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Joost Schuur

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Good morning. Here's a picture of a cute  baby panda to get your day going.

Via +Crystal Tabor-Kosak 
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Cuuute emergency!!! :)
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+Lewis Dartnell gave an all too brief talk last night at the local, London Science Showoff event, in which he discussed what it would take to restart civilization from scratch. How would we go about doing everyday tasks that we rely upon, without the current infrastructure that provides for the necessities and comforts of our daily lives?

His book, The Knowledge, takes a closer look:

And Lewis... I know that Sainsburys by Angel you were talking about. When it all goes down, I'll be right there with you!
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+Joost Schuur You should put an affiliate link there. I think I just might buy it, and if I do, you deserve a cut. ;) 
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Steve Jobs on why #productdevelopment is hard, and things generally turn out differently than you initially thought

Via +John Maeda
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Sounds like game development ;)
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Joost Schuur

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Beards Are Less Attractive When They’re Everywhere
A new study determined that women find a man more attractive when he grows a beard — but only if most other men around are clean-shaven. If beards become common, on the other hand, shaving makes a man more attractive.
A new study supposedly shows beards are going out of style — but there's a problem with it
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If I'm addicted, pulling you in with me.
Hearthstone iPad launches globally!
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+Rodrigo Axel Monroy That's what professions, pet battles, duels, Ganking, and daily-quests are for. :P I like to play warcraft in between my warcrafts.
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A topic of increasing interest to me lately.

#productivity   #office  
They have been touted for their ability to boost collaboration, but new research suggests that open office spaces might actually be harmful to your productivity.
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In my opinion, the open office is an utter failure. I do not enjoy being constantly bombarded by the noise and distraction. Headphones help, marginally. But are NOT the solution. Walls. With doors. This is what engineers need to get work done.
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Joost Schuur

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I know a few people who'd buy these if they were real.

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I help co-moderate the Web Developers, Web Designers and Web Coding community ( and the owner +Amanda Blain recently shared a circle of folks who develop for the web in a circle, including yours truly.

If that floats (heh, get it?) your boat, check out the group of likeminded people below.

PS: Nobody tell them I'm mostly a product manager now, even though I curate web dev content! ;)
Web Developer Circle

If you need some web work, or love talking web code in php, java, html, css, .net, asp and more... They are here!

As always please share with any coders you know not here... :) Cleared of inactive poster, if you are in this circle share the circle love around!

#webdeveloper #php #asp #coder #webdev #developers #html #sharedcircles #sharedcirclesday
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Nerdy product guy. Gamer. Touches code (usually in a good way).
I like nerdy things. Passionate about video game connected services and making people's social lives richer through thoughtful product design and online networks. Over 10 years of professional experience in the video game industry. I currently work on product at Playmob, a company that connects game developers with charities for in-game item sponsorships.

I'm also learning web application development again in Ruby on Rails, so I know what the heck the engineers are talking about.

Enjoy cycling, reading (alternate history and science fiction (Mars, time travel, robots)). Unsuccessfully recovering TiVo-holic. Space nut, gamer, atheist, web developer/coder, Apple aficionado, pro science, pro rational thought and behavior.

I also run the +Martian Soil and +Backbone Links pages on Google+ and help out as a moderator in the London and Web Developers, Web Designers, Web Coding

In case you're wondering, despite the Dutch name, I don't speak the language much. My father is Dutch (and my mother German).

I also maintain a Gamers circle, where I post more gaming news than in public. Let me know if you'd like to be added to that.

Current gaming obsessions: Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft.

Content posted prior to the account migration in July 2012 can be found on the old profile.
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Worked on 1,000 video games. Kinda. Was a pretty big deal online in the 90ies (or at least that's what I told my Mom).
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