the cement breaking their spine.

 However, his injuries according to non mainstream sources indicate that he also had vocal cord damage as well. These sources also bring to light the fact that the man's injuries were unique to that of an auto accident.  Witness also claim he was limping before the arrest.

From the video below, the arresting officers put no pressure on his throat. Unless, the police struck his throat or a horizontal bar in the back of the police van damaged his Larynx. It could just as well be presumed that he was in an auto collision before the arrest. 

Of course, racist police hate crimes makes a far better seller for newspapers and magazines. They simply choose the side that suites their niche market the best and milk the profits. This irresponsible journalism causing deadly riots and the lost of life before getting the facts straight. 

We may never know what happened that day. I decided to remain neutral by stepping back and looking at the big picture. The solution is better communication and cooperation between citizens and authority. Not all cops are bad guys out to beat up darkies. They deal with hardened criminals of all ethnicities 24/7. 

The days of black oppression in America are over. That excuse is nothing more than reverse racism.  No one talks about the arrests of white Americans by black officers in rural areas. That's because demographically, caucasians make up the majority of the population in those areas.  

So, now what? Every Time a cop arrests someone, they have to ask politely until they give in? That's unrealistic. Why did Mr. Gray run from police that day? Oh, that's right. Because, he's a black man up against Whitey. How convenient. Isn't our president black? I don't see him getting arrested. 

People need to quit taking sides on these issues. That's called choosing which army to align with. Thats what causes the brutality and the riots. Citizens looking at the cops as the enemy. Cops having to look at citizens as the enemy. Aren't we all American in this war? We should be working together, not fighting each other.

These types of schisms are what seperate us. This type of violence is no different than the southern lynchings of the 50's & 60's.  If we keep pointing the blame at others, instead making the change ourselves. This type of violence will continue of decades to come. Be the change, not the perpetrator. 

And then again, I understand why the citizens living within these inner cities don't like cops. Every Time someone stands up to make a difference, they get shot down by gangsters and thugs. Running from cops becomes a survival tactic when powerful gangs keep their eyes and ears wide open. The fear they instill upon those living in these areas is not to be trifled with.

Kids grow up homeless and orphaned everyday. These gangs feed the neighborhood and provide a sense of security until someone crosses them. They are not much different than any other terrorist organization. Providing a sense of family and belonging. The citizens remain loyal to their beloved bread winners.

It becomes an endless cycle, a losing battle for those born and raised in those situations. They learn to adapt to this life. Innocent people on both ends of the spectrum die. No one wins and the violence continues. Drugs become the solution to this mind crippling poverty and the death toll rises. 

Everyone does their job the best they can. Everyone has their niche in life. Some people sell drugs because thats all they know. Those connections their ticket to a better life. Cops get frustrated because they're paid to fight what the thugs get paid to distribute. It's a difficult complex situation and change needs to occur on both ends or the violence will continue forever and ever. 
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I totally understand the violence. The cops try to stop the drugs and violence caused by prohibition. The gang monopolies kill those who cooperate with the police. The citizens of the inner cities learn to hate cops. The cops take this frustration out on the citizens. People die. The cops and gangs are a lot alike. Each one trying to survive, do the best they can out of their situation. No one wins. It becomes about protecting your brothers. Everyone loses and everyone is to blame....
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Here's my holiday joke! Humpty Dumpty, the Hare and the Easter Bunny walk into a restaurant. Humpty, the cracked egghead left incomplete was thrown out of being rotten. The Hare left in a hurry- he...
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  I've found it intriguing that I've met so many woman who claimed to understand what it means to be a man more than a man. Oh, how eager they were to teach me their philosophy of what it mean...
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+Jordan Dumer thats just as good..😁
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I made a huge mistake buying duct tape, chloroform, a white full sized van with tinted and candy on the same credit card. Now, I have federal agents tapping into my phone calls.   The other da...
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