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Built with the Awesomeness of Joomla
Built with the Awesomeness of Joomla

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Related Article After Content Plugin

Show Related Items at Anywhere in the Content of a Page. Simple & Smart
Ever wondered how the great news websites suggest related articles, great e-commerce sites show other related products as their visitors browse any particular page and read a story? With this Plugin you can achieve just that with style.

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Joomla Admin Branding

Replace Default Joomla Icons/Logos with Your Own Brand in Seconds. No Tweaking of Template / Code Is Required
A pioneer and very popular system plugin to replace all Joomla default icons both on front-end and back-end (admin area). Easy to use and highly customizable. Works with any Template and need no knowledge of coding. Its one of the Most Rated extension on Joomla Directory.

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Fixed Vertical Search Button

Display Search Button in Fixed Vertical Position, Smart & Attractive
How to place a floating search button that will be vertically fixed on the side of your Joomla site and will return search results from site content? Your answer is our Fixed Vertical Search Button, a system plugin for Joomla that works in all Joomla versions.

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All in One Social Comment System

The Most Complete Social Commenting System You Can Find
Freedom to use any of the most popular Social Commenting system: Facebook Comment, LiveFyre, Google+ Comment, Disqus, and Intense Debate. Makes your content immediate hit by sharing the comment in visitor’s social network. Light weight and simple to use.

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Fixed Vertical Social Share and Vote Button

A Smart Way to Increase Traffic, Client Engagement and Spread Brand through Social Power
Supper Way to Make your site Social Share friendly. Shows all favorite Social Vote Button in Fixed Vertical Box to improve your site’s social integration. You won’t find so many built-in Social Networks in other similar plugin!

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Responsive Top Bottom Panel Slider

Show Any Module (such as Login, Notice etc.) in a Compact Fashion
A cool system plugin to load any module on a sliding panel. Comes with tons of features so that you have great flexibility to take advantage and fulfil your site’s requirements.

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Show Next Previous Article
Improve Your User’s Experience by Giving Easy Navigation For Site Content in Joomla
Looking for a Joomla plugin that will enable your readers to go to next or previous articles without any complication, but with a single button click? Look no further. Our Show Next Previous Article Plugin for Joomla is just the right solution.

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Document Embed Plugin (Shortcode Based)

A Shortcode Based Joomla Plugin to Embed Document in Your Site, Easy & Simple
If you have a Joomla site and want to embed documents on your pages from the most popular document sharing site without worrying about handling codes, Crazy Document Embed Plugin for Joomla may come handy and a smart way to handle your documents.

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Fixed Vertical QR Code Display

Display QR Code On Site With Flexibility & Ease
A smart system plugin with delivers QR Codes in a slide-able panel in a customizable vertical position of website. Takes care of QR code generation from vCard or Plain text. 

“One of the few qr code extensions that lets you create vcards instead of url. Setup is quick and easy!” ~ ★★★★★ Customer Review via Joomla Extension Directory

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Shortcode based Content Scrollpane

Freedom to Place Any Content With Flexible & Customizable Scrollpane
An innovative Joomla Extension that enables you to place a large section within your content which takes only a minimal space. Sometime you may need to place a large quote or few quotes from your customer within an article, but at the same time you dont want to take away so much attention from your original content. Or within a product page you want to show something else which are of secondary importance. This extension is idea for that.
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