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As part of our Ubuntu Touch community growth and outreach, the codebase has been ported by our community to and working on 40 handsets, with 25 handsets in progress, and across 19 different brands. There are 4800+ posts in the XDA Ubuntu Touch forum, and our app developer community has already grown to 1650 members here on Google+ with a huge variety of apps in development, and we have only just got started.

The revolution is getting its wheels rolling, come and join us and be part of building a world class convergent platform. Together we can do this.
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the porting effort is definitely encouraging. Though I don't think anyone is going to bother trying to develop a port for my old trusty htc magic (android dev phone 2)
Well, +Jef Spaleta, some nutter got it running on the HTC Desire, so you never know!
If you want to expand to China, do you plan some better support for chinese ARM processors, like Rockchip RK3188, etc.?
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