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We played Monsterhearts and absolutely loved it. I wrote about why.

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I wrote this week about why Monsterhearts is so great. It had a huge effect on me and my group.

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I wrote about why Monsterhearts had such a huge effect on me. The group loved it, too. My most-talked-about game in years and years.

Our medieval combat card game AUDATIA is now fully funded with one more stretch goal to go!! Fighter lady confirmed, armour expansion confirmed, German style of Liechtenauer to go!

If you're at all interested please consider jumping in now, because we can't guarantee that there are enough games made for distribution after the campaign. There's still 40 days of time!

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If you missed our demo of AUDATIA at Ropecon, fear not! Here is the same set in video form (Finnish, with English subtitles).

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We are working on AUDATIA, the medieval swordfighting card game. Very closely based on actual swordsmanship, everything that works in the game works in real life and vice versa.

The game is fun, tactical and rewarding on its own right, but it also doubles as a teaching tool for learning actual Fiore school medieval longsword theory, tactics and terminology.

The game design is done and it's in extensive playtesting. We're seeking funding for the remaining card art and printing. The IndieGoGo campaign is past the halfway mark already. All questions welcome!

Explanation of the basics: Playing Audatia

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Hi! My name is Joonas and I'm a GM of 25 years.

My weekly blog "Dusty Gamer" features quite a bit of RPG content (as well as a bunch of videogame stuff). Check it out:

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To anyone interested in the possibility of realistic RPG combat, be sure to check out our card game in the making, Audatia. It is the first realistic, playable system of violent conflict resolution I've come across. There are surely other tabletop RPG uses for it beyond the duelling game itself.

The core of the game is a fun, tactical, rewarding duelling card game about two guys with swords facing each other. It is very closely based on the Fiore school of medieval swordsmanship, making few compromises from the art - everything that works in the card game works in real life and vice versa.

It doubles as a teaching tool for the theory and tactics of the medieval (Italian) longsword and associated terminology.

We're on IndieGoGo with more than 50% funded and over 40 days to go. Check us out!

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I wrote about my summer Heavy Gear campaign as a post-mortem: lessons learned and unforeseen complications.

The bit about overtly dramatic characters has caused some split of opinions at the table. I think the problem is that people understand "drama" as different things - for it's all about the characters having a personal conflict and making it apparent to everyone at the table, whereas others take it for inter-party conflict.
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