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Let's have fun together :)
The inexpensive open game console
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Bora! ;)
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Dit artikel is enorm de moeite waard!
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This sentence must be the reason for the switch to Linux: "The school's 700 pupils were served by around 200 dedicated workstations running Windows XP."
Support for Win. XP is ending.
People usually have to be forced into making changes, don't they? Even a change to something beneficial.
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Je gesprekken worden niet afgeluisterd, dus...?
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"It's not a privacy violation if we only collect metadata about your calls, it won't let anyone figure out what you talked about."
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Ok he aprendido solo un poquito.
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Joop Kiefte

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This is why I love Bitcoin and don't mind the fluctuation so much.
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Artist Thomas Bellinck invites you to visit the "museum" DOMO DE EŬROPA HISTORIO EN EKZILO in Rotterdam. Within the framework of the International Filmfestival Rotterdam, on January 23 DOMO DE EUROPA HISTORIO EN EKZILO (‘House of European History in Exile’) will once again open its doors - this time in the neighbourhood of Rotterdam Central Station. The exhibition, which will be open from January 23 until February 2, takes you more than half a century back in time to the early twenty-first century. Although little-studied, this period nevertheless provided the breeding-ground for the sweeping changes that were to take place during our century. It was a remarkable era, characterised by Integration and Harmonisation. Blessed by the Long Peace. Overshadowed by the Great Recession. Back when national borders were blurred and people everywhere used a single currency called the ‘euro’. Back when Brussels, not Warsaw, lay at the beating heart of the old continent. The first international exhibition on life in the former European Union.
LOCATION : Delftseplein 37, Rotterdam

LANGUAGES : ESPERANTO, translations in NL, FR & EN
OPENING HOURS 9 AM > 5 PM (last admission at 3.30 PM) 
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Joop Kiefte

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Some time ago talked on Google Plus with +Josh Estelle about Esperanto input method support. While there is no keyboard/autocorrect solution yet, they added working handwriting support (= hatted letters are actually recognized!) for Translate on Android as well as online. (Thanks +Josh Estelle and team!)

Guess the only thing that still really is a dream would be Esperanto voice recognition... (and the text-to-speech could be better, but well, way better than nothing ;) ).
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"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart."
- Nelson Mandela 1918 - 2013. RIP
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Hello, I am Joop Kiefte. Most of my online friends know me (also) by my nickname LaPingvino, which is an Esperanto misspelling for ThePenguin.

I don't mind to meet new people, but please send me a message first with the whoabouts and howabouts before you add me so I can decide if I will circle you too. Short and clear: I won't circle you if you don't interact with me, as it has no value for you, no value for me and a lot of value for spammers.

You can find several ways to message me on the side of and they are both open for everyone to use. Don't be affraid to spam those: my mail has a very good spam filter and my notification counter is not satisfied yet with the current number of notifications ;).
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Polyglot, very quick learner, good explainer, good troubleshooter
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Goede en goed vullende pizza's. Perfect als afhaalrestaurant, locatie is behoorlijk klein om ter plekke te eten en heeft veel aanloop. Patat en ander eten niet geprobeerd, maar schijnt ook goed te zijn. Grootste pluspunt is de openingstijden tot 2 uur 's nachts of 4 uur in het weekend.
Food: Very goodDecor: Poor to fairService: Good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Zeer aan te raden. Nederlandse eigenaars (en ze spreken hun talen), niet te duur, goede porties, plaatselijk eten op de kaart zoals grotchampignons (meer champignon, minder water), ook leuk voor kinderen. Ruim assortiment aan bieren en lekker dicht bij ons thuis. We bestellen vaak wat anders en het is altijd uiterst goed in orde.
Quality: ExcellentFacilities: ExcellentService: Excellent
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reviewed a year ago
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