changed his profile photo.

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Joost de Valk changed his profile photo.
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Nah, go the superman one!
Well there's a requirement apparently for Google to show a real picture when they show you in SERPs as a highlighted author...
Nice of 'm to ask, an amazing level of involvement on Google's part. I don't see many companies that do that. But Joost, if I may call you that, what is the story with your Wordpress community Podcast? Did you discontinue that? Still have it in iTunes, patiently waiting :)
Google know how important Joost is hence their 121 friendship :)
I want to take the opportunity to say thank you. I have for some time subscribed to your weekly newsletters and find most of them informative and helpful. The ones I don't find informative and helpful are above the limits of my knowledge.
+Joost de Valk , Can you please tell me how do you make your google profile pic available in SERPs?? (i would also like to say , thanks for your super awesome wordpress tips and tutorials :) )
Nice to see you here! Been on your list a long, long time. LOL
Hi there... I'd like to know how you got your pic next to your search results. I appreciate the help.
I don't get it how do I get my face on google like you guys did.
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