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There is some buzz floating around about Ubuntu switching to our File Manager core app from nautilus. Let me provide some context.

+Oliver Grawert presented the topic on ubuntu-desktop to explore what would be needed to be done for a switch. This is no different to when someone proposes a switch to another default app (e.g. Rhythmbox to Banshee, Firefox to Chromium).

There are a set of considerations that we assess when determining which default apps to ship. This includes features, quality, integration, stability, and the health of the upstream. The Ubuntu Desktop team takes these considerations into account when making a decision, and the decision is always discussed out in the open at UDS and on ubuntu-desktop.

What is important to note is that the decision has not been made yet. We are not even close.

While the File Manager core apps team are doing a wonderful job, there is still lots to be done to deliver what is considered core functionality in the app, and ensuring it converges on the desktop. We also have some core platform work that needs to be done (so Ubuntu SDK apps can run on the desktop). What is happening here is that Oliver is kicking of the discussion to assess what needs to be done; this is a valuable open discussion we should have.

As such, if you see headlines saying "Ubuntu switching from Nautilus to File Manager", know that those reporters have not done their homework. The very best source of information for which apps we ship by default on Ubuntu Desktop is the ubuntu-desktop mailing list.

Speaking personally (thus this is my opinion, not an official Ubuntu stance), if File Manager can deliver our needs, I think a switch would be wonderful. It will be another piece of our code-base that will be fully convergent and it will look and feel more like Ubuntu than nautilus.
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+Jono Bacon We should have our mid-way vUDS soon, too. This can be most appropriately ventilated for some then perhaps.
journalists jumping the gun on mailing list discussions?! I'm shocked. SHOCKED.
will g
Thank you +Jono Bacon for continuing to set the community straight about what's going since our journalists seem to be more concerned with getting page views than presenting correct information.
It's almost not worth readiing any Linux "news" sites anymore due to this crazy tendency to jump to conclusions and make scandals out of every little mailing list discussion. Honestly, this topic is not even THAT interesting! Why is it even a "story" on a "news" site?
Thanks for the explanation and heads up Jono!
me, I've been using Marlin for years now; unless that "core" file manager thing you talk about is faster and more memory efficient, I'm unlikely to switch (this computer has an Atom CPU which Intel crippled into only being able to address 2G of RAM, which is mostly full, especially when Thunderbird decides it wants about half of it for a while) :P
+Sabin Iacob i tried to use marlin, but it's so unstable and laggy sometimes, though it's really fast. and seems that they're not going to improve it. so it still can't compete with nautilus...
I hope you will stay with nautilus, it rocks on Fedora those days. Minimalistic, user decorations, just works.
Which file manager is suggested as an alternative? Or is it just a general discussion?
I hope the new file manager use Miller columns (like pantheons-file)
Personally, I mostly use Thunar and have for a year or two as Nautilus continuously drops features that I use (compact view, split screen, etc). I will say that Dolphin is also very nice as well though :)
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