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I heard today that some people who are supportive of what we are doing in Ubuntu have sent some rather nasty emails to some other organizations and projects that compete with what we are doing to criticize them for opposing Ubuntu.

If you have done this, knock it off.

Much as the spirit may be supportive of Ubuntu and in defence of our work, sending nasty emails is unacceptable. We don't change the world by being dicks to people, we change the world by making an awesome Free Software platform that brings elegance, delight, and freedom to people. Our Code Of Conduct is a defining document in our community, please respect it -
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Hate or love what Ubuntu is, there is no excuse. Completely agree with the comment. Open source does promote passion, but people need to focus this passion into something better than hate.
+Matthew Williams then maybe we should give them some bugs to solve. There are many of them. :-)

I agree this is unacceptable.
+Jono Bacon Good thing most of us have thick skin eh ? :P

But i would like to point out one thing in this post that i have trouble with. and it's no way a Ubuntu attack and or bashing

"other organizations and projects that -->compete<--- with what we are doing to criticize them for opposing Ubuntu."

This here is the true problem. There should be less competing and more collaborating.
And. that goes for all of us. It's something that Ubuntu / Canonical needs to work on a bit in my opinion though since it's garnered quite a bad reputation in that area be it true or not.
thanks for writing this. It's really important! The behavior of some of those "users" brought me close to quitting work on FLOSS over the last half year several times. It's really sad to realize that one cannot disagree in a technical discussion without being attacked by those fanboys. It creates an atmosphere of fear and that's not healthy for collaboration. I certainly will never again even cast a look at technology coming from Canonical out of fear that I would disagree on a technical level and being exposed to hate again. Just ignore it and I'll be a happy developer.

And that's why it would be so important that Mark withdraws his last blog post and instead puts up a public apology. It doesn't matter whether he thinks he's right or wrong, what is important is being an awesome role model to the Ubuntu community. As long as that blog post is public it means to me that "Ubuntu daddy" tolerates and encourages personal attacks against developers disagreeing on a technical level. Very, very sad.
+AG Restringere believe it or believe it not: I don't want to have a thick skin and I don't want to have a job where I would need one. If FLOSS requires me to have it, it's the wrong business for me. And in fact I didn't need one half a year ago. One can learn to have a thick skin, but if the world changes from one day to another it's maybe too fast to get a thick skin. I just want to write good software and enjoying doing that. If I need a thick skin I'm no longer enjoying it and it might be a better idea for me to just hire at the company 30 km to my south with the three large letters where quite a lot of my friends are working. They never talked about problems like I had to face recently.
+AG Restringere I don't have a problem with all the examples you give (modulo Linus - I wouldn't contribute to Linux due to the tone on LKMS). I'm not afraid of technical discussions and don't mind if someone points out how crappy my code is - I'm not taking this personal. In fact I'm thankful as that's the only chance to learn something.

What I have a problem with is being called  various things which I won't repeat. The least bad thing I had to hear regularly is that I'm spreading FUD. On top of that there were many, many personal insults. I felt like a heretic which needs to be burnt.
There is no "And Mark stops being a dick" section. #FAIL.
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