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Contributions from some of the authorities in the SEO space. Be sure to expand and see the links in 'Read more.' #seo  
A SEO Crash Course: 31 Articles in 31 Days

Thirty-one articles for the next 31 days. Read one a day and you'll lower your learning curve on the latest developments and the enduring fundamentals in SEO.

All before Christmas. :D

Contributions from +KISSmetrics, +Search Engine Land, +WordStream, +Moz, +Stone Temple Consulting, +Raven Tools, +Search Engine Journal, +Search Engine Watch, +Copyblogger  and more. 

Enjoy, and please share!

1. The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors

2. The SEO Fundamentals Pyramid

3. Link Building - How to Build Links for Free

4. How to Write the In-Depth Articles that Google Loves

5. How to Create Cornerstone Content That Google Loves

6. Pop Quiz: What Makes a Great Web Writer?

7. A 3-Step Process for Painless Keyword Research

8. Metatags and SEO

9. The Future of PageRank: 13 Experts on the Dwindling Value of the Link

10. 3 Reasons Your SEO & Social Media Teams Need to Cooperate

11. 10 Steps a Local Business Can Take Today to Improve Search Rankings

12. Hummingbird's Unsung Impact on Local Search

13. How to Perform the Ultimate Local SEO Audit

14. SEO is Dead: Long Live OC/DC

15. Could Mobile Responsive Website Design Hurt Your SEO?

16. 5 Steps to Getting More Targeted Website Traffic with SEO Copywriting

17. FAQ: All About The New Google “Hummingbird” Algorithm

18. 21 Best FREE SEO Tools for On-Page Optimization

19. 16 marketers on the metrics that matter

20. Panda 4.1 Analysis and Findings – Affiliate Marketing, Keyword Stuffing, Security Warnings, and Deception Prevalent

21. Google Organic Click-Through Rates in 2014

22. Content Quality Score: Google’s Best Kept Secret For Rankings

23. Site Architecture & Search Engine Success Factors

24. Why You Need a Seriously Fast Website

25. 3 Myths About Duplicate Content

26. A reminder about selling links that pass PageRank

27. How To Fix Your Website When You’ve Violated Google’s Quality Guidelines

28.50+ Ways to Increase the Domain Authority of Your Site

29. What if Author Rank Never Happens?

30. A Content Marketing Strategy That Works

31. The Unique Relationship Between Email and SEO

Thanks for reading, and please share!
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Jonti Bolles

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Google I/O Event Keynote - Mobile Web Experience - Search results will include App if installed. Ex. SERP for restaurant, can list Open Table directly as a result and clicking will open directly in App (if installed) to make reservation.  #io14  
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Jonti Bolles

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Major news outlets publish the White Hat Ops paper  as the Charter Member of the #Tendenci   Web Marketing Alliance Program. #goodday. If you want to know more,  follow my new company as a Tendenci partner and #entrepreneur  
HOUSTON, May 27, 2014-- Tendenci, the software development company spearheading the Tendenci ® Open Source Content Management System project for associations and other nonprofits, today launched the Web Marketing Alliance Program.
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Jonti Bolles

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Friday afternoon and just because I can, I will leave this here for you to - hear.
If you are in the mood for a little blues, and how it can be a celebration, save this for a listen or twelve.
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Jonti Bolles

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Parallax websites are quite trendy, and can be bad for SEO. But implemented on solid SEO architecture they can provide a good user experience and feed the search engines. Good article outlining some of the pros and cons.
I have observed that there are many articles that say parallax scrolling is not ideal for search engines. Parallax Scrolling is a design technique and it is ideal for search engines if you know how to apply it. I have collected a list of great tutorials and real SEO-friendly parallax websites to help the community learn how to use both techniques together.
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Jonti Bolles

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Nice round-up of trends. Texas and Houston still positioned well for growth. #houston 
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Jonti Bolles

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In case you missed it, #pewinternet Research for Internet of Things #IoT will arrive not only in our homes and cars, but in wearable and embedded devices.
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Simplify. Give people what they want. I understand the value of photo recognition for people and brands, but this makes sense when moving towards more mobile driven devices. #google 
Google Is Removing Author Photos from Search. Why?

Anyone who follows me knows that I have invested heavily in trying to be one of the foremost experts on the subject of Google Authorship and Google's overall desire to be able to identify authors as topical authorities.

So you might imagine that it came as a huge shock to me when I heard the announcement today that Google will be removing author photos entirely from Google search results. Some might expect I'd even consider it a blow. I don't, but more on that below.

In addition to removing the photos, they will also no longer show Google+ circle counts for Google Authorship authors. All that will remain is a small byline in the result. For more details see

Cleaning Up the SERPs
Google's +John Mueller had the following to say about this change:

We've been doing lots of work to clean up the visual design of our search results, in particular creating a better mobile experience and a more consistent design across devices. As a part of this, we're simplifying the way authorship is shown in mobile and desktop search results, removing the profile photo and circle count. (Our experiments indicate that click-through behavior on this new less-cluttered design is similar to the previous one.)

And that's why this doesn't come as a huge surprise to me. Google has been telling us (and signalling by much of what they've done) that the game for the future of search is now to be won or lost on the mobile playing field. But with the addition of a street band's worth of bells and whistles on the SERPs these past few years, they had set themselves up for a very wobbly and inconsistent search experience.

In short, mobile users want things simple and clean.

It's the same thing most of us do when we realize it's finally time to unclutter our houses. Ultimately, some things must go. You hold up each object and try to think of ways you could justify keeping it, but in the interest of the bigger project (a cleaner, less cluttered house), that old bowling trophy goes into the waste bin.

The End of Authorship? Hells No
That's how I think the decision process went down at Google. I think they understood the value of the author photos, but at the end of the day, whatever that value was, it was not greater than the value they'd gain by uncluttering their search pages.

Google Authorship continues. Qualifying authors will still get a byline on search results, so Google hasn't abandoned it. 

Besides, the bigger project here for Google I think is not author photos in search but the much ballyhooed but so far elusive "author rank," the ability to confidently determine who the content creators are in any given topic whom most people trust, and boost their content when appropriate. At SMX Advanced this month +Matt Cutts indicated that was still a priority, but was also still a long way off in being accomplished.

This is a long haul project folks. Don't head for the lifeboats every time Google makes a change.

Am I disappointed to see the photos going? I sure am. But such is the search business. Google isn't driven by whims or emotions. If they're doing this, they're doing it because their data and testing tells them it will be for the better in the long run.

The biggest downside I see is that probably now there will be less incentive for new people to use Authorship markup. But I have a feeling Google isn't worried about that. As I've been saying, they know that most people never would adopt it anyway. They've got to be working on the ability to identify authors and their content without depending on markup.

That's coming, but it will take a while. Stay tuned!

For another very thoughtful take on this development, I highly recommend this post by +Eli Fennell

#googleauthorship   #authorship   #googleauthorrank   #authorrank  
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Jonti Bolles

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Nice set of easy to understand tools and a bit of forecasting.
An SEO 101 review by Duane Forrester of Bing Webmaster Tools. We cover the best practices of technical SEO, onpage SEO and touch on broader topics which affe...
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Jonti Bolles

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Mobile search will likely overtake Desktop search by end of 2014 - from +Sugarrae - Houston Social Media Breakfast.
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Jonti Bolles

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Can not wait to dive in and explore this Analytics treasure land.
Mandy Graessle's profile photo
Oooooooooooo! YES, please!
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The new Google Databoard will let you view recent Insights and quickly create an Infographic establishing some of the relational data.
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Simple. Living. Technology

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I have visited several sports massage and deep tissue therapists over several years. I work at a computer for too long of days and also have a disc injury that I must be mindful of in lower back. JJ found areas of tension and instead of just rolling the muscles over and over again to break up tissue, she more subtly worked on the nerve bundles to release the tension. This reduced the amount of pain on following days and provided an near euphoric release for the afternoon following my appointment. Her understanding of the mechanics and physical relationships of muscles, bone and nerve and the application of useful essential oils was very knowledgeable and she was great about sharing information. The accommodations were clean, restful, pleasant and much nicer than the average image from the parking lot. Once inside, I felt safe and in a very professional establishment. I will be visiting on a more regular basis.
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I have worked with Noltensmeyer Insurance for both personal and commercial products and the response time and attention has been excellent. My agent is always available within 24 hours at the worst if they are off-site, and typically within the hour. My detailed questions and concerns are answered with the most current knowledge of the products and insurance tools they can offer. Quotes are competitive and the service completes the package. Thank you Courtney and Dan for doing exactly what an insurance company should, know your industry and offer great service to your clients.
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Walked in on a Sunday afternoon, not ready to make a decision, and had a wonderful learning experience. An young salesperson greeted us, but realized he would not be able to answer all our questions. Instead of bluffing, he found the right person to talk with us. Greg, the store manager, spent quality time answering my barrage of questions regarding mattress construction, brand comparisons, durability, return policies and more. We left without completing a sale for a memory foam type mattress, but also were not pressured to make a decision right then. Love that type of professionalism and confidence. Rare to find knowledgeable sales people who will spend time, be honest, and let their actions lend value to your shopping experience. I appreciate the experience and when we do get ready to make a purchase, these guys are at the top of our list. Thanks for the education and benefit analysis.
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