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Hi All,

I saw this on Twitter and it made me think about our discussions about social media, social justice, and citizen journalists. It's pretty powerful. 

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Hi All,

I saw this PD opportunity and thought about our institute. I think this is a great follow-up. Of course, the MEME made me this of our MEME girl +Rachel Millstein

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I've been telling everyone about my awesome learning experience. I want to thank +Newseum ED +Annenberg Learner  for all of the time and effort you invested to ensure that we were able to engage in high quality professional development.

It was a pleasure to meet, learn, and share with my fellow classmates. Your students are lucky to have you as their teachers. I'm looking to connecting with you all via our new alumni Group. 

 I wanted to share my day1 reflection, now that the server is working. The link did not work when I first shared it. TTYL :)

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Another great day of learning. I used the Word Foto App to capture the top 10 words that reflect my takeaways for day 2. Can you find all ten words? 

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Ok, I created my reflection using GoAnimateEDU. There appears to be a server error. I hope this link works. 

Is anyone driving to ANEW15? I'm trying to decided if I want to drive everyday or take the metro. I'm coming from Baltimore, MD which is close. Does anyone know if we can have our parking validated? Thanks

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Learn more about the SAMR Model. I mentioned this in my Blended Learning post. 

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I think it is important that we decide on a common definition of blended learning. The title of the video was misleading, because when I hear or read blended learning I think about the various blended learning models.  The teacher in the video did an excellent job of modeling how to effectively integrate technology to support 21st century teaching and learning. She also illustrated the various level of the SAMR model; but I am not sure I would consider this blended learning.  Perhaps it is entitled blended learning because the teacher and students are using analog (print) and digital resources?

Blended Learning programs can benefit students and teachers when the appropriate blended learning model has been selected based on the individual need(s) of the student. Once the best model has been being selected, for a student, school, or district; it is essential that resources, infrastructure, and policies are in place to support it.

A few items to consider…
• Training: Have teachers received adequate PD to implement?
• Staff & Tech: Is additional staffing or technology required?
• Funding: How much will it cost? Can it be sustained? 

• Does software or hardware require upgrades in Wi-Fi?

Equity and Access
• How do we provide access and resources to those students and schools who have limited resources, poor infrastructures, and/or other conditions that contribute to the digital divide? 

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Sarah and Gina. Check this out. I will be more than happy to help you.
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